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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cameron handed over the post of British Prime Minister

David Cameron releases a residence on Downing street in favour of a new Prime Minister Theresa may. The youngest Prime Minister in two hundred years, whose controversial “Board” prematurely ended due to the “Broksita”, remember its changeable political stance, populism, cat and farewell song that became a hit on the social networks.

On Wednesday evening, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has accepted the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister. British television broadcast live the arrival of the Prime Minister and the appearance of his family at the door of Buckingham Palace after an audience with the Queen.

“You will have only the new Prime Minister, and I have a new host

The decision of the Queen’s Prime Minister officially announced by Theresa may, who served as interior Minister in the Cabinet of Cameron.

Disagreements with microphones

Already saying goodbye to voters, Cameron managed to cause a stir and hit the headlines of world media. Recall, on the eve after the announcement of his impending resignation, the Prime Minister forgot to turn off the microphone and walked away, humming a tune, after which added, “Yeah… okay.” What good, own performance or Cameron simply agreed with the circumstances, there is little public interest. But the song David Cameron journalists have nicknamed “Doo Doo Doo”. Social media users are still wondering what it was for melody. Many cite “evidence” that the British Prime Minister played Symphony No. 5 by Shostakovich. Others point out that the composition is similar to the soundtrack to “Star wars,” and gave the song another name – “the evil anthem tori. In the Network appeared the learning materials, how to play.

Cat power here

No less sentimental story became farewell Cameron’s cat Larry, whom he had worked side by side with the 2011. Couple Cameron can’t take the cat with him from residence on Downing street, as it does not belong to this family, and perform and continue to perform the duties of chief Mouser said the official representative of the British Cabinet. “He is the cat who carries the state service”, – explained the official.

Recall Larry during the so-called murine scandal – the invasion of rodents in Downing street was transferred from a shelter for cats and dogs in the London borough of Battersea in the staff of the Secretariat of the British Cabinet of Ministers on the position of chief Mouser. According to him underscored the “strong hunting instinct.”

“You will have only the new Prime Minister, and I have a new owner,” wrote someone on behalf of Larry on the personal page of the cat in Twitter, followers are 48 thousand people.

“Eurosceptic and opponent of the United States” in Iraq and Libya

Cameron remembered that he became the youngest Prime Minister in the UK over the last 200 years. He came to the post in 2010, when he was 43.

However, the “early years” did not prevent him choose the right tactics – even during struggle for an armchair of the Prime Minister media called Cameron a model of populism. He always acted on the most sensitive issues: advocated for the rights of women, migrants and sexual minorities, voted for the ban on Fox hunting and against the ban on Smoking. In 2003 he strongly supported the war in Iraq, and in 2006 equally warmly encouraged to investigate how objective were the circumstances for the start of the war.

At least hot Cameron supported the government’s plan for labour’s Gordon brown to combat the effects of the global economic crisis of 2008, but when the ratings of the government among the weary population began to aspire to zero, Cameron said that the government failed to prepare the country to crisis.

As a candidate for Prime Minister, Cameron often called themselves eurosceptic and has said that the UK should not submit to US foreign policy. In the Premiership the views of Cameron diametrically changed. In 2011 when the civil war broke out in Libya, then headed by Muammar Gaddafi, Cameron has supported the idea of creating there a “no-fly space” to prevent the use of Libyan air force against opponents of the Gaddafi regime.

Followed by the relevant resolution of the UN security Council, after which Cameron has expressed a desire to protect the ban on government aircraft in Libya using military force. For example, the UK officially joined the US and France conducted a military operation in Libya. Along with Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy, he released a joint statement highlighting the “unthinkable” future Libya led by Gaddafi.

The bike is not very helpful

Nebezuprechno was Cameron’s relationship with voters. When he became Prime Minister, he was criticized for the fact that he defended the interests of the elites and were far from simple people. Closeness to the people Cameron has decided to highlight with the bike on which he traditionally went to work. Cameron’s example was followed by the mayor of London, conservative Boris Johnson.

However, the bike in communicating with people helped a little. In August of 2011 in London and other British cities, there was a wave of mass unrest with violent clashes with police, arson of shops and other things. Cameron called for the arrest of the participants and stated the need for their eviction from social housing.

In April of this year in Central London once again held a rally demanding the resignation of Cameron. The occasion was the mention of the name of the father of Cameron in “Panama records”. In response to a request to comment on this fact, the press service of the government said that it was “a private affair” premiere.

Only after the British press for several days exaggerated the question, does his family use this offshore Fund, Downing street released a statement which said that neither David Cameron nor his spouse, nor children not using any funds obtained through offshore funds.” Cameron himself admitted that his initial reaction to the leak was incorrect.

The final failure

Despite past statements about euroscepticism, already as Prime Minister Cameron strongly emphasized that he remained committed to the preservation of Britain in the EU. However, he advocated the extension of rights and benefits, including the guarantee of financial non-participation in Euro support and additional restrictions on the entry of migrants from other EU countries.

Agreement with Brussels to conclude managed. In particular, Britain is even allowed not to pay social benefits to migrant workers from the EU over the next seven years. Cameron hoped that this agreement will smooth the fatigue of Brits from the EU and they will vote to stay in the Union. However, Cameron has stated that he would not resign, even if they win the supporters “Breccia”. Apparently, the British Prime Minister was sure of a positive outcome of the referendum. The actual results fell on Cameron’s like a snowball. The British media, particularly the Independent, called the referendum a political failure of Cameron and pointed out that the Prime Minister had previously resorted to risky decisions. One of these was a referendum on the secession of Scotland from the UK in 2014. But then more than half of Britons voted to keep Scotland in the UK.

This time it was much more difficult, and Cameron, always skeptical to the principle of loyalty to his word, said: “the British people made a firm decision to go the other way, the country needs new leadership”. On Wednesday Cameron’s tone became more conciliatory. “I came to Downing street, together with the country to confront the problems, to be with people in times of difficult decisions, will come to better times. Today I’m leaving and hope that people will get more strong country, a prosperous economy and a better chance in life,” said Cameron.

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