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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Physicists have learned to “turn back time”

A group of French researchers under the leadership of Emmanuel Fort Institut Langevin in Paris, invented and successfully tested a method that allows you to send a wave on the surface of the water “back in time”, forcing the ripples to come back to the point where they appeared just as the ripples are original, and taking the original shape at the end of the road.

photo: morguefile.com

According to the researchers, theoretical calculations have previously shown that the movement of the circles on the water, similar to what we see when peremanivanie ago video of fall of a stone into the water, theoretically it is possible. However, in practice such a phenomenon with very low probability can occur randomly, and in order to try to cause it artificially, you should consider a number of factors, such as the waveform, the velocity of each point, the force of the oscillations and so on.

The technique that has been developed by scientists, is called “temporal mirror”. Its essence is that a special device tossed a container of water on the surface which was wave, the acceleration is 21 times greater than free fall acceleration. Such a dramatic shake-up happened soon after the wave came and forced them to “go back in time”. After the wave re-took the form of the object, which circles on the water originally started. The professionals started with simple shapes, subsequently, was able to successfully “restore” the waves, including the form of smiling faces and even the Eiffel tower.

Experts emphasize that the time is not, of course, starts to go back to water molecules in the literal sense, and the technology in no way constitutes a step towards the creation of a fantastic machine of time. However, the effect, which has been used by scientists, can also take place when working with acoustic or electromagnetic waves, and this, the researchers hope to test in the future.

A study published in the scientific journal Nature Physics.

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