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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The frustration of the Crimea: the Russians are losing interest in buying property on the Peninsula

As you know, Moscow and St. Petersburg the housing market in the summer subside. But on the coast there is a revival. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the beaches, and the most efficient time not only to relax but also to look for an apartment or a house to buy. But how many of them bring a desire to have a house by the sea until the real deal?

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

In this hall will be a process.

Experts have done a price survey of the main black sea resorts during the peak season and compared the prices for apartments.

The most expensive in the Crimea, according to the Federal portal “World apartments” turned out to be a square meter in foros. On the market of new buildings it is 169 thousand rubles, and the average sentence is estimated by experts at 10.9 million rubles at the Moscow economy class. In second place for the price expected was Yalta: a square meter — 156 thousand rubles, the average price of housing — 13.8 million is Not far behind hurzuf: 146 thousand and 13.2 million, respectively.

The three budget settlements in the segment of new buildings includes three cities. In Kerch apartment can be bought for the price of a little more than 60 thousand rubles per square meter, its average cost is 3.3 million. In Feodosia the “square” is also a little bit exceeds 60 thousand rubles, but due to the large sizes of housing are more expensive in 4.2 million house in Saki valued still a little more expensive: 65 thousand RUB./sq m and 4,8 million roubles — average cost of an apartment.

In the primary market of Krasnodar region is the leader, not surprisingly, Sochi: 82 thousand rubles per square meter and 5.3 million rubles for the apartment. In Krasnaya Polyana the price tag for new buildings just below: 70 thousand per square meter, 4.5 million rubles for the apartment. The cheapest Tuapse: 51 thousand rubles for “square”, 1.8 million for an apartment.

In the secondary market of the black sea coast of Russia as the primary leader of foros. The square meter here costs 193 thousand, the average price is 15.1 million RUB Behind foros even Yalta with its luxury real estate: 158 thousand RUB/sq. m, 13.9 million rubles for housing. “In foros, the southernmost point of the Crimea, the apartments are not cheap. For example, one of the most expensive offers of the Crimea — penthouse in Laspi Bay with panoramic sea views over 134,7 million rubles. In Yalta is more expensive, but there average price is balanced by the cheap, in foros,” — says the General Director of the portal Pavel Lutsenko.

The cheapest accommodation from the owners in the Crimea — in the town of Dzhankoy (39 thousand RUB./sq m / year and 1.5 million on average per apartment), shcholkine and Bakhchysaray (in both paragraphs — 53 thousand rubles. per square meter and 2.7 million rubles in total).

In the Krasnodar region Krasnaya Polyana far ahead of Sochi: the meter secondary of the apartments is 105 thousand rubles, and the average lot — 8.2 million In Sochi — 84 thousand RUB./sq m and 5.3 million. In a cheap Tuapse apartment on the secondary market can be purchased from the calculation of 55 thousand rubles per square meter, paying on average 2.9 million

However, rose for the summer the apartment is not in all the cities of the coast. Moreover, different methods of calculation not always give matching results. Thus, according to the “World of flats”, in the segment of new buildings increased most in price South coast of Crimea. In Yalta square meter rose by 25 percent, in Alushta — by 15.8%, in Gurzuf — by 7.8%, in foros — 5.3%. There are those that fell. For example, Evpatoria and Alupka lost in the price meter by 4.3% and about 4%. “It means the market was entered by new facilities with lower price at an early stage, that lowered the average. But we should not ignore the fact that the buyer vote ruble: where bad landscaping of the beaches, cleanliness, infrastructure and service, bought the apartment reluctantly, and the prices do not grow,” — says Pavel Lutsenko.

In the Krasnodar region, according to the same calculations, in the primary market prices rose Noumea (+13,4%), Sochi (+7,2%) and Tuapse (+1.7 percent). Fell Anapa (-7,8%) and Krasnaya Polyana (-5,8%). Last resort though and is positioned as a year-round, but is perceived more as a winter, ski, and so there is a seasonality reverse: in summer, prices are falling, winter — growing.

— We carried out calculations with the exception of duplicate ad for luxury apartments — these duplicates lead to distortion of price statistics in a big way, says a leading analyst CYANOGEN Alexander Pypin. According to our calculations, in the cities of the Crimea was a reduction in the cost of housing — in one of them during the year there were no significant improvements that could increase the price. On the contrary, the decline “wave of optimism” has led to lower prices after rapid growth in previous years. A similar effect (a sharp rise after upbeat news and events, followed by recession) was observed in New Moscow and in post-Olympic Sochi. Yalta in the Crimea remains the most expensive major town, but prices there fell by 3.5% over the year and remained below 100 thousand rubles per sq. m. the Resumption of growth in housing prices in the Crimea probably before the commissioning of the bridge across the Kerch Strait.

On the background of cooling of interest in the Crimea and the decline in tourist flow in the Crimea began to increase again, prices in cities on the black sea coast of Krasnodar region — the interest in them has increased. The maximum growth in Sochi — 7%. On the background of the economic downturn in the country is very good. In the whole country, housing in coastal cities continues to become cheaper — and only on the black sea coast of Krasnodar region for the year prices rose.

— Rising prices in most cities of Krasnodar region due to the high demand and the desire of wealthy people, on the one hand, to buy an apartment for summer vacation, not to take shelter. The second is the investment in a favorable direction, because of the growth of the Euro dollar and Russian resorts will attract more people and the demand for square footage here can grow, even despite the crisis. This explains the growth of demand for housing in Yalta, which historically rests a lot of rich people, — says first Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Paul Segal. — Price has added the most popular cities that invest heavily in their promotion. Sochi is increasing in price due to the fact that his master leading Russian company in the field of real estate and they are active in PR this direction, that is, the support comes from the corporate segment.

— Recently, the requirements of the Russian tourists increased dramatically, as many were in foreign resorts and become more demanding of infrastructure. It is the key factor determining the dynamics of housing prices in the resorts of the region, — said the managing partner of the development company M9 Development Maxim Morozov. — Where there is a good balance of cost and level of infrastructure development, increased demand and, consequently, rising prices. If the market is very overheated, there is a decline in consumer activity. This year the price growth potential has been exhausted, and closer to the fall the market will “sink”. By October-November prices stabiliziruemost, and this is the best time to pick up any objects at an attractive cost.

Financial analyst of “FINAM” Timur Nigmatullin believes that it is not necessary to emphasize the dynamics of prices in the context of the regions. “The weakening of the ruble (and thus the changes of tourist flows and demand for housing on the coast) and some other factors, there is a trend for the construction of real estate in some areas of the black sea coast. Thus, it can be observed and the increase in average prices in the primary, ” explains the analyst. — The prices for housing of the same class in General, the market dynamics show near-zero (0.1 percent). On the one hand, the pressure of high mortgage rates. On the other — not in a hurry to buy and “investors” for subsequent delivery, as the decline in real incomes, rents are under pressure. On the horizon of the year expect moderate growth of prices for a primary within 2-5% with the decline in the key rate of the Central Bank and, consequently, mortgage rates.

— When buying seaside real estate is important to predict how to use it in the long run and how to get it, with the increase in transportation costs, whether for air travel or travel by car (including toll roads). So for vacation one week a year is reasonable to rent resort property — recommends Alexander Pypin. — In the Crimea is nowhere as important legal component: there are still many processes and documents associated with real estate transactions, not listed in order, which increases the risk of avoidance.

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