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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Not to take people’s heads off”: Putin has called the previous government’s plans unclear

Today, President Putin held the first meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects, whose task is to help Russia emerge from the crisis. The President urged the government “not fooling” citizens, and Alexey Kudrin and the Secretary OP Alexander Brechalov joined the debate with speakers from the government. Kudrin actually gave to understand that the announced plans of weakly feasible.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

First newborn session of the presidential Council has outlined new ways of development of the country in the new, according to Putin, “in more difficult conditions than before. In their basis are the same the may decrees 2012, he said. However, the algorithm of execution will change.

The place of the current, the “fuzzy and unclear even to specialists plans,” according to Putin, needs to take a concrete breakthrough projects, based on the maximum concentration of resources, cost optimization and improving the quality of management of individual sectors and the country as a whole. This work will be national in character. And therefore the Council will rely on the Bureau, which will be the Central headquarters, which will be headed by the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev”.

We should clearly tell the public what we want to achieve, not fooling citizens with a list of orders and regulatory documents, — said the President. The results of this work shall be measured not abstract indicators, and positive, transparent results. For example, achievement of transparency in the formation of payments for utilities. Or reducing queues at polyclinics. For each project we need to clearly articulate what we do already by 2018, and what are the challenges up to 2020. To clearly define all costs and when the budget for 2017, 2018 and 2019 to ensure the selected projects finances. However, within a balanced budget.

Assumes personal responsibility of managers of all projects: “Please fix this in the documents,” — said the head of state.

With what kind of projects will begin a new life, said Dmitry Medvedev — and his words were very common. The first unit will focus “on creation of comfortable conditions of life and work and will include projects on health, education, development of the mortgage, utilities, ecology and safety of modern roads, as well as to improve the situation in single-industry towns”.

The second block is associated with the development of a modern, developed economy, creating a favorable environment for small business and entrepreneurship, raising productivity and increasing non-oil exports.

A discussion of how to develop non-oil exports, left for the future. And the first meeting was devoted to projects that are “comfortable” for its citizens — health, education and housing.

The main direction of the first, promised Medvedev will be working on reducing queues at clinics, increased availability of modern healthcare facilities and the latest medicines, new technologies and improving the quality of training of health workers. And all this “without compromising the current state of Affairs: project work does not replace or negate the current work of the ministries and departments”.

In education, the Prime Minister said will continue the promotion of Russian universities in the world tops the ratings, the development of electronic forms of education at all levels, refresher courses and retraining.

In the housing sector it is planned to maintain the momentum of housing construction and to develop a mortgage. Another main goal is to make the market of utilities is transparent and the principle of formation of prices fair and understandable for the population. It is necessary to avoid inflating that value that is now most concerned about people.”

Before the end of the year should be selected first specific projects and achieved the first results by. All this, promised to GIVE, will be taken into account in the draft budget. However, the “priority project — that is no reason to require additional funds,” he stressed. — This tests the ability to solve tasks and allocate the main thing”.

The management immediately concretized by the heads of relevant Federal agencies, planned the implementation of new projects and the imminent creation of a unified electronic medical record; and the advent of “digital” in education at all levels; and an annual injection of 100 million square meters of housing, while reducing the interest on your mortgage.

However, the positive picture is spoiled first Secretary of the Public chamber Alexander Brechalov reported that at least 15-20% of the current budget is spent inefficiently. Acted as the eternal opponent of Medvedev Alexei Kudrin.

Over the last 5 years the biggest growth of GDP — 1.5% — took place in defense and social spending. The preservation of these volumes will allow us to named priorities at least not to fall. In any case, I’d have tried not to reduce spending on education and other social sectors, and in the longer term to make the maneuver, redistributing in this sector to 3% of GDP at the expense of other areas. This means that in other industries, the costs will have to decrease. And this is a very difficult task. But another way until at least 2020, and even 2025 is not.

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