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Friday, February 23, 2018

The psychologist explained the dancing George Bush at the funeral

All of America is in terrible turmoil: what happened to the 43rd President of the United States George Bush Jr., staged a fun dance in a memorial service dedicated to the memory of the shot in five Dallas police officers? About the strange situation, we talked to the psychologist.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

State of emergency in Dallas has become another unpleasant reminder that all is not well with racial issues in the United States. And, speaking at the state funeral for COP killed 25-year-old black “avenger” Mika Johnson, Barack Obama said that Americans should not fall into despair about the racial tension in the society: “I’m here to insist that we are not as divided as it seems.”

All would be nothing if it were then the predecessor Obama has not suddenly turned the tragedy into a farce. When the choir began to sing the famous Patriotic song – “Battle hymn of the Republic”, who was present at the funeral ceremony, George Bush began to dance in time to the music, holding hands with his wife Laura and first lady of America Michelle Obama. In the end, Michelle started to laugh, burst out laughing and Obama himself — to keep from laughing, he had to lighten up. However, the current President of the United States with his wife then made an effort to stop Bush.

Watch the video on “Dancing at the funeral service in Dallas: George W. Bush shocked the public”

George W. Bush shocked the American public of this dance during a memorial service for those killed in the recent unrest in Dalllas police. The public was outraged by the frivolous act of the American ex-President.

Video published on the website youtube.com user BAT – Zenta Channel 7

And Bush has all sparkled with a happy smile. In the past he has been seen dancing (for example, when during the event at the White house on malaria, he joined Senegalese artist), but that the events dedicated to the murdered citizens… This has not happened. Press and social media are perplexed.

Interestingly, shortly before this came to a concert hall in Dallas, George Bush made quite a decent speech on played out in the Texas city tragedy. But then it had broken.

“I used to like Bush but why should he danced and fooled around during the last song? I was frustrated,” commented Twitter user Roger Collins.

Other users of social networks note that the first lady didn’t know how to react to Bush’s actions. However, some of them dancing ex-President is clearly amused: “George Bush made my day, dancing to “glory, Glory, Hallelujah” by keeping Michelle Obama’s hand.”

However, Barack Obama is also far from perfect when it comes to behavior at the ceremonies. During the farewell of South African leader and civil rights activist Nelson Mandela, he not only smiled with all his teeth, but he was flirting (to the obvious displeasure of those present immediately wife Michelle) with the blonde Prime Minister of Denmark, and even did with her and the British Prime Minister Cameron selfie.

What made Bush such an original way to react to The Battle Hymn of the Republiс? Whether age makes itself felt – not so long ago, he was 70 years old, and who knows sick than the “age” of the 43rd President of the United States. There is also the assumption: and if he’s back to his alcoholic habits (because at the time, until he “tied”, addiction to alcohol caused him and his family a lot of problems)?

THE REVIEW EXPERT. Ph. D. Alina question:

– Dancing at a funeral is in the tradition of some of the world’s peoples, who thus facilitate his grief from the loss — so do many African and Mexican peoples, the people of Ghana, Bali, Taiwan, and, until recently, and China (until the authorities banned dancing on the burial law).

Hinduism is considered to be the death of relief and deliverance, so the people of India and all who profess Hinduism, the funeral wearing all white, singing and dancing around the grave. As for traditions to sway to the beat of the anthem as a sign of unity in a shared experience (whether it be joy or trouble), it is also common, but more among athletes and occultists. For example, any gathering of Kabbalists has always traditionally ends with a spectacular collective rocking – holding the shoulders of hundreds of people swaying in a sign that they are United in their vision of the moment.

Accordingly, George Bush would be easy to ascribe any of these motivations — dancing, he wanted to alleviate suffering from the loss of yourself, the families of the victims of police and his wife Laura, along with first lady Michelle Obama. Or he was rocking a sign of spiritual unity with the families of the dead policemen…

But by examining the psychological portrait of this gentleman, we have to admit that he to Express to anyone the sympathies so did not want. But provided psychological support himself. As in the case of nervous tension, repetitive rocking and repetitive mechanical motion (e.g., too much beads) help to calm the nervous system and get yourself together. Remember for yourself how we “nervously” swing leg when unpleasant conversation, “terebin handkerchief with a sad parting or swinging monotonously when looking for a way out and not finding them. Anyway, such behavior is clearly a sign of stress. There are many cases when the most loving of relatives at the funeral of the native person … laughing and generally behaving inappropriately is a protective reaction of the psyche.

My final opinion: Mr. Bush in General not much concerned about the opinion of yourself of others. Because he regularly misses the mark in public.

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