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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The artist Anastasia Russa put toys in antiquity

So, gallery “Gridchinhall”, the opening of the exhibition Anastasia Russa “Re-version of the myth.” The paintings show familiar children’s toys and computer games, but in an unusual atmosphere of ancient mythology. The author of “the game” with images of toys, giving them incredible power and assuming that the super-men, transformers, and pokémon are the new gods.

Photo: vk.com/anastasiarussa

Private modern art gallery “Gridchinholl” created by Sergey Gridchin, is remarkable not only because it introduces the public to high, but his residence for artists, where the creators can live for a while, gaining inspiration to create their works, and then showing the results of their labors in the exhibition hall.

Once in the artistic residence lived and Anastasia Russa, therefore, for Gridchinhall” it is no longer just a guest. The creation of the current series of paintings for the exhibition the artist took about two years.

— It all started with toys, shares his story of inspiration the author of the paintings – one dark and rainy day when I went to London and saw shop Entertainment shop”. On display were toys that just captivated me, and suddenly I realized that these toy gods of the modern world, and pagan. I started to read about mythology, to study the matter, and found that indeed, the world of toys is a modern mythology and structurally it works on the same principle as the classic.

However, the high concentration of ponies, characters from “sesame Street” and AI characters not talking about the utopian world depicted on the canvas, and does not necessarily guarantee him the harmony:

— I can’t deal with the violence that is happening around, and not forgetting about it, portrayed in the paintings. Therefore, all the works represent an exploration of the myth of the lost Paradise with its concept of beauty, violence and liberation. In each work reflects the diversity of the world, which is beautiful, is good, but there are also evil struggling with good and seeking to destroy the beautiful.

Attentive visitors may notice that in the paintings there is one of the most popular girly toys…Where’s Barbie?

Toy in my work, this is still menswear. Maybe because I’m a little sexist laughs Anastasia, and the woman seems to me a beautiful white stone sculpture, like the painting “Love of the transformer. But I’m already thinking of female images and, probably, the protagonist of the next series will be Barbie and female superheroes.

Someone in the works of Anastasia Russa attracted to bright, contrasting colors, someone who admires the fact that it is “not just a painting, merging with the interior, this is an art that wants to enjoy”. Catherine Published, a good friend and, one might say, a colleague, Anastasia, told me what she was impressed by the paintings from the series “Re-version of the myth”:

— I like that in the works of Nastia mix the two realities, that is the reality in the paintings is obtained inhomogeneous. This characteristic is most clearly visible in the work “Meeting”, in which the angel, written about classical technique meets pixelating pokemon. This is similar to what happens in the mythological consciousness of modern man, which intertwine reality and classical myths, and modern ideas about it. Because I’m more interested in everyday reality than fantastic, I am pleased to know that there are artist that are so unusual and exciting works with the theme, which is far from me.

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