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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ban American promoter on entry into the Russian Federation does not violate freedom of speech

Unlike EU countries, the United States imposed personal sanctions on Russian journalists, considering it an encroachment on freedom of speech. But after the entry to Russia was denied a prominent advocate Jeff Shell, the Americans can take such a step, observers say. Another thing is that the incident with the Shell to the freedom of speech the relationship just did not.

The American head of the Board of governors on issues of broadcasting Jeff Schell denied entry to Russia. This Council oversees such advocacy resources, financed from the us budget as the “Voice of America” and radio “Freedom”, and he shell also is also head of the Department of filmmaking of the broadcast company NBC Universal.

“In Russia there are no analogues of such a Council, it’s something like the Ukrainian Ministry of propaganda”

Schell stopped at the airport at passport control, handed me a paper about the ban on entry (first in Russian, then in English), and after 3 hours was sent to Amsterdam. The reasons for this decision, according to the American propagandist, he was not informed. But later, the Russian foreign Ministry issued a statement which said that the ban on the entry of the Shell is a response to the U.S. personal sanctions against Russian citizens.

“The reason is that shell recently included in the “stop list”, which the Russian side has repeatedly declared, is expanding in response to the introduction of Washington for spurious reasons of visa sanctions against Russian citizens. For example, under the pretext of the crisis in Ukraine, the Obama Administration shut down access in the U.S. for 70 representatives of Russia, including high-ranking, the site says the Russian foreign Ministry. – Therefore, if you are in Washington and can Express in this situation dissatisfaction with something, it is only in connection with the consequences of their own aggressive and short-sighted policy. Sanctions are always double-edged”.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul could not pass by this event and wrote in his Facebook account: “If the Russian government has banned entry to Jeff for his role on the Board of governors on issues of broadcasting, should the us government do the same in relation to RT and other Russian state-funded media?”

In General, proposals to limit entry to the United States of some Russian journalists appear regularly, but the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits any restriction of freedom of speech. Therefore, unlike the European Union and especially Ukraine bans entry to Russian journalists in the US yet. Moreover, the White House spokesman in response to such a proposal resembled just about the first amendment.

Another thing that appeals in any way to limit the broadcasting of RT in America this does not become less, although the Voice of America and Radio Liberty to broadcast in Russia without any restrictions.

It is significant that independent experts in the media believe the propaganda not only of these resources are funded directly from budget of the United States, but some formally independent American media. For example, the former CEO of the publishing house Axel Springer Russia Regina von Flemming in an interview with DW stated that “everywhere one and the same propaganda and in the East and in the West. “Don’t see the difference. If I watch CNN, I have the same feelings as during viewing of programs Dmitry Kiselev,” she added.

Background Fleming stressed that it cannot be attributed to the supporters of the Russian President, in particular, it unequivocally condemns the change of jurisdiction of the Crimea, however, she understands the policies of Vladimir Putin. “It all started with Putin’s speech at the 2007 Munich security conference, where he criticized the expansion of NATO to the East and the us missile defense system in Europe. He then warned: “you should Not do in our own backyard”. They talked about Georgia and Ukraine. And I’m amazed at the naivety of the EU when he decided to go for rapprochement with Ukraine – a country controlled by oligarchs, a country with a kleptocratic system. And I also feel uncomfortable due to the fact that NATO in Europe is becoming stronger and stronger,” said the media Manager from Germany.

By the way, according to background Fleming, the situation with freedom of speech in her country is worse than in Russia. “For ten years, during which I led in Russia eight editions, I never got a call from the Kremlin and demanded that I something did not publish. I had problems with the oligarchs who were unhappy with posts about their business. But in Germany in 2012, then-President Christian Wulff called the chief rektoru Bild newspaper and left him a message on the answering machine. However, then Wulff was forced to resign. So don’t idealize Western principles, don’t think that it’s not trying to influence journalists,” she said, noting that he knows “many German correspondents who want to cover some events (in Russia – approx OPINION), but the publications they work for, insist on another”.

Thus, the refusal to let in Russia, the American promoter of the Shell has nothing to do with freedom of speech is only the diplomatic response to the us sanctions. The Western media no one bothers to work in Russia in compliance with the laws – the words of Regina a background Fleming confirm this.

Chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov wrote on Twitter: “Yeah. Now the sanctions against the leaders of the Russian TV companies is inevitable, alas.” But led by Shell, the Board of governors on issues of broadcasting is not a broadcaster, and a state Agency. Moreover, in Russia there are no analogues, it is something like the Ukrainian Ministry of propaganda. The Council’s goal is to “deliver accurate news and information to strategically important audiences in foreign countries” and “to serve as a reliable source of news and a clear example of a free professional press for countries without an independent media”.

So, the US will close the entry in response to the inhospitable reception of the Shell, really hard to say. It would seem, not that it matter, will lose if Margarita Simonyan, or Dmitry Kiselev opportunity to travel to the United States after the incident with the Shell. As noted by the Russian foreign Ministry, in the “black list” of the USA already are 70 Russians.

But in that case, if the number of banned journalists will appear, Americans will have more reasons to talk about the fact that their own government violates the first amendment, despite the pretentious speech about the sanctity of freedom of speech. Of course, the state Department certainly said that “it’s not journalists, they are propagandists, but as noted by Regina von Flemming, “is everywhere the same propaganda.” However, to decide what is considered fair journalism and what is propaganda, can only be a reader. Unless, of course, for a journalist not trying to give official propaganda departments, which is Jeff Schell.

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