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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In the Sun with a hole of colossal proportions

Experts from the U.S. space Agency NASA said that the Sun they recorded a coronal hole, which occupies a sixth part of the entire surface of the disc. Researchers from the Observatory of solar dynamics has also introduced a video where you can see the unusual phenomenon of “near”.

photo: youtube.com

Coronal holes represent areas of the solar corona in which the temperature and density of the plasma is lowered. Although “holes” in the strict sense of the word, they naturally are not, pictures of x-rays, they do resemble the dark gaps on the surface of the disc. Although such enormous coronal holes can not be called common, something supernatural or really dangerous for the Earth, they too are specialists assure. According to them, sometimes the size of these areas can reach a quarter of the entire surface of the Sun, and not they can disappear for weeks or even months, the newspaper the newspaper the Huffington Post

However coronal holes emit a considerable amount of solar wind, which, as in the case of, if it be a solar flare can cause the Earth magnetic storms, disruptions of some electrical devices and problems with communication and, in some cases, the Aurora.

Scientists explain that coronal holes are typical for periods of lower solar activity. That this phase has indeed begun, it became known in June — this was evidenced by the disappearance from the surface of the disc of all of sunspots. The cycle of fluctuations of solar activity lasts about eleven years, and the nearest minimum, according to the forecasts of astronomers, will be achieved in 2019-2020. Before the periods completely “clean” the Sun will become more frequent and to last longer.

Watch the video on “Huge coronal hole appeared on the surface of the Sun”

The solar dynamics Observatory, NASA has discovered a giant coronal hole on the Sun’s surface. It occupies 1/6 of the star. Such coronal holes are the cause of magnetic storms on Earth.

Video published on the website youtube.com user Tom Yulsman

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