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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Rozovsky took from Korea two music Oscars

South Korean Daegu is known as the music capital of Asia since then, ten years ago here was born DIMF — international festival of musicals, and this anniversary the forum was representative as ever: his work showed the theatres of China, UK, Slovakia etc. Our theater “Nikitsky gate” brought his legendary “Gambrinus” which took two awards: for best Director of a foreign play (mark Rozovsky) and best actor (colorful violinist Sergey Erdenko). Receiving the Golden statuette, Rozovskii, moved, told the hosts of the festival:

— Your love for musical theater is so strong and sincere that we are waiting for you in Moscow, the doors of our theater are always open, we need only to call the password “tag. DIMF”! Yay!

photo: Yan Smirnitsky

…And all this despite the fact that “Gambrinus” (Kuprin) not strictly fit into the framework of a musical genre, it is rather bright and gambling drama sketches alloy with a long and complex history of individual numbers and reprises; and that he once went four hours, then the rest of the album was shortened when it poured real beer (it’s something about the basement tavern!), then they began to shove the mug of brown paper… “Gambrinus”, if you will, it’s such a “Princess Turandot” from the Studio Rozovsky (the students in the former, the correct understanding of gambling improvisational theatre); here, in Daegu, he let one iota, but altered — actors talking in Korean! But about all under the order.

In Daegu Moscow theatre “At Nikitsky gate” comes the third time since 2009. And that’s on a lot of this site Suseong Artpia give third call before the local premiere of “Gambrinus” (at home, he is 30 years). People — shaft, a love for musicals (in all forms) is here the most passionate (according to statistics, almost every first Korean child learning to play on some musical instrument), visit the day’s rehearsal, so the specifics to understand. Here the Koreans put two of the screen under the credits (how else to convey the point?). Rozovsky smiles: “We in the first visit could not get used to the delayed reaction of Koreans to the transfer. Replica say, kind of funny, and the people silent. We are at a loss. Then we will go further in a serious place, one second, two, three — they just start to laugh: got…”.

Now I ready for this, and many musical numbers — on them the reaction is instantaneous. The main role of the tavern as a virtuoso violinist Sasha (or as the locals translate, Sasuke) — takes the venerable Sergei Erdenko (founder of the famous band “Loyko”); the day before he took the umbrella, and in the evening it began to rain.

And just imagine — he says — stops in front of our car, a man comes out and takes the umbrella. “How far is it to you?” — interested in. “Yes, that’s the hotel around here somewhere, we’re a little lost.” And he puts us in his car and without any money leaves… Amazing!

Rehearsal for a couple of Rozovskim is the main choreographer Anton Nikolaev:

— Knees should bend, the Lord actors! Where papirovka? Where a dynamic pose? Play in full force!

What amazes Korea: all the scenery (albeit not very complex) made right here in sketches, brought from Russia a couple of small barrels. This is the port tavern in Moscow barrels decorative, and the Koreans tried to please at all — brought from the port most real, virtually a rarity… But they are half the height of a man, it’s a different way of moving in dance. Two days later, alas, all the artists went to the bruises jumping to a height not passed without consequences.

Port thieves, porters, sailors, the divers, they were all filled with the smell of sea and fish, walked out the introductory recitation.

Rozovsky (whispering):

— I love the quiet beginning, when “there were no signs”.

But here in the pub come the first visitors… Mr medvetsky, the Deputy Director on technical issues, yells from the stage to the control Desk:

— These speakers do not need to stand here! I have to move…

— I don’t care — careless answer from the remote.

— That to me the words “I don’t care” you’ve never heard, immediately suppresses the medvetsky.

At the same moment to hurry Rozovsky, one of the main Actresses “for advice”:

— Mark G., the cashier to place or remove? Nobody understands here in Korea, in the twenty-first century, what is the cash register!..

— Your question is not clear to me, ” says the master, — all my life playing with cash, so now we play! You never know whom that is not clear! What now?

Wife Rozovsky, Tatiana Revzin, she’s a theater Director, she is the musical accompaniment on piano during the entire performance, watching, as rolling out a brand new black baby Grand piano Samick.

— Koreans are a generous soul, they asked if we should put on the stage long concert “Steinway”! Yeah, it’s in port and then the pub!

Tatiana Iosifovna, — refers to his wife Rozovsky, — and the bell over you will be hanging?

— Not yet hang up!

…The installation and the rehearsal continued, the sound getting hard, drums included in dissonance with the piano, and what to do in the “Gambrinus” no plusbox-backing tracks, all live. The artistic Director asks to omit the lower third ruler of the spotlight, leaving them almost over the heads of the artists.

“I understand,” said I, ” in Moscow, it is clear that this basement, this basement dill, riots, and here the scene is huge, all in a very festive — it is necessary to bring to reality. I am advocating, that all happened a little closer to the viewer, so it (shouts from the audience to assistants) move us to a makeshift stage, where Sasha is a virtuoso to play! By the way, where is he?..

Sergey Erdenko immediately appears from the niche of a brick backdrop — few people know that every time he improvises in his solo (although in the framework of the given topic), playing in each “Gambrinus” new tunes at the call of the soul, in its mood…

— But once I this performance was released, along with him went my development as a musician, ” he tells me, after three years left the theater, deciding to do only music on his fiddle; then ten years of wandering, and here I am again returned to the teacher, Mark Rozovsky, now to go to the Korean scene…

— Are you really improvising?

— Understand the image. My hero Sasha, like Mozart, gave birth to the music at exactly the moment when they took the tool is doing the same and I, not knowing in advance how that goes. I think I used to play bad, the show fell through, and come to me then: “Billy, we have not heard, it is a shock…

But still who is the main character — pub genius Sasha or his violin?

— Oh, they are inseparable. Sasha is born for violin, no fiddle — not him. In the end he wrung his hands and feet, but he still plays; to break-it can be anything, but the soul cannot be killed. And that role helped me in life is to understand himself: Sasha is a Paganini of Odessa, but Odessa in the boiler of the early twentieth century were born all the prerequisites for jazz, but everything came out… And Sasha was there as a head chef, preparing each time the following food, after which it was worn on the hands, this music is a direct way to any heart.

…On one of the barrels I see someone had left artists a pack of cigarettes.

— We are now in the “Gambrinus” do not smoke, — says Rozovsky, — and before — it’s beer, must be the truth of life! — Smoking cigarettes while before the premiere in new York not the COP came huge growth and ordered to clean up, including the cancellation of the show. And talking was pointless.

photo: Yan Smirnitsky


By the way, I recall the famous tale, as Rozovsky offered to put the “Gambrinus” in Odessa, many years ago. And invited him at that time, the leading artist (later artistic Director) Michael Water. The Rozovsky reverse the plane at six in the evening, and he was on the move say do a reading right there in the lobby, and the Commission gathers about fifty people. And here’s mark G. reads the entire show, he sings all the songs, which he wrote in ten days… Finishes. Gets the head of the party organization: what, friends, all of this is brilliant, this happiness has dropped us from the sky fell, it is necessary to put! And eight such reviews in a row, solid Eulogy. Concludes the Director: Yes, should be put, immediately, soon we will sign the contract. Rozovsky sent a taxi to the airport from the porch of the theatre he waved theatrical guide. And that’s it. Him anymore no one ever from Odessa called. Many years later Rozovsky goes on tour in the US, accidentally meets there an immigrant — former literary Manager of the Odessa theater:

“Listen, “Gambrinus” everyone liked it, why I never called?

— And you, mark? All these people praising the play mocked the leading actor of the Water, which, of course, would like you to play the lead role of Sasha, the violinist…

— Well, so what? — still does not understand Rozovsky.

— And the fact that Water is not able to play the violin, he could not become Sasha, everyone knew it, but decided that reading pin…


…Actors quickly take the complex ensemble scenes, there’s the whole color of theatre: honored Alexander Karpov, Yuriy Golubtsov, Margarita Rasskazova, Denis Yuchenkov, Maxim Zausalin. Well, as without talented young people, which Rozovsky traditionally throws in the heat of passion, saying: “All who have been through Gambrinus become a world-class theater artists, it is a necessary ensemble school!” To take any, though, and Ian Prigancova — Yes it is, according to Rozovsky, the genius of Steve, she delivered a virtuosic dance numbers and under it, the master is preparing his next play based on the story Shukshina “Cherednichenko and circus.” Or Sandra Eliava, Anna Serebryanskaya, Anna Copeman — set of individuals.

— See? See? — says Rozovsky. — This is my favorite scene, quiet steps, in which the entire tragedy of the Jewish people: wave washes away all, “only a song left for you”, one on a barrel violin in the beam, and Sasha-it really does not… will Understand at least some of it the Koreans?

The Koreans are understood and presented Rozovsky Erdenko with a gold prize in a flurry of applause; moreover, with incendiary Odessa rooms “Duke” out of “Gambrinus” began a local broadcast of the closing ceremony of the festival. Aesthetics Rozovsky, despite, it would seem that language barrier, here are all very close and clear. Moreover, at the end of the Korean Prime Minister that is called “encore”, the Maestro himself came on stage, performing in Odessa song under the weeping violin Erdenko.

“Now I understand,” says Rozovsky, ” that unites “Gambrinus” Kuprin with the film “Cabaret” Bob Fosse: used the same dramatic speed, when it is the fate of the individual in the background of historical upheavals, only the fossa is the arrival of the Nazis to power, and Kuprin — the revolution of 1905, pogroms, Russo-Japanese war… And the fortitude that we all have in common, and it is clear to the representative of any nationality, any culture… And I’m glad what music festival in Daegu brings together so many countries and continents.


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