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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sergei Lazarev tattooed on the legs date of birth mom and brother

Anniversary festival “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk bet on the giants of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva and Valery Leontyev, Maxim Galkin and Christina Orbakajte, adding Diana Arbenina and Sergey Lazarev. Lazarev, who under the “Bazaar” was the first in the sense that it was his solo concert started the festival , invited the role of the main stars of “Eurovision” instead of winner of Jamala. As a rule, whoever wins the Eurovision song contest is always present in the International festival of arts in Vitebsk. But this rule is no exception. So, were not invited in due time in the “Bazaar” Conchita Wurst. “Bazaar” is declared as “international arts festival” and the organizers don’t want a holiday were politically motivated.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Sergey Lazarev showed in Vitebsk the show and had a little chat with the press. In particular, said that does not think yet of revenge, as it no more and did not choose to participate in “Eurovision” in 2017″. Sergey also spoke about the tattoos that adorn his body and reported that on his feet he tattooed the date of birth of my mom and my brother.” And even Sergey admitted that he did not see the story of dreams and not remember them. “Mostly I dream about nonsense, not related to each other people who appear out of nowhere in a dream, sometimes the dreams are good, I get up in the enthusiasm, but immediately forget the plot and can’t remember it for the life of me”.

Told Lazarev and how really good endeavor that is practiced by members of his fan club: “We have agreed that I don’t give any gifts, but if you want something to present, money is collected and transferred to the charity Fund, which oversees children with heart disease. And to me in the envelope provide a receipt, and it says the amount of donations. This practice began two years ago, and during this period funds were raised for surgery for 55 children. This is a very important thing! And what I don’t get the extra toy, not upset,” smiled Lazarev.

Sergei was the first who worked out a solo album in the framework of the “Slavic Bazaar”. But Wednesday evening threatens to be truly stellar. In a rivalry have to join Galkin actually with his stepdaughter Aguilera – solo concert Christine and the claimed benefit maxima for each other. At the same time maintain Galkina and to participate in its benefit, as guests will come for real heavy artillery in the face once and Alla Pugacheva and Valery Leontiev. From Aguilera but more forgiving for poor Belarus ticket prices. Who is better in these conditions, collect the hall is not yet known.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin arrived in Vitebsk from Jurmala, where vacationing with their children (and Galkin were performed at the festival of Lima Vajkule). In Vitebsk, they settled in the Villa, which is no doubt very comfortable, but is far from the city. Valery Leontiev arrived from Moscow, using the speed and comfort of a car. This year he is a jury member of the adult competition of young performers and busy with the festival almost every day, so living in the center of Vitebsk, in the heart of the local hotel “Luchesa”.

In addition to the stars, the festival brings together many interesting people from show business: Directors, producers, and distributors of celebrities.

One of them – Igor Gurevich, a former employee of the NHS, the organizer in the late ‘ 80s Russian-indica festivals, and later the Russian concerts of stars from the USA, Italy, UK, told by the way of illustrative case from his practice. Namely, how to persuade celebrities to come to Russia on tour.

– Igor, you managed to bring to Russia the jazz legend ray Charles, despite the conflict with his representatives. And this despite the fact that just last week you found out that visa did not even think to make, and ray Charles quietly touring America with his orchestra…

Yes, it was one of my most difficult projects. A contract was signed to perform in the big band Ray Charles Orchestra and the Raelettes – paid the fees, booked rooms, an advertising campaign… And then I hear from the agent of ray Charles that the tour will not take place, and he is forced to cancel the contract. None of my arguments, persuasion, persuasion did not work, the only thing I managed to pull of Adams is the information about which hotel is ray Charles and his orchestra. I decided to call him directly – and got through! When I first heard a hoarse and charming voice of this extraordinary man. Somehow managing to explain to ray how much he was waiting in Russia, bought out all the tickets, I heard in reply, the phrase starting “Hey, man, it’s almost impossible”, which just remember forever. Ray explained that, as far as he knows, they ain’t got visas, have not booked the tickets, they tour in the States ends the day before a possible concert in Russia, and he’s already not feeling so well to all this time, and that he was sorry that the agent didn’t warn me before. After hearing this, I said to ray, “if I arrange everything, will you refuse to fly?” What I heard the second time the same phrase: “Hey, man, it’s almost impossible”… And then he said how I felt, with some degree of sarcasm, smiles, and calls at the same time, the following: “But if you can all of us to be shipped out, handing visas, tickets, and more will be put on the plane, I was in this boarding that plane”. Hearing this, I just decided for myself that organize everything, why would I at any cost. For the first time, given the time difference, my colleagues and I did not sleep for two days. And in the end were able to organize this tour.

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