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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Ozzy Osbourne gave last Sabbath in Moscow

Their fans great and terrible Ozzy, it seems, can lead to a heart attack or a nervous breakdown – so many had to endure over the years. In 2011, he, like the prodigal son, returned to his band Black Sabbath after almost a decade in 2013 nicely shocked the audience with her album “13” in 2014 for the first time in 25 years arrived with the team in Moscow, and in 2015… announced the completion of a stage career and Black Sabbath on their farewell tour “The End”, in which monsters and one of the founders of heavy metal played in Moscow.

photo: Alexey Molchanovsky

“Black Sabbath” (so translated the name of the band on Russian) appeared on the musical horizon almost half a century ago – in 1968, in the English city of Birmingham. Group created four youths who came from Aston – Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, geezer Butler and bill ward</strong>. Then they still could not assume that will have a profound impact on the development of heavy metal, will lay the Foundation of doom metal, and had fun as they could. In 1970 they released their first self-titled album, which ranked eighth in the cult ranking the UK Albums Chart, after the release in America has risen to 23 lines of the Billboard 200 and has sold a million copies. Although the album was a big commercial success, the group was heavily criticized, her music has sparked a flurry of discussion that the performers, however, perceived as a bonus – they forced the world to talk about himself. Then there was the encyclopedic story with UPS and downs, drugs, alcohol, anger, constant madness Ozzy, which still ended with a happy ending – a happy reunion of the original lineup after a number of scandals. That the artists made the right decision to get back together, evidenced by the last album “13”: she became the first Black Sabbath album from 1970, which topped the UK charts and American charts. In addition, the work has received numerous awards, including team got the statue to Grammy for the song “God Is Dead” in the nomination “the Best performance”.

photo: Alexey Molchanovsky

A concert in support of “13” Metropolitan Osbourne fans will remember forever – it was a spectacular show with bright, crazy images and energy visuals, intense hits program, executing which, all members of the team were inspired. Two years later, they also did not disappoint. In may, however, the frontman made the fans nervous – after a quarrel with his wife, he is gone. The news of his disappearance and that the children are going through, where is the father, spread around the Internet, but the next day metal found unharmed at a friend’s. So I doubt that the show will take place already at anybody was not. The setlist was picked up really like this concert – the last of the most delicious and iconic items. Started with the legendary song “Black Sabbath” and ended with “Paranoid” for dessert. Crazy solo, as if in front of thousands of hall sitting not a man but a robot, gave drummer Tommy Clufetos, in the image of something like Jesus Christ, fascinated by the metal. At this time the team has managed almost without clips, which became the backdrop to the past the big show. Now the main characters were only the musicians, whose figures, sometimes distorted by special filters was shown on the big screens. Think before you leave the big stage forever, they decided to give the spectators had a good look at yourself. Ozzy looked cheerful as ever – over the last two years he lost weight, became more active and energetic. Its phenomenon – in a strange squeaky voice, listening to which, millions of fans of heavy music are going crazy, the drama and tension of the compositions. He does not look like a living rock icon, and on the magical character from a surreal cartoon that does not have absolutely nothing in common with the other members of the metal world.

photo: Alexey Molchanovsky

Despite its tale of a lost time, which often was similar to an artist’s life, he managed to make Black Sabbath a unique phenomenon. About this and about all of his journey recounts the 2011 film “God bless Ozzy Osbourne” is one of the best films about musicians, which is interesting to watch, even if you are not a fan of the flamboyant performer. The name seems to be wild for the artist, which at the time were accused of Satanism, but he himself admits that in some point came to faith. However, in the case of Osborne – all controversial, paradoxical and relatively, and his whole life is tightly woven with the unknown talented play that he doesn’t seem to stop fighting even after the demise of Black Sabbath.

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