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Friday, February 23, 2018

Rally against paid Parking can gather a few thousand people

On Tuesday in Moscow will pass the so-called city-wide gathering against the extension of paid Parking zone. Despite the change in format of the event from meeting to meeting with state Duma deputies, organizers expect a high turnout. Disgruntled drivers and their sympathizers, the parliamentarians raised the question about the resignation of Deputy mayor Liksutov and the revision of the program of paid Parking in General.

From Liksutov to equal conditions

One of the organizers of the Tuesday gathering at Pushkin square, or rather of the rally, which was planned for this place, the Deputy of the Basmanny municipal district Eugene Budnik.

“I also believe that the policy of the diptrans does not hold water, creates social tension”

Only now it will not be a rally and a meeting with deputies of the state Duma. The meeting of the Moscow government has agreed to. But offered to hold it outside the Third transport ring. In response representatives of a coalition of residents, social movements, organizations and political parties still decided to gather on Pushkin, but change the format. Now this is a meeting of deputies with voters. And the last one of its official organizers. At the meeting it is expected the arrival of at least a dozen MPs from different factions.

On the event page in Facebook the participation in the gathering have already confirmed about 2 thousand people, many more were mentioned as possible participants.

Budnik said that the main demand of the people remains the resignation of the head of diptrans Moscow Maxim Liksutov. Question number two – a review of transport policy in principle, including the revision of the project of paid Parking. Budnik added that a complete ban is debatable, somewhere they can stay, but to talk about it.

“Another question – many people advocate for equal conditions on the roads. Look, the centre studded with signs Only “official vehicles” of different ministries and departments. The same he said a few years ago said that everyone will have equal rights, everyone will pay. But in the end the DMV for his signature officially gives of road Parking for different departments”, – he complained.

The Deputy also accused Liksutov in renting expensive cars for themselves and their subordinates. “Liksutov calls urgently to take public transport, and in the meantime placed an order online procurement for the provision of services of the employees of the Department of transportation of motor service cars. Well, not all of course, and deputies, and especially close,” wrote Budnik learn.

“Already in anticipation of the imminent release of roads from all the mob, he decided to rent for himself and six of his deputies a car business class for all of 2016”, – he added.

In most of the world’s megacities Parking free night – but not in Masquerade technical characteristics specified in the terms of reference, we are talking about seven cars of a business class with a variety of “bells and whistles” released not earlier than December 2014, and about three cars of the middle class with year of issue not earlier than 2015. The total cost of rent – close to 18 million rubles.

Mind Budnik not only that officials of the car – not cheap, but the fact that it’s reminiscent of some kind of populism. “Let them on own example will show you how to behave the rest of the residents of the city. When citizens say, use public transport, it’s so convenient, and we will use the vacant lanes that confuses me”, he added.

Note also that in recent time there are rumors about fake signatures of people allegedly advocating the introduction of paid Parking in their areas. Some of these signatures may be old – under any other act for the repair, etc. And some outright forgeries.

Already in October a rally against paid Parking people came up with the slogan “Who asked you about the paid Parking lots?” and “Stop lying about “requests of residents”.

Commenting on these rumors, Eugene Budnik was given to understand that he, too, heard a lot of things and people are just so unlikely to talk about it, risking to go to court for lying, but not having the concrete evidence, he can comment on this issue is.

By the way, invited to the Tuesday event and Maxim Liksutov. A proposal made to him by the municipal district Deputy Airport Anton Tarasov, reports TASS. The Deputy mayor publicly answered nothing.

“Not an ordinary event”

The Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia”, co-Chairman of the Moscow headquarters of the popular front Vyacheslav Lysakov told the newspaper VIEW that this rally will not go there because without it MPs enough. “I did not wish my coming was seen as an attempt to earn some political points. Say I’m on this topic I will stand in deputies of the state Duma from Moscow. I’m not going to do that, and a PR I don’t need,” he said. At the same time in activities of their colleagues from other parties Lysakov saw the public relations element.

He also recalled that consistently opposed the policy of the DMV, but does it without going to meetings, and using the possibilities of the Deputy. “Those who go to the meeting and defend their point of view by legal means, I support. I also think that the policy of the diptrans does not hold water, creates social tensions and can end badly. Now the city is “guerrilla war”. Burned seven cars were acts of vandalism against Parking meters”, – he reminded.

He also accused the DMV outright lies. “I’ve been in contact with 26 heads of municipal formations in the city, and the majority replied that they had not been asked about the extension of paid Parking, no requests about it just wasn’t there. I will write a letter to the mayor, which will make and data of the heads of municipalities. And ask in General, check this whole paid Parking”, – he said.

State Duma Deputy from the Communist party Sergei Obukhov told the newspaper VIEW that he doesn’t know yet whether he will go to Pushkin square. But one of the organizers of the gathering is to his fellow party Valery Rashkin.

“We have big expectations for tomorrow. And today you can see most activity around this event. We see that antiprotosana the coalition works, and among its members are a variety of people with different views, areas of interest, etc. I think this will be no ordinary event,” he said.

Referring to the demands of protesters for the resignation of Maxim Liksutov, Sergei Obukhov noticed it until the end will not solve all problems. “We introduced his bill about the need always to consult with residents. Somewhere, maybe in calling for paid Parking and right on the ground, residents may be over, but for the most part this program is a rip-off. Nothing to improve traffic on city roads it has. Its purpose is purely fiscal,” he stressed.

The Chairman of Movement of motorists of Russia Victor Pohmelkin was even more blunt. According to him, he will not go on the Tuesday action, not because in favour of paid Parking, but because it is even more hard their opponent opposes them is not only beyond the third ring, but in the centre and encourages to move on to more weighty political demands, until the decision on the mayor. Thus, according to Pokhmelkin, the assessment of the work of the city authorities can give the people themselves in the next election.

Paid Parking

Recall, 26 December the paid Parking zone will appear on 291 station street.

Will be paid Parking on the streets and lanes bordering on ENEA and 35 near metro “Novogireyevo”, “Babushkinskaya” and “Medvedkovo”, “Bagrationovskaya”, “River station “Konkovo”, “South-West”, “Domodedovo” and others, as well as near 10 railway platforms (Karacharovo, Petrovsko-Razumovskaya, Elektrozavodskaya, Veshnyaki, etc.). Also paid Parking will appear next to more than 80 major shopping and business centers.

On December 9 deputies of the state Duma from the CPRF Valery Rashkin and Sergei Obukhov asked the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev with a request to consider the question of the abolition of paid Parking lots outside the Third ring road.

October 26 activists of the Moscow branch of the all-Russian popular front (onf) has applied to the Federal tax service (FTS) with a request to check where does the money received through Parking meters, and whether to pay their taxes.

On 19 October in an interview with the newspaper LOOK Deputy of the state Duma, co-Chairman of the Moscow headquarters of the popular front Vyacheslav Lysakov noted that Deputy mayor for transport of the government of Moscow Maxim Liksutov the actions sets up by his boss, the mayor of Moscow. He urged prosecutors to consider the possibility to start on the Noted criminal case. Prior to this, the Prosecutor General’s office has taken control of such facts.

6 Oct Ostankino rally against the extension of paid Parking, which gathered about 1.5 thousand people.

At the end of June to the newspaper VIEW noted that the widely touted transportation reform in Moscow included everything from the introduction of paid Parking and tow trucks to deal with buses. However, after a few years we can say that tubes from the capital, ” he says.

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