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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Russia’s first since Soviet times and experiencing a new aircraft engine

Flight tests of the newest and completely domestic engine for civil aviation began in Russia. This was the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Creation of PD-14 engine is one of the most important projects of the Russian aircraft industry: it is direct competition to foreign analogues, installed on Boeing and Airbus planes.

United engine Corporation (UEC) began flight trials of domestic turbofan engines PD-14 designed specifically for prospective single-aisle MS-21 aircraft. This happened back in late October, but the information about the beginning of the test began to leak only now. In particular, such information is held in the “Twitter” of the airline Red Wings, confirmed the sources ATO.ru the sources of the newspaper LOOK. In addition, this fact is also confirmed by the pictures of flight, published on the portal Russianplanes.

“This is the new generation engine, based on Russian technologies. For the modern Russian industry is a rarity”

The first flight engine flight took place on Friday, October 30, engine. There is information that has already made three test flight. Sources of the newspaper OPINION is also confirmed by the start of the tests, noting that they are in normal mode. We are talking about the start of the flight test engine on a flying laboratory to LII im. Gromov’s Il-76ЛЛ.

Testing is extremely important to the project because you have to confirm the claimed performance characteristics of the engine. Testing of PD-14 on the wing Il-76ЛЛ necessary to register the operating parameters of the engine (rotational speed of the rotors, the pressure and temperature in different sections of the product, strength parameters), to assess the efficiency of the fuel and oil systems, and automatic control systems.

Only then will begin flight tests of the engine already on the MS-21 aircraft, under which the engine was designed. The plane, however, not yet in the metal – its serial production is scheduled for 2017. The first copies, however, will fly with the canadian engines, as stated not long ago, the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov, the PD-14 will start to put only in 2018.

In most of the UEC have not confirmed the beginning of flight tests, but did not deny them. Meanwhile, the management of the Corporation in the summer said that the first flight is assigned to it in the fall. Moreover, October 15th JDC reported that the PD-14 engine has arrived in Zhukovsky, and in one of the hangars LII. Gromov is already installed on the pylon flying laboratory Il-76ЛЛ.

“The year 2015 is extremely important for program PD-14. One of the immediate challenges faced by our specialists, – flight tests of the engine on a flying laboratory to LII im. M. M. Gromova, which will be held in the third quarter. In 2016, the planned supply of engines PD-14 for flight tests of MS-21 aircraft”, – said in June the General Director of UEC Vladislav Masalov.

Flight tests indicate that the bench test the engine was successful and its results were received permits for the first flight. This is the main condition of successful completion of the sixth control line “Supply propulsion system on flight test aircraft No. 1. All these milestones 10.

The next frontier is passing flight tests of flying laboratory, then flight testing on MS-21 next – certification in MAC (planned in April 2017) and EASA – a year later, and finally mass production beginning in 2018. Only under the certification of PD-14 and the aircraft will be manufactured no less than 18 of an experimental batch of engines. Seven engines ready (seventh should participate in ongoing flight tests).

The uniqueness of the project

“The PD-14 is today one of the key projects of the Russian aircraft. This new generation engine, based on Russian technologies. For the modern Russian industry is a rarity, and this is a key feature of this project,” – says the newspaper VIEW first Vice-President of the Russian Union of engineers Ivan Andrievsky.

For comparison: in Russia created the first liner over time of the collapse of the Soviet Union – SSJ-100 – a engine, the PowerJet SaM146. But it is a joint development of the Russian NPO Saturn and French company Snecma Moteurs.

PD-14 is completely the brainchild of Russian designers and engineers. The uniqueness of the project is that the development of the engine is not engaged in one design Bureau, as it always has, and the cooperation of all companies that are subsidiaries of UEC. This Perm motor plant, Aviadvigatel, Perm “OLD” Ufa motor building production Association, Rybinsk NPO “Saturn”, Moscow “NPTS in gas turbine construction “Salut”, “Metallist-Samara” and others.

Technical feature PD-14 – the application of the uniform compact inflator that allows you to create a whole family of aircraft engines and industrial gas-turbine units (GTU).


United aircraft Corporation first published the expected image of the interior promising Russian airliner MS-21 – as the cockpit and passenger tsakanikas, this engine along with the MS-21 should make Russia a direct competitor to the two largest global aircraft manufacturing giants – the American Boeing and the European Airbus, which has long divided the market for large aircraft between themselves and anyone on it is no longer allowed.

As told the General designer of the Permian of “aircraft Engine” Alexander Inozemtsev, the PD-14 will have to provide excellence MS-21 aircraft on the A320 and Boeing-737 at the expense of engine parameters and to provide parity with the engines that will be installed on the modernized aircraft А320Neo and Boeing 737Max.

According to Andrievsky, the technical characteristics of the Russian engine will be approximately in the same plane with engines from leading manufacturers. Russia is making a rival to the PW1400G engine, which produces the American company Pratt & Whitney and the engine LEAP-1A from the Franco-American CFM International (JV of Snecma and General Electric).

Moreover, the engine will have to have a level of noise and emissions in atmosphere of harmful substances that subsequently would not need to upgrade for the changing requirements of the ICAO (International civil aviation organization (ICAO) on these parameters. The plan will go on the stock by 10-15 dB for noise and 30-45% of emissions of harmful substances from the current requirements of ICAO, told the chief designer.

According to him, “aircraft engine” the first in Russia to design the engine at the policy set production of material and labor cost. PD-14 is created in the framework of the program of development of a family of engines with a thrust of 12.5 to 18 tonnes for use in various types of passenger and transport aircraft. Thus, a modern, fully domestic engine in the future to obtain not only the MS-21 (the brainchild of “Irkut”), but the same SSJ-100, and even Russian helicopters.

The value of this engine is difficult to overestimate. But we must understand that the Russian product will emerge in an extremely competitive market. “The Russian PD-14 will be difficult to oust its competitors Boeing and Airbus, which have already made a choice in favor of trusted manufacturers. The Russian product, due to the complete absence in this market for many years, it is reasonable to raise some concerns about its safety and operational characteristics”, – says Ivan Andrievsky. In addition, the international market will require Russia to create a system of technical service of engines, which Western competitors long-established. Thus, despite the highly competitive technical and operational characteristics, the PD-14 is unlikely in the near future will be able to compete with the recognized leaders of the market, sums up the expert.

However, the prospects for the Russian MS-21 with PD-14 engine is huge and without it. First, the domestic market, where Russian airlines can refuse new or used A320 and Boeing 737 in favor of domestic MS-21. And modification of engine may be installed on the SSJ-100, said Andrievsky. In addition, the PD-14 can be of interest to China, which creates its own airliner C919. “For the Chinese Russian aircraft engine under other equal and more competitive price could prove to be very useful” – does not exclude the source.

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