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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Paleontologists have discovered a dinosaur with short legs and a mysterious lineage

A new species of dinosaur, who had short front paws, however, are not relatives of the tyrannosaurs, found a group of scientists under the leadership of Peter Makovicky from the Field Museum of natural history in Chicago. According to experts, this finding makes even more ponder what exactly was the evolutionary feasibility of the short front limbs for ancient dinosaurs.

photo: pixabay.com

A new species, representative of which experts have found in Patagonia (South America), received the name Gualicho shinyae, in honor of the spirit of gualichu from the Argentinean mythology of the tribes living in this area. I lived the dinosaurs about 90 million years ago, at length reached approximately 7.6 meters, and weighed about a ton, about how modern polar bears. The legs of the adults, apparently, in size resembled the hands of a human child, reports bbc.com.

Although paws Gualicho shinyae, like the legs of Tyrannosaurus were short and had two fingers, two kinds of kinship are not, and experts say that such a feature of the structure formed of the two types independently from each other. Experts underline that this proves again that short front legs in the course of evolution was not formed polyleucine, and was a useful device (though the question of what exactly is their advantage, still has no unambiguous answer).

“The hands of t-Rex are not the only feature of the new appearance, attracted the attention of researchers. According to Peter Makovicky found the Raptor as a whole is not too similar to one of the ancient predators, found on the same locality, and it is difficult to even define in any category. Thus, according to the researchers, the dinosaur is a kind of “mosaic” of the traits belonging to the most diverse ancient predator.

Another curious fact is that the unusual remains were found by experts, when their expedition is almost complete.

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