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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Media: in Russia there is the development of new submarines and ballistic missiles

The state rocket center named after academician V. P. Makeyev (SRC) will develop a new ballistic missile for the Russian army. The organization has received the state contract, reported to the CEO and lead designer of the center of the center Vladimir Degtyar.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

In an interview with “Izvestia” head of the center reported that they now perform their several contracts for the Ministry of defense for the development of land and sea ballistic missiles.

“This is a new heavy ballistic missile “Sarmat” to update land categories and development work on promising new car,” he said.

According to the newspaper, we can talk about the new naval ballistic missile that will eventually replace the “Bulava”.

In turn, the head of the Rubin design Bureau, engaged in the development and design of strategic nuclear submarines, told the newspaper that the full swing work on the creation of submarines of the fifth generation, which was called “Husky”. The new missile will be created under this sub.

“Husky” should replace the submarines of project 885 “Ash”, which are now coming into service of the Russian Navy. While it is known that “Husky” will receive hypersonic missiles “Zircon”.

Yesterday in a press there was information that Russia is developing a new strategic bomber that will be able to go into space and strike out the bumps.

By 2020 we should see the first working prototype of the engine of a new bomber. Simultaneously, work is proceeding on the development of the fighter, which will also be able to go to near space.

Read the article “MK”: “gruel” from space: Russia is developing an awesome bomber.

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