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Friday, March 16, 2018

Germany will have to accept the Turkish slap

After Turkey refused access to a military air base in Incirlik of the parliamentary delegation of Germany, a number of German officials threatened withdrawal of the military contingent, located on this very basis. The Germans are very determined. But will win in this conflict, most likely, the Turks.

There is a diplomatic row between Turkey and Germany – are serious, but not the first even in the last year. It has no direct relationship to the military cooperation of the two countries to coordinate within NATO and the fight against ISIL*.

“The Turks always knew when and where Western Europe is weak. They almost took Vienna, if anyone has forgotten”

On the base of Incirlik, one of the most famous military facility of Turkey since the end of last year accommodated about 200 soldiers and officers of the Bundeswehr, which should ensure the operation of two multi-role fighters “Tornado” Luftwaffe. They arrived there in December 2015 to participate in the air strikes on ISIS positions in part created by the United States anti-terrorist coalition. About a hundred German soldiers (mostly technical specialists) are in Iraq – among the friendly Kurds, in order to adjust the operation of the aircraft. The effectiveness of the Luftwaffe no clear data are not available, but given the overall efficiency of the aviation Pro-American coalition, these two “Tornado” the weather is not.

It was assumed that the delegation from Germany, who wanted to inspect the life and work of German soldiers on the Incirlik base was supposed to consist of parliamentarians, several high-ranking officers of the Bundeswehr and the state Secretary of the Ministry of defence of Germany Ralph Brauksiepe as Chairman. But Ankara defiantly blocked the representatives of Germany access by her own troops. First at the base in Incirlik not let a group of German journalists, working with the Bundeswehr. Then the denial, without a formal explanation, was declared and parliamentary delegations.

According to the German legislation, the German army can be placed outside the country only with the consent of the Bundestag and subject to the permanent control of their activity by Parliament. If the German Parliament oversight of the troops can not be performed, the location of the contingent will be deemed illegitimate and the military should be withdrawn to Germany. So the statements of German politicians about the possible withdrawal of the military force there is a reaction not only emotional, but also legally justified.

First called the Vice-Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel. “If the Parliament is not able to attend his army, the army can’t stay there. It is absolutely clear”, – he said. Then behind closed doors meeting of the parliamentary Committee on defence member of the German Bundestag informed about the problem, Lieutenant General Dieter Warnecke. The point in this discussion was put by the speaker of the German Parliament Norbert Lammert also said that Germany withdraw its forces from Turkey, if you do not get them full and unconditional access.

Meanwhile, Turkey stated its position quite clearly. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the visit of German parliamentarians the base of Incirlik is unacceptable. However, the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim made an exception for the Minister of defense of Germany Ursula von der Leyen. And, surprisingly, the press Secretary of the head of the German defense Ministry readily confirmed that Mrs. ministersha really going to visit Incirlik, but “the exact date has not yet been agreed”. This comment is clearly not consistent with a Frank resentment that oozes from the statements of the other German military and especially members of Parliament. For example, the German press notes that the refusal to visit the database of state MO Secretary, that is Deputy Theresa von der Leyen, is a diplomatic scandal and he had to respond accordingly.

Ankara is now consistently separates military and political component of relations with Germany, including on the base. And Turkey did not hide the fact that the parliamentary delegation will not be allowed on its territory exclusively due to the recognition by the Bundestag of the Armenian genocide of 1915. The same restrictions will apply to the other politicians of the FRG, supported the decision of Parliament. But the technical delegation, made up exclusively of military, unable to inspect German troops indefinitely.

In Turkey, even developed a plan to respond to the address of Germany, which was a revelation for German parliamentarians. Enlighten their Lieutenant-General Warnecke within the closed report, but did not need to be a senior officer of military intelligence to understand Ankara’s position regarding the Armenian genocide.

Chancellor Merkel, meanwhile, meets with Turkish leader Erdogan on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Warsaw and described the atmosphere of this meeting as “constructive”. However, she had to acknowledge that differences remain. Not entirely true, of course, for what reason. If on the Armenian genocide, they will not heal.

Ankara by and large do not care what it says in the German laws. And two fighter “Tornado” and two hundred German soldiers for the Turks more of a hindrance than help. What base in Incirlik, Ankara, and so trade thereof, right and left, unable to find understanding none of the real contenders.

For Turkey, the ideological content of foreign policy even in such a matter as military-technical cooperation within NATO and the fight against terrorism within the framework of a unified coalition, always comes first. The Turks can afford to sacrifice relations with Germany or customary for the Ottomans a sophisticated behind-the-scenes trade, but never allow yourself to fraternize with those who recognize the Armenian genocide. The modern Turkish state is not so much the internal rods, which could cement. Ataturk United the Turkish nation, the dominance of the army and the denial of the Armenian genocide. Here, perhaps, and all. In the framework of conservation of the state ideology of the diplomatic conflict with Germany is not considered as damage. Especially Berlin is, judging by the diplomacy Merkel, too-and insists. If the generals and parliamentarians indignation at the actions of the Turks sincere (“two consecutive slap in the face of Germany”), the Chancellor still can’t choose a single style of behavior towards Ankara with all these waves of refugees, trade, subsidies and coalitions. The Turks always knew when and where Western Europe is weak. They almost took Vienna, if anyone has forgotten.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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