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Friday, October 21, 2016

“Now the children are asleep”: Valuev became the leading “good night, kids!”

The Deputy of the State Duma Nikolai Valuev, to politics to make a career as a professional boxer, will now lead the program “good night, kids!”, he said himself in his instagram.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

In the social network, the Deputy asked the rhetorical question: “how could I in the childhood dream that I will be leading your favorite shows?”.

In an interview with Thassa Valuev explained that one day was shot four release of the software, which should be released in August, is more often to cooperate with “Goodnight…” Valuev is not ready.

His participation in the shooting he wants “to convey to children the value of sports and healthy lifestyle. Also Valuev believes that it is necessary to show more cartoons about sports, the remaining from Soviet times.

Note that not all subscribers Valuev endorsed his decision to come to child transmission. Many of them noted that “now the kids won’t sleep”, and “world gone mad”.

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Valuev is not the first time participates in high-profile media campaigns. So, a few years ago he helped in the promotion of the tourism potential of the Kemerovo region, when he went there to look for Bigfoot, and even compared its mark allegedly owned by him. Characteristically, track Valuev was much more.

As a reminder, Valuev is now running for the State Duma elections in which will pass on September 18.

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