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Friday, February 16, 2018

Amazing Mr. Johnson: what should Russia expect from the head of the British foreign

Do you know many living politicians, whose speeches can be read, not because of need, but just for fun? I’m the only one. Name of this amazing servant of the people Boris Johnson. And he has just been appointed to the post of British Minister of foreign Affairs.

photo: AP

The modern Western world with its strict standards of political correctness has led to the emergence into the light of a very special type of a statesman — with a synthetic smile, with predictable synthetic “correct” views, with predictable, smooth and well-combed jokes and statements. In the background of this dull crowd is not something people specially bred breeds, not biorobots with the inserted chip Boris Johnson stands out like a bright BLOB on a black and white canvas.

Boris Johnson is 100% authentic. And it’s impossible not to notice, after listening to him on TV for at least five minutes. A signature hairstyle, the style of which can only be described as a complete lack hairstyles” – wskazanie sticking out in all directions hair. Sparkling, exuberant and not shackled by political correctness humor. Just that a few weeks ago, the future chief of the British foreign office has won a thousand pounds, having won a convincing victory in the contest for the most offensive poem about Turkish President Erdogan. The content of these verses is so obscene and naturalistic character that I don’t even dare to reproduce it.

Colorful personal life. Usually caught in adultery British politicians either publicly repent, or under pressure of “advisers to the image of” public make the choice between wife and mistress. But Boris Johnson though that. In 2004, however, dismissed from the shadow government who were then in opposition the Conservative party because he publicly lied about his affair with a fellow journalist. But that did not stop Johnson to pursue vengeance to twist stories and twice elected at the mayor of London.

However, like Johnson — that’s love, I insist on this verb — certainly not for his eccentricities and for his specific manner of behavior in his personal life. Love Johnson for his amazing, fantastic talent master of words — written and spoken. The book of Boris Johnson “the Churchill Factor” – it is something. The life of the great British Prime Minister and how Peresecina that Johnson, of course, had no chance to dig up about him no new facts. But he was able to compare, to build and to present the “old” facts that the book just impossible to put down: Churchill in it as a living.

Boris Johnson is truly the man with the Golden tongue. And used it his “Golden tongue” not only for c sheen to describe the great historical figures of the past. If you try to find a person, which has the biggest share of responsibility for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, it is, of course, Johnson. In the late 80s, a graduate of the University of Oxford Boris Johnson got a job as a correspondent for the influential British newspaper “daily Telegraph” in Brussels. His correspondence from this capital of European bureaucracy evoked the admiration of the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the terrible indignation of Pro-European part of the British elite.

Castigated the “private parts” of Europe, the article of Johnson was so convincing that the influence of the eurosceptics of the Conservative party has grown like a weed. In anticipation of the 2016 referendum on the British exit from the European Union, the eloquence Boris Johnson also played a leading role. If not for the treacherous stab in the back” by party considered Johnson a close friend of justice Minister Michael Gove (about this story I wrote a few days ago), the ex-mayor of London would be a very good chance to take the post of Prime Minister.

Russian readers, of course, can not fail to intrigue exotic for Britain, Johnson, Boris. But Russian blood, as I understand it, it is not. The parents of Johnson, a well — known artist and future member of the European Parliament — called him after a friend of the emigrant from Russia. But the new chief of the British foreign Ministry is the great-grandson of the Minister of internal Affairs of Turkey Ali Kemal. In 1922, this policy has been torn to pieces by an angry mob in Ankara.

What Boris Johnson is to wait for the country in which Borisov most in the world is Russia? As is clear from the foregoing, Johnson — politician, capable of independent and creative judgment. In addition, in the past, he is highly critical remarks about the course of the European Union towards Ukraine. But I would not expect Boris Johnson special miracles and breakthroughs.

Aggressive and negative attitude to modern Russia is at the moment a consolidated position of virtually the entire British political elite. Even if the new Minister of foreign Affairs wanted to reverse this trend (which is not a fact about Russia, he also spoke quite impartially), he would hardly have happened. Boris is beautiful. But, unfortunately, not our Boris.

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