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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Female Prime Minister — one man

The Prime Minister was Theresa may. Not to be confused with Vanessa Mae twang of the violin. Not to be confused with the cello.

What’s the news? Forget already about the notorious brickset, about the notorious former Cameron. Is the whole tsimes that Theresa may woman? Think what a swell!

Well, woman, what? In the history of England (very recent) already had one such lady, quite a iron. They say she pulled the country out of economic crisis. Just took it for hair and… Well, shut down all miners, not have mercy on the terrorists of Northern Ireland, declared a hunger strike in prison. They all died. Sent his brave Marines to fight with Argentina over the Falkland Islands… At the very end of her life, she has little understood, poorly reacting to her words. And when he died, a lot of grateful Englishmen booed her. Directly to the funeral.

But I remember something else… Like Thatcher arrived in Moscow to meet with Gorbachev. It immediately took a turn for three of our leading international journalist. And she made them! Easily, smiling without any tension. Only one its intelligence.

Woman in power — also my theme. But for Americans, Yes, topic. Never before had a woman there climbed so high. And this despite all their feminist categoricalness, absolute power over men! I still remember how in license state, the program “Naked and funny” gentlemen was terrified to see a half-naked waitress. Wherever stared with greedy eyes every normal Russian man. They didn’t know it was a hoax, and was in awe of the notorious harassment.

And try American subway to get up and offer the lady a seat. Yes, she will sue you! Or here’s another: publicly lament a space engineer, whose only fault was that he wore a t-shirt with a picture of mermaids there. It just made fun of.

Women rule the world, but not America. And here Hillary Clinton rushes to his goal at full sail. She has a good chance. And this is given as a sensation. I don’t know… I don’t know that it will give America. That was when “Monikageyt” we respected her. She was so right, with dignity and with honor endured all due to moral blows. And then, remaining with his graying depraved boy bill, hit him in the groin and kidneys were weighed and a full-fledged well-deserved slap in the face (she admitted). And we approved.

But then Hillary went into power and are badly deteriorated. And when her assistants helpfully gave on “IPhone” in the form of a bloody and raped by Muammar Gaddafi, she screamed, “Wow!” So who is she then? Just… (insert desired word).

And that’s what we get excited about women in power? Latin America is full of them — from the great Argentine Eva Peron prior to the current Brazilian dumplings that fall under the impeachment for funny by Russian standards, embezzlement for personal purposes.

In India were, respectively, Indira Gandhi profitable stared at the background of Leonid Brezhnev in Pakistan — beauty Benazir Bhutto, taking revenge for his father. They both came to a bad end.

Northern Europe has long been running the show women are very cheerful sexual orientation. And nothing, no one is surprised. As it should be!

And we? Anna Ioannovna, Elizabeth, Catherine… Yes, even Princess Olga. Catherine General founding father (I mean mother!) hastega Krymnash. But the Ukrainian nation it is generally forbidden, and to talk to local friends on your move. This is certainly now the President Poroshenko made a Queen in the black list together with Valeria and Joseph Kobzon. Only Catherine also came to a bad end, died on his own ship (I don’t ship mean). So ends the earthly glory that men have that women. And throne here does not help.

But this time the olden. There was a dense Patriarchy. With the revolution, with the execution of the Royal family, with the terrible the Kremlin tillage, which then changed the jester. Then, we ruled eyebrow, and then Mikhail Gorbachev with the active support of Raisa put a fat point in the history of the country.

In recent history, nothing has changed. Yeltsin, Putin, Medvedev, Putin… And women? They are, but very different. There is a woman Spring, and that’s it. There’s a woman Mizulina, and hard case. There is a woman, Valentina Matviyenko, Chairman of the Federation Council, the third person in the state, which is popularly called Valentin Ivanovich. When she was Governor in St. Petersburg, she was not very fond of, and Putin dragged her upstairs. Now for some reason in the cultural capital on Valentina Ivanovna nostalgic, sweet and warm.

There’s a woman Khakamada. Who wanted to be President, but could not. Went out of politics, but now suddenly came back in a strange batch of very small stature.

There’s a woman Joe. Which, whatever did (or didn’t do anything!), will always be number one in our country, not only for Maximmaxim. At the time, why she contacted the billionaire Prokhorov… However, I can guess why, but I won’t.

Each has its own woman, the candidate for the hand and heart. And I have it. Her surname Pamfilova named Ella. Remember how she acted at the Congress of people’s deputies in 1989. She was… No matter how old she was, she is now even better. However, the Congress and Pamfilova it picked up a pencil not only I, but also Mr Putin, recently appointed Ella Alexandrovna to be after Churov… And for some reason I want it was after Putin.

As said Arkady Raikin, a woman is man’s best friend. For such words in America I’d have gone away, but here in Russia nothing is normal. And here’s another of the satirist: I’ve been in the Bryansk region, the Smolensk region, and attracted to the woman. No matter it is the President, the Prime Minister or the typist at the office. Not the place paints the person.

I love you women. And not only on March 8. Thanks to the new Prime Minister of England, which gave a reason to talk about you. And to adore.

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