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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

An exhibition of movie “Sofia”

A few months before the premiere of the film “Sophia” directed by Alexey Andrianov in the exhibition center “worker and collective farm girl” opens exhibition on how was born this picture. She tells of a Byzantine Princess Sofia Paleolog, the fates decree appeared in the Russian land, became the wife of Ivan III, and then the grandmother of Ivan the terrible.

photo: Natalia Akimova

Exhibition of one film: “Sofia” immerses visitors in the atmosphere of Moscow white stone of the XV century. The shooting took place in Astrakhan, Pskov, Moscow, Cathedral square of the Moscow Kremlin Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye”. The dimly lit room of the exhibition is divided into several sections. Posted on the walls and information about the film, fragments of an interview with its creators. In the first section, you will see the ivory throne of Ivan III, massive table with scrolls and costumes. On heavy, bulky furniture, things that brings the viewer to a bygone age: the chandelier with candles, antique coins, boxes with patterned lids, books with yellowed pages. In the next room played quarters of Sofia Palaeologus. There is a bench with cushions, casket, tufts of grass, combs, mirrors, beads.

We talk with curator Daria, Arsenenko.

— What is the idea presented here of the film?

Is a drama story of two people who are fated to be together: Princess Sophia, who loved his new home, and Ivan III. In our history there is a very popular rulers whose names are known to all, it’s Ivan the terrible, Peter I. And there are those whose lives seemed to have passed us. Even in the school curriculum but were not given due attention. Our painting just about this man — Ivan III freed Russia from two centuries of Mongol-Tatar yoke, and Sofia is the successor of the Byzantine throne, even destroyed by the Turks. From Rome she went to the wild Muscovy, on the “margins” of Europe. Although, as we know, it was the center of another civilization. It brought many important changes in Russian life. Significant its role in the overthrow of the Mongol yoke. Perhaps without it, John would not have dared to take this step. Paid tribute to two hundred years, why not continue to pay? Sophia came to Moscow with a list of the library of Alexandria. The library of Ivan the terrible is his grandmother. Thanks to these books and scrolls he became one of the most educated rulers. Behind her came the Italian master, and we have assumption Cathedral — the pearl of the Moscow Kremlin, the building of incredible beauty. All these changes were made possible by the appearance in Moscow, Sofia.

Is the big picture? Who played the main role?

Series. This story is difficult to tell briefly. The events cover more than a decade, and during that time, the sheer number of events. The main character was played by Maria Andreeva, Ivan III — Yevgeny Tsyganov.

— Presented exhibits were involved in the shooting process?

— Yes, it is a requisite. Made amazing copies of the rarities of our Museum collections, in particular, of the Hermitage. Bone throne, which we call the throne of Ivan III, in fact, refers to the dynasty of the palaeologi. Scrolls, books, Chronicles — everything is as accurate copies of historical originals. Something was created in accordance with written sources of the past.

— What movie could be interesting for a modern viewer?

— He talks about important historical events. Where, say, there was a two-headed eagle? It is the emblem of the Palaeologus dynasty. We in a sense got it in dowry from Sophia. Our picture of major historical events tells a modern language, covers the lives of a great number of people. They, like we, loved, hated, suffered, rejoiced. Looking at the screen, understand that they are very similar to us. After so many centuries, and thus in some essential things, nothing has changed. We struggle and strive to be happy.

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