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Thursday, March 15, 2018

China hopes for Russian assistance in the creation of aircraft engines

Russia and China have reached agreement on creating a joint wide-body aircraft, but also the engine for him. Stepping stone should serve as a promising aircraft engine has already been developed in Russia. This can become a major scientific and technological project for both countries.

Russia and China have established a working group on the development of the engine thrust up to 35 tons for the future joint wide-body long-haul aircraft. Now preparations for the signing of the Memorandum, said the representative of the United engine Corporation (UEC) as part of the ongoing near London Farnborough.

“The PD-14 are known as “engine revolution”. The success of the PD-14 and the UEC development will allow faster and more efficient to go ahead”

Currently consultations are held with the Chinese side on image of engine for future aircraft. The representative of the JDC said that when creating the new engine will be used, developments achieved in the creation of the Russian engine PD-35. The final decision on the choice of engine will make together the KLA and the Chinese Corporation Comac. It is expected that the Memorandum on the development of a new engine of the Russian and Chinese parties will sign this year.

Recall that the KLA and Comac in 2014 signed a Memorandum of understanding on the establishment of wide-body Russian-Chinese aircraft. The project is estimated at 13 to 20 billion dollars. Russia and China are involved in the project on a parity basis, by investing 50% of the cost.

As of June, the parties explore possibilities for the development of this project has already been agreed that the engineering center of the joint venture will be located in Moscow, and the final Assembly of the aircraft will be in Shanghai on the basis of high-tech factories”. To create a new airliner is scheduled to 2025-2027.

As for the Russian engine PD-35 on the basis of which it is planned to create a joint with the Chinese engine, the decision was taken in may of 2016 by President Vladimir Putin, the project has a dedicated “matching funds”, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. This perspective civil engine high thrust, which will be created by using the technologies obtained in the course of the project PD-14 for MS-21. “Preliminary work on the PD-35 has already begun. Today he is at the stage of SRW (scientific research work)”, – told RIA “news” an anonymous representative of the JDC.

Project PD-35 will be financed from the presidential Fund. Its preliminary cost is estimated at 180 billion rubles (2.8 billion dollars), and development time – 10 years, said in late June, General designer of Perm KB “the aircraft engine” Alexander Inozemtsev. It Perm KB will develop a new engine with a thrust of 25 to 50 tons on the basis of the development of PD-14 engine, and series production is planned to organize at “Perm engine company” or JSC “Kuznetsov”.

In fact, the PD-14 is the first since the collapse of the USSR the engine for civil aviation, created in Russia from scratch. In November 2015, has already begun his flight tests. The PD-14 should be a straight competition to foreign analogues, installed on Boeing and Airbus planes. The same Russian engine will be the heart of the latest MS-21 airliner, the rollout of which was held in early June of this year. “The PD-14 is the first in 20 years, the development of civil engine manufacturing at the highest level. And production technology we had to learn from scratch. We may not be ahead of everyone on the planet, for example, titanium blades are already doing abroad, but it is important that we ourselves learn to do it better than the competitors”, – said Oleg Panteleev from the “Airport”.

“The PD-14 are known as “engine revolution”. Turbojet engine – a very complex device. And JDC, creating it from scratch, worked a lot of technology and innovation, which greatly promoted the domestic engineering. No doubt that the success of the PD-14 and the UEC development will allow faster and more efficient to go forward,” – says the newspaper VIEW first Vice-President of the Russian Union of engineers Ivan Andrievsky.


Corporation “Irkut” (part of UAC) held a ceremony of rolling out of the aircraft MS-21-300 is designed to conduct flight tests. This is the first since the Soviet Union the new Russian trunk liner, which, according to Medvedev, Russia will remain a “major League”

Engine PD-35 will be based on the PD-14 and will be the second created in modern Russia, an engine for civil aviation. And based on the PD-35 Russia together with China plans to develop the engine up to 35 tons specifically for the joint Russian-Chinese aircraft.

Russia “this engine is heavy desperately needed” because “we now need to carry out a planned policy of substitution of foreign aircraft the equipment that we would be competitive,” assured Rogozin at the July meeting on the development of aviation engine. This is possible only under one condition – if we can achieve the necessary fuel efficiency, i.e. fuel consumption per passenger should be comparable, and even better to be lower than Western counterparts,” he explains.

Russian planes have excellent aerodynamic gliders. “But we’ve always lost in engine, because we have never in the country, in the Soviet Union, Russia has not created an engine more powerful than the 25 tonnes thrust). And now for the aviation companies it is the indispensable and most important condition,” – said Deputy Prime Minister.

At a meeting in July to the government of UEC presented the whole range of aircraft engines for 25 years in the future, what products to create, what are the scientific and technological potential, what are the critical technologies to build these engines.

Program for the development of ODK until 2025 is estimated at 338.9 billion rubles. The main goal is the diversification of product portfolio with a focus on increasing the production of engines for civil aviation.

According to the plan in 2018-2021. is expected to market for promising products. This PD-14 engine for MS-21 aircraft, the engines of the second stage for the PAK FA (prospective airborne complex of frontline aviation) and PSV (advanced high-speed helicopter). In addition, should be brought to given specifications the RD-33MK engines (turbojet engine for double MiG-35D) and AI-222-25 (for use on the Yak-130 and its modifications).

“It is now clear that Russia is able to develop the necessary motor, especially if she has help friendly countries, in particular China. This is evidenced by the fact that JDC was able to completely withdraw from the supply of Ukrainian engines for a number of aircraft and helicopters, and continue their active development”, – says Ivan Andrievsky.

However, China is known for having successfully copies the entire world most recent developments. Russia is going to allow China to build the most complicated and secret machinery, such as motors.

“But in this case the situation is not so bad, – said Andrievsky. – Of course, Russia really needs Chinese investment, and for them we are willing to go to great lengths. But the construction of the PD-35 for wide-body aircraft is a joint project, that is, it is still an open situation, the engine will be built in two countries. In addition, the Chinese Comac will participate in the design, our engineers will also benefit”.

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