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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Janusz Niedzwiecki: When we were blocked in the hotel, the police just watched

“Activists “Automaidan” said that would not want to happen scheduled the meeting”, – told in interview to the newspaper VIEW Polish politician Janusz Niedzwiecki, one of the members of the delegation that for a few hours blocked in the Odessa hotel. The Polish delegation had intended to meet with relatives of victims of the tragedy on may 2.

Ukrainian nationalists from the organization “Automaidan-Kiev” and “Self-defense” more than 6 hours blocked in the Odessa hotel Geneva a delegation of Polish politicians, among whom were two of the Senator.

“People came saying they are from the “Automaidan-Kiev” and we wouldn’t go out…”

The representatives of the nationalists on his page on Facebook (which is mostly in Russian language) explain their “share” of the fact that the poles arrived at the invitation of the Verkhovna Rada Deputy from “Oppositional block” Nikolay Skorik and intend to hold a press conference with the “opposition”. However, those messages should be: “Automaidan” did not like the fact that “the poles decided to lay flowers on the Kulikovo field”. Indeed, the Polish delegation was going to commemorate the victims of the tragedy on may 2, 2014.

Nationalist organization “Oberig”, which is also involved in blocking, explained on his page in Facebook that is present among the arrivals Janusz Niedzwiecki is a member of the party Zmiana, “whose leader is Mateusz Piskorski – were “observers” on the so-called referendum in the Crimea, supports the annexation and repeats in his statements, the rhetoric of the Kremlin in respect of Ukraine”. According to local publication “Timer” locked were the leader of the Polish movement “Solidarity”, member of the Senate of Parliament of Poland, Jan Rulewski.

To hotel there has arrived the Consul of Poland in Odesa Wieslaw Mazur. “Complained that infringe on the rights of the poles. He explained that he and here in Ukraine respect the rights of the Ukrainian people” – not without malice said the activists “Automaidan” in Facebook. “Poles “sincerely” do not understand the tragedy of what is happening. To lay flowers on the Kulikovo field is the height of cynicism,” wrote “fighters for the rights of the Ukrainian people.”

We will remind, on may 2, 2014 in Odessa during the confrontation with football fans and radicals from the “Right sector” supporters of federalization were forced to find refuge in the House of trade unions. After that Ukrainian nationalists set fire to the building, and those who tried to escape from the fire, fired and finished off with sticks and stones.

According to the interior Ministry of Ukraine, in the riots killed 48 people.

Blockade of Polish parliamentarians in Odessa is unlikely to have a beneficial effect on the relationship of Warsaw and Kiev, which has deteriorated after the resolution of the Seimas on the recognition of the Volyn massacre as genocide.

About how you have been interacting Polish parliamentarians from the Ukrainian “patriots” at the hotel Geneva in an interview with the newspaper LOOK told one of the participants: coordinator of the monitoring mission of the international public organization “Political initiative” Janusz Niedzwiecki.

Janusz Niedzwiecki

(photo: facebook.com/jgniedzwiecki)

VIEW: Mr. Niedzwiecki as events unfolded?

Janusz Niedzwiecki: In Odessa there arrived the delegation from Poland was represented by Senator Ian Rulewski and Senator Jerzy Wcislo. Was scheduled to meet with relatives of victims of the events of may 2 and a brief ceremony of laying flowers on the Kulikovo field. But in the morning, about 7 o’clock, people came saying they are from the “Automaidan-Odessa”. They blocked the exit from the hotel, we wouldn’t want to release. “Blockade” has just ended, a few moments ago the call was made at 15.50 Moscow and Odessa time – approx. OPINION).

OPINION: What is the situation around the hotel?

Ya. N.: Now all gone, we are free. Now go get something to eat, see the city – after all, the whole day we were blocked.

OPINION: Activists of “Avtomaydan” left themselves or after police intervention?

Ya. N.: No, the police did nothing, only watched. People from the “Automaidan” went after Senator Rulewski began to talk to them and ask what they want, what they want from us, why we are concerned. They said they the like and they would like the meeting never happened.

To this we replied, that their conduct is unlawful. If they have a different point of view, they have the right to Express it, and we get to listen to, but they should not impose this point of view. Our “counterparts” thought a few hours, then came back, spoke again.

Managed to agree what side of the conflict, the tragedy in Odessa, have the right to Express their point of view. We are convinced that the idea of a round table with mothers and relatives of all the victims is very important, and we are open to host such a meeting in Ukraine or in Poland.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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