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Friday, February 16, 2018

The Polish Minister is trying to justify the Ukrainian nationalists

The Minister of defence of Poland have accused Russia of organizing the Volyn massacre, in which at the hands of Ukrainian nationalists killed more than 100 thousand people. For the sake of Russophobic witty, Macierewicz did not spare even the “heroes” of the UPA, who in his presentation “Russian tool”. This assessment has caused confusion even among Polish politicians.

The Minister of defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz said that Russia allegedly gave impetus to the Volyn massacre is the real “enemy that used the nationalist forces in the events of 1939-1945”. According to the head of the Polish defense Ministry, that Russian “used” the Ukrainian radicals.

“Any neobanderovskoy ideology in Poland should be banned”

In his opinion, the actions of the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA*) in 1943-1944 against the Polish population of Volhynia was triggered by the advance of the red army in the beginning of the Second world war. “You have to understand that July 11 would not have happened if not for the Soviet aggression on 17 September – the Kremlin’s actions gave impetus to the events that led to the genocide in Volhynia” – leads TASS words of the Minister.

Macierewicz meant the entry of the red army units on the territory of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus, launched on 17 September 1939. The Minister of defence of Poland added that “on 17 September shows the actual author of this drama”. “Ukrainians, Ukrainian nationalists was only a Russian tool,” said Macierewicz.

Apparently, the logic of Mazarevica is. As the Soviet Union expanded the territory of the Ukrainian SSR and the USSR as a whole), taken by agreement with Germany on 17 September 1939 belonged to the Polish territory, in the future Ukrainian nationalists these lands and declared the Ukrainian. Which made possible the tragedy in the Volyn region, which has since remained the Polish population.

It remains to add that in 1938 the very same Poland by agreement with Germany, sent troops into the territory of the Czech Republic and annexed the country Cieszyn region.

From 100 to 130 thousand killed

She Volyn tragedy was one of the bloodiest episodes of world war II.

In February 1943 Volyn regional OUN (Bandera) took the decision about the expulsion from Volhynia Polish population. A guide to action was the III conference of the OUN about “the revitalization and the beginning of the armed struggle”, held at the initiative of Roman Shukhevych.

The word recall that Shukhevych, who in the years 1944-1950 was the commander in chief of the UPA, in the beginning of the war productively collaborated with the Nazis as the captain of the special unit “Nachtigall”, which were subordinated to the Abwehr. In 2007, Shukhevych was posthumously awarded the title of hero of Ukraine. Recently, the Kiev city Council proposed to rename in honor of the Nazi Hauptmann the street bearing the name of General Vatutin – head of operations for the liberation of Kiev. July 7 Moskovsky prospect in Kiev was renamed in honor of the leader of the OUN-UPA Stepan Bandera.

“The exile of poles from Volyn, which was held under the leadership of the OUN (Bandera) and the “security” of the OUN, led to mass killings. July 11, 1943, the Bandera troops simultaneously attacked more than 150 Polish towns. According to estimates by Polish historians, killed about 100-130 thousand people. The head of “BEZPEKA” OUN Dmitry Klyachkivskyy gave the order on the elimination of all poles male from 16 to 60 years. But, as noted by the American researcher Timothy Snyder, the victims of mass killings have become mostly defenseless women, children and the elderly.

Last week, the Polish Sejm adopted a resolution recognizing July 11, National day of remembrance of the victims of the genocide.

“This falsification of history”

Statement of the Polish Minister significantly adjusts the official estimates, which give the Volyn slaughter in Poland. Of course, if it will be confirmed at the official level.

“This is Poland so no one spoke. There are books on this subject, there is a debate, but such statements, especially from officials, was not. This is an attempt to justify Ukrainian nationalists from the Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA)”, – stated in conversation with the newspaper LOOK Polish politician, representative of the party “Union of democratic left forces”, the former Chairman of the international Committee of the Sejm Tadeusz Iwinski. In his opinion, the statement of the head of the Ministry of defence of Poland – not that other, as falsification of history.

“In recent years in Poland a lot of talk about the Volyn massacre. For several years there is a debate about whether to call these events genocide. But no one still did not say that these killings is, one way or another, Russia or the Soviet Union”, – said the source.

“Without a doubt, that wording has a political meaning. Note that almost all Ukrainian politicians do not consider the Volyn massacre as genocide. In Poland the opposite: everyone thinks these events a genocide,” he added.

“The cult of Bandera and UPA is a slap in the face to the poles”

Admittedly, Anthony, Macierewicz expresses not only his own opinion. In 2009, Polish Sejm adopted a resolution in connection with the 70th anniversary of the Soviet aggression against Poland on 17 September 1939″, which States that “as a result of the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact was made the fourth partition of Poland”. “The troops of the USSR committed aggression against Poland, violating its sovereignty and international law”, – stated in the document.

In response, the state Duma Committee on international Affairs, condemned the ruling, urging the deletion of Russian-Polish relations “unilateral interpretation of the disputed events of history and various attempts to manipulate these treatments in the current political purposes”.

Indeed, now in Poland discussed the question of the possibility to declare as the day of memory about these events on 11 July, and 17 September, when the Red army entered the territory of Poland in 1939. But still the vast majority of Polish society lays the blame for the Volyn tragedy on the Ukrainian nationalists.

On the eve of the adoption by the Sejm of a resolution in Warsaw, a demonstration which participants demanded to recognize the Volyn massacre as genocide. “Any neobanderovskoy ideology in Poland should be banned. There can be no question of the agreement with the Ukrainians, while the UPA will not be forever condemned by the Ukrainian government. The cult of Bandera and UPA is a slap in the face to the poles. We can’t afford it,” – said the organizers.

We will add that earlier, in 2009, the Saeima in its ruling recognized the Volyn massacre ethnic cleansing with signs of genocide and then stated: the blame for the massacres lies with the OUN and UPA.

On Tuesday, the MPs from the right-wing Kukiz’15 (having 36 votes in the Sejm) introduced in the lower house of the Polish Parliament a draft law which envisages a ban in Poland the symbols of Ukrainian nationalists, which is used and the current radical “patriots of Ukraine”. Also, you may receive the notion of “banderizm” similar terms “Nazism” or “fascism”.

It clarifies the portal of Kresy, with reference to one of the deputies of the party because of this bill border and customs services “will not be forced to think about what to do when the cars crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border, posted a black-and-red flags (symbols, currently used by the “Right sector* and other radical Ukrainian nationalists).

Moreover, the MP from the ruling party “law and justice” (the party founded by the Kaczynski brothers and not friendly to Russia) Michal dworczyk said the historic policy of Ukraine is aimed at “the praise of the nationalists, which are responsible for the genocide.”

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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