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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Vice President under Hillary Clinton can become Admiral with Greek roots

Candidate for the US presidency, Hillary Clinton told the name is most likely the Secretary of state. In case of its victory on elections, the Vice-President may be a former commander of the NATO forces in Europe, retired Admiral James Stavridis.

photo: AP

Photo: James Stavridis

Despite the fact that official statements about appointments to one of the highest positions of state Clinton will do before the party Congress of the Democratic party, which will take place July 25-28, the Reuters news Agency now predicts the choice of the former first lady, citing an informed source.

James Stavridis is currently the Dean of the Fletcher School at tufts University and Chairman of the Board of the naval Institute of the United States. From 2009 to 2013, Stavridis led the NATO forces in Europe, becoming the first Navy in this post. He participated in NATO operations in Afghanistan, and was an ardent supporter of intervention in Libya, was led by aircraft carrier group in the Persian Gulf during operation Iraqi freedom, which began without UN sanction.

While in public speeches James Stavridis emphasizes the need for partnerships to ensure global security and noted that it is more effective to build bridges, not walls. He was concerned about the illicit trafficking of weapons, drugs, international terrorism. In the speeches of Stavridis heard the calls for the formation of a model of the world, based on universal cooperation and mutual assistance. But the question is, does Russia “a new model for Stavridis”?

Previously Stavridis said, on the need to strengthen NATO troops on the border with Russia. “We must demonstrate to Russia that will not allow her to decide to be or no us troops in countries such as Poland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania”, said Stavridis.

Here you can trace the similarity of views of Clinton and her ally. Commenting on the possible appointment, the head of the Duma international Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov wrote in his Twitter: “Like her, he is a great supporter of the war. The logical choice”.

Curious what the possible Vice-President is Greek in origin, in one of his books he wrote about his cornea: “In the early 1920s, my grandfather, a short, stocky Greek schoolteacher named Dimitrios Stavridis, was expelled from Turkey during the ethnic cleansing against Greeks who lived in the territories of the Ottoman Empire. He barely escaped death and went in a small boat through the Aegean sea to Athens, and why at Ellis island. His brother was less fortunate, he was killed by Turks in the violence against the Greek minority.”

In this regard, NATO exercises off the coast of modern Turkey Stavridis took it as irony, writing that now the grandson of the head of a huge ship returned to the shores of Izmir, where grandfather had sailed in a small boat many years ago.

Here is a rematch. We can only guess whether personal memories and family drama Stavridis on the political direction of the United States, in the event of his inauguration.

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