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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“Poisoned gift” Theresa may: eurosceptic Boris Johnson thrown to the front

Theresa may received from David Cameron the authority of the British Prime Minister, as expected, began with a government reshuffle. Of course, the most resonant of these was the appointment of ex-mayor of London Boris Johnson head of the foreign office – the British foreign Minister. “MK” tried to figure out what awaits the new Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, what is the choice of his candidacy and what consequences it may bring.

photo: AP

On the photo: Boris Johnson

Reshuffle in the British Cabinet should be viewed as the desire may consolidate the Conservative party, said the Deputy Director General of the Center for political technologies, Alexei MAKARKIN. Among the conservatives, said the expert in an interview with “MK” has long stood out two wing eurosceptics and supporters of a unified with the European Union of the future. “Now the Pro-European wing should implement the results of the referendum, and it is impossible to do without the support of politicians, constituting an influential minority and advocating withdrawal from the EU.”

The surprise appointment of Johnson, of course, did not – as one of the brightest figures in the camp of supporters of Brexit (British exit from the EU), it was considered as the most likely successor to Cameron in the Premiership, but in the end decided not to fight for him.

In addition to the consolidation of the conservatives, said Alexei Makarkin, in a choice Mei, there is another factor: “the Eurosceptics have got the portfolios of Minister for foreign Affairs Minister for European Affairs, who will have to conduct direct negotiations on Brexit from the EU, the Minister for international trade – posts, which are now unlikely to achieve great success. Because the referendum passed and the negotiations suffer. Most Europeans want to “push” the British quickly, and supporters of Brexit in a situation when they have to defend the country’s interests in difficult conditions, as the UK is not profitable to leave the EU with too high speed: in order to minimize the damage to the economy etc.. Now it’s the zone of responsibility of eurosceptics”.

“I would say that this “gift” poisoned, – the expert emphasizes. – If Theresa may will try to repeat the experience of Margaret Thatcher, to stimulate the economy in the conditions of a Brexit, it is the skeptics who have received new positions, including Johnson, have to solve a huge number of complicated issues.”

As for the possible change in relations with Russia with the advent of the foreign office of the new head, the Kremlin said “specific expectations” in this regard. But we should not deceive ourselves, said Alexei Makarkin: “In our country, some have the view that if Johnson is almost a Pro-Russian politician. It is appropriate to recall in this connection the euphoria, which has been observed since coming to power in Greece Tsipras: while many in Russia thought that Athens’s at its limit anti-Russian sanctions of the EU and everyone will be happy. As is known, this did not happen: Tsipras, in General, plays by the same rules as other Western players. In the case of the British should not be underestimated and link London with Washington. Now in the UK, the conflict with the EU, but is in “splendid isolation”, as once, she can not, so she had no choice but to bond with US. There are historical ties between the two countries, the Anglo-Saxon identity, which many in the EU viewed with suspicion. Even with the availability of Johnson’s own view of American politics, Clinton, etc., the rapprochement with the Americans – particularly within NATO – is likely”.

MEANWHILE: Johnson likes to mention how different his ethnic roots: Jews, Turks, and, of course, the British, and even, as reported by the British press, the Circassians. However, this “internationalism” almost does not manifest itself a few years ago, a politician had even renounced us citizenship (given to him by right of birth in new York city), in order to confirm their loyalty to the UK.

In sympathy with the authorities of Turkey, despite Turkish roots, Johnson also suspect difficult. In may of this year he became famous for a Limerick dedicated to Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The experts in English language can estimate these poems:

There was a young fellow from Ankara

Who was a terrific wankerer

Till he sowed his wild oats

With the help of a goat

But he didn’t even stop to thankera.

Well, we will limit ourselves to a brief statement of the nature of Limerick. A poem that does not contain direct reference to the Turkish President, narrates the lover of self-satisfaction from Ankara, which still continue to indulge your passion, if one has not entered into an unnatural relationship with a goat. The process of this it was so interesting that he couldn’t stop to thank the unfortunate animal, ” says Limerick. Write it Johnson decided in the Wake of the scandal surrounding another offensive poem about Erdogan – designed by a German comedian Jan Beermann.

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