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Saturday, August 19, 2017

About communal pyramid, elections and the power

From the 2nd half of this year, again raised the tariffs for housing and communal services. In the far East it is more detrimental to the vast majority of the population. If in the 90-ies the level of wages of local residents, plus the overhead was somewhere around a third higher than the Russian, but now the income is almost equal, and live in the East are still much more expensive than in its Western regions.

Analytics shows that almost every second letter to me as the Deputy of the State Duma connected with the housing. People ask simple, we can say, “baby” questions: how to live on those measly pennies that remain from pensions, wages after paying bills for rent, gas, electricity, heat, water?.. I have no answers. Someone is no longer able to bear this burden. Only in the past year the housing and communal enterprises of Khabarovsk Krai have accumulated more than 5.5 billion rubles of domestic receivables and 5.7 billion rubles payables due to the debt of the population and deterioration of infrastructure. Local authorities report to the Federal centre that they ought as much as 111 billion to bring public facilities in relative order.

photo: Alex geldings

“Legitimate” production and wait

From the account you can lose, how many firms, offices, companies stuck to the housing sector in the province. For example, self-regulatory organization “noncommercial partnership on protection of the rights and legitimate interests of housing and communal organizations, housing and communal services-Groups”. Started it in August 2008, one Boris Gladkikh, at that time head of the sales Department of a small trading firm. In the statutes of the office there is no word on who is encroaching on the rights and lawful interests of public utilities, from whom, and how they need to protect? But specifically approved the provisions and protocols clearly show how obsessed some members of the nonprofit partnership” that the commercial component of its activities. Only contributions to your feed they provided as many as… five(!) types: initial, regular monthly, targeted, voluntary property and donations, obligatory payments to the compensation Fund… Where the money allegedly poor public utilities, to consist in this self-regulatory organization? The clue lies all in the same quiet protocols “housing Groups”. Quote: “we heard a statement of the rate for 1 square meter of total area of residential buildings to calculate the amount of the monthly membership fees governing member organizations, housing and communal services-Groups”:

— in houses with a height of

6 floors and above — 0,10 RUB.

— in houses with a height of

from 3 to 5 floors of RUB 0.09 each.

— in houses with a height of

up to 2 floors — 0,07 rubles.”

How much “welded” defenders of the utilities are small offices with many millions of square meters of housing at least a regional capital? Turned out to be interested in this indecent in Khabarovsk city hall immediately at any level of conversation, there is an oppressive atmosphere of suspicion, hostility, a hidden counter. If climbed into someone else’s garden beds…

Dealers of “non-commercial partnership” has imposed its sly tribute not only inhabitants of Khabarovsk, in many cities, the settlements of the region, but the entire Far East. In Vladivostok, Yakutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky — all “partners” that receive membership dues from the local square meters. And if you do not share, they were immediately expelled from the organization.

From year to year, the Smooth cheek of Boris and his comrades literally and figuratively becomes limitless. In March 2009 they decided to step widely over the far Eastern limits, to extend this practice rampant extortion all over the country. Charter removed the phrase, that enter into their partnership may enterprise “… located in the far Eastern Federal district”. And now even in the Moscow office. “Compensation Fund” was renamed the “Partnership Fund” and the sources of funding identified not only “… voluntary property contributions and donations”, but “dedicated revenues from budgets of various levels”…

Boris Gladkikh, the Creator of “housing Groups”. Photo: er.ru

This, in my opinion, the duty of investigators and prosecutors to carefully check what budgets and what amounts were received “housing Group” how and what articles they carried out? Surely not wrote: to allocate so many millions “to protect the rights and legitimate interests of housing and communal services”… especially as law enforcement officers, as, indeed, the representatives of other authorities, quite a polar task is to protect the interests of consumers of housing services, responsible for the fact that people are not fooled at every step of the scammers and crooks.

Well, the citizens, the residents of the houses know that every month they pay per square meter of private housing in the 9-10 cents on the contents of this office? Tried to find out a survey. None of the Khabarovsk — based respondents eighty people) — didn’t know what feeds on their labor penny some partners, “parasitic” on housing and communal services. How can I hide? Several management companies have explained to us that this mystery camouflaged in the structure of the tariff for the maintenance and repair of housing under the modest name: “other expenses”.

The official office of “housing Groups” too modest six people get along well in two small rooms on the street of Dzhambul. Policy and financial management, apparently, realize different people.

For example, an active member of the Board of this non-profit partnership, — Sergey Chernyshov. He is also the first Deputy of the mayor of Khabarovsk on utilities. What makes a senior official in this “self-regulating” office, you ask. Isn’t this a conflict of interest?

Surprise increases when we find that there is on the Board of “housing Groups” another Chernyshev Vyacheslav Sergeevich — the son of the first Deputy mayor. By the way, the owner and CEO of seven quite a commercial companies, some of which are spelled out all in the same 308-m office as “non-profit” partnership. What spetsializiruyutsya firms Chernyshova, Jr.? His interests entirely in the sphere of professional activity of the parent: managing residential buildings; management of real estate; accounting and technical inventory of real estate… And, of course, the “junk” business, as without it, high-yield…

Nepotism, nepotism, mutual responsibility, we can say, firmly established in system utilities. Here is another son — A. Minenko — also a member of the Board of “housing Groups”. His father, V. F. Minenko, who until recently ran Gilcrest 2 of the Central district of Khabarovsk. When they leave their own family legacy — his trust, converted from a municipal unitary to a “Service Center”. His wife Minenko N. P. — now there’s a CEO, and his son, Minenko, A.V. — the Executive Director…

Sergey Chernyshev, the first Deputy of the mayor of Khabarovsk on utilities, he is a member of the Board of “housing Groups”. Photo: khabarovskadm.ru

In reference to my parliamentary reception the residents of Khabarovsk, areas of the region often reveal the schemes of corruption crimes in the sphere of housing and communal services. So, khabarovchanka Valentina Stepanovna Grenades described as “ratted” some city officials even on a nationwide trouble, the huge flood that happened three years ago in the far East.

“On our street Craft,” she writes, ” impounded the house. Left the water, and almost all brick two-story building was left in perfect operating condition. They had only good to dry. However, the interdepartmental Commission of a city administration has recognized the emergency and subject to demolition. The residents of the houses appealed the decision through the courts…”

Think about it: in a city where for many decades practically demolished barracks, have long recognized the emergency, suddenly this seemingly inexplicable generosity — at any price, against the wishes of the residents to move them from good homes in new apartment. Where is the solution?

It’s that simple. The Handicraft street is a five minute drive from the centre of the city, I suppose, under the pretext of flooding the city hardhead decided to release valuable land in order to sell them to developers without the cost of resettlement of residents. And the inhabitants of the street to move into the houses built at the expense of the Federal budget.

The court delicately ordered an interdepartmental Commission to make repeated, more balanced and informed opinion about the suitability of the houses. Officials then announced the vote… (?!) residents who want to move to new buildings, but who wants to stay in the same place. In such a sophisticated way partially settled eight houses. Take their land and demolish the “emergency” at home did not work. And now such a metamorphosis in tuftovye “victims” remained the same apartment on the street Handicrafts, which they rent in the sublease, were settled in them relatives, friends, acquaintances… Ingenious officials at public expense “gave” them, as the victims of water elements, and even new housing in new homes. At this time, thousands queue in dire need are almost without movement for decades; a truly experienced flooding due to bureaucratic reasons, were left without apartments…

As soon as a house on a street Artisan on the documents still in disrepair, why are they still — for three years — not demolished, why they live the people whose lives and whose health is in this case continually exposed to danger?.. The utility with those that like “non-existent” homes regularly getting their income.

From the budget of the country so here is a simple way of funneling hundreds of millions of rubles. No one in city hall responsible for this connivance.

But back to Boris Gladkikh. In recent years, remaining Chairman of the Board of “housing Group”, combines this post with a much higher — the Deputy of the Legislative Duma of the Krai, the Chairman of the standing Committee on construction, housing and communal services and fuel and energy complex. In all these spheres one after another followed by deafening scandalous revelations, about which we still tell. This shocking background of high-ranking officials from the regional administration and the mayor of Khabarovsk openly, without shyness parables, seen the usual methods of introducing the honored Builder of utility pyramids Boris Gladkikh in deputies of the State Duma from the party “United Russia”.

Follow the hand

Smooth victory in the party primary election was so compelling that, according to the Secretary of the Khabarovsk regional branch of “United Russia” Sergei lugovskogo, it eliminates doubts as to its legitimacy. As I also participated in the primaries in order to avoid accusations of bias, use the facts compiled by people, in my opinion, absolutely objective observer from the popular front. But they are in day of voting was 52 of the act of monstrous irregularities that, if you apply the Law on elections, and again lead to mandatory cancellation of results of voting. I particularly note that most acts are supported by video, audio and photographic evidence. So: neither the act nor from the “veterans” or teams of other primary voters in day of voting was not adopted in the region no one counting Board. Regotdeleniya Secretary of the party Sergei Lugovskoy and head of the Executive Committee Evgeny Bells on the indignant calls a studied answer: let’s deal tomorrow… the next Day the answer was: what now after a fight with his fists? It was necessary in day of voting to resolve all issues…

Tried some voters to call to Moscow “hotline” of the Federal organizing Committee on holding primaries.

— Name index of the site where the violation occurred, ” and demanding requested girls in the capital’s party office.

Alas, the indexes kept secret, no one has managed the secret to know…

The list of so-called violations is evidence of blatant besterest and lawlessness, which are involved in the Khabarovsk Krai during the primaries. I will refer only to the conditions laid down in more than fifty acts, composed by activists of the popular front, but it is safely possible to add exactly the same testimony of observers from other members of the preliminary vote:

— In many sections revealed massive stuffing of ballots in the ballot box.

— Organized vote for certain candidates by bringing groups of the same citizens to the different counting sections of the same bus.

— Revealed facts of bribery of voters.

— Almost everywhere the counting Commission refused to give the observers from the participants in the primaries copies of protocols on results of the preliminary vote…

“Roundabouts”, bribery, bussing — all day yesterday. In the Khabarovsk territory now tested other technologies that provide the right candidates from thousands of an increase of votes to the result. Take a quiet, sleepy, generally depressed rural areas, villages, where in any case can’t get observers. There and then and sent to the top of the ballot. As it happened, shows three, but very convincing, in my opinion, examples.

The village of Lermontovka the Bikin area is somewhere in the two hundred kilometers from Khabarovsk. To work there isn’t, closed is small, but nice orphanage, with the staff and pupils of whom I were friends for fifteen years. On elections at all levels, the villagers walk slowly, the turnout is usually small. Voters there 2869 people. In the primaries, judging by the Protocol of the precinct counting Board, was received exactly 2500 ballots. And it had to happen exactly 2,500 people allegedly appeared at the site (87.1 percent) and unanimously voted for the known utilities of all times and peoples Boris Gladkikh, he gave the preference to 2376 of Lermontova — 95.4% of all voters!

I asked my friends there to ask the residents of Lermontovka, whether they go in the primaries, one of the participants of preliminary voting, you know? The patience they had to visit 48 homes. None there was not a single person who visited that day at the polling station. Awareness of the “leader” of the race Boris Gladkikh was zero.

I will now refer to the middle of Lermontovka example and I’m afraid that people who believe in ghosts, it was seized a quiet horror. In the village of Pokrovka, according to Wikipedia, lives of 197 people, including infants children and students. And I voted in the primaries — attention — 720 — 365% (!!!) the number of inhabitants. Of them, 671 — Smooth, which spawn in the Pokrovka never visited him there nobody knows… So here is today’s “Dead souls”! Gogol resting…

And next village Lonchakova. There are 521 inhabitants, voted the same, according to the Protocol, exactly… a thousand(!) voters…

Despite the fact that the turnout in the primaries on average in the region amounted to little more than six percent.

It is possible to multiply such examples, but it is necessary?

What do the local authorities? Lying and stealing…

By many accounts, a fantastic stuffing of ballots was conducted almost throughout the region. Purely technologically to the same Chapter of, say, Bikinsky area Alexander Swicki instructed the heads of rural settlements to throw ballots for certain candidates, he would have to get the same team from the very highest regional chief — petty clerk wouldn’t listen. Not everyone can submit to the district and many additional ballots for stuffing. Then the heads of the settlements would have to do the necessary “work” with the members of the counting commissions… So the field is disgusting, and in my opinion, fraudulent activities involved regional and local authorities.

Now axial question: why all this? The answer is obvious: to be in the State Duma absolutely obedient and totally dependent on them. Has long been the local high chiefs in the collapse of many businesses try to create on the managed territory is a kind of the illusion of social subtropics. Spend hundreds of millions of rubles from the budget to the local press sang to them only cheering.

During a debate in the primaries, I argued, and I repeat now, that in the implanted region to corrupt the morals, to key positions select the completely unprofessional staff, on the basis of only personal loyalty. It is not surprising that some of them would soon be under criminal articles. And Rob, as a rule, the most meek, the most vulnerable.

Recently to six years of imprisonment, was sentenced former Minister of property relations of edge Alexander Davydenko, for 4.5 years convicted his co-defendant — the head of Fund of property of edge Andrey Pozdeev. They parasitize on large families. Decorations for the alleged possession of the land in the city. In fact, all the paperwork is received, a businessman and rewrote the property on himself and his relative. Appropriated thus three hectares of urban land.

No less abominable crime they do with flats for orphans. For many years we have knocked at doors of government offices, wrote appeals to highest court — sought allocation of funds from the Federal budget to be able, as required by law, to provide comfortable housing leaving the orphanage young people left without parental care. They huddled in corners and ceccam in the dormitories, in the barracks. Land was allocated one billion rubles, it should be enough to 523 apartments.

Construction began in the residential complex “Tverdohlebova”, which is located in Peaceful village near Khabarovsk. First had to pass at the end of 2013, a year — second. Did not have time to build and two hundred apartments — the money is gone. Not enough to even pay the subcontractors for work already completed. I received many letters from orphans whose hopes were deceived, from the builders who have remained without wages… Sent more than ten parliamentary inquiries in the regional and General Prosecutor’s office.

Very responsible attitude to the fate of young people-orphans of the prosecutors. After verification, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against the Minister of construction of the region Andrey Popov under part 3 of article 285 (“Abuse of official powers”.

In this hard to believe, but for half a year in the Krai government as much as a fifth Minister for construction. Successor Popov — Minister and concurrently the Deputy Chairman of the Krai government on construction Nikolay Kravchuk is accused of fraud in especially large size, the theft of 12 million rubles — on the run, declared in the international search. The following Minister — Oleg Chursin — managed for a very short time to be 18 times brought to administrative responsibility. It was succeeded as A. Skomorokhov, who, along with the penultimate Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ignatovich is also awaiting trial while under house arrest…

After exposing the theft of the orphan’s money to the Director of the building company “DV rotunda” Natalia Jirakova burned the car “Lexus”. Neither the contractor nor the customer of this crime, of course, is not found.

By the way, Natalya Petrovna Zhiryakova described the President everything that is happening on construction sites in Tverdohlebova”. It became known that Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General together with the accounts chamber until August 1 to check the efficiency of budget spending on housing for orphans.

…Over and over again finding and appointing to important posts, including Ministerial, Terry crooks, the leaders of the region if he did not understand that working against the country, against the authority of the government? From what inexhaustible thieves obshchak they draw these images?

Moscow — Khabarovsk.

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