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Sunday, February 18, 2018

A continuation of the hysteria around Brekzita resembles a directed campaign

“Sick children of the European Union, that is, countries with high levels of corruption and a weak economy, suddenly attracted submitted by Her Majesty. So they are trying to stay in the EU and after Brekzita, writes the European press. Meanwhile, reports of mass renunciation of British citizenship – no more than “pugalka”, which pursues specific goals.

The impression is that the propaganda machine counter Bracito, despite the undoubted damage to its creators, can not stop and continues to harass the British with consequences only “for art’s sake”. So, on Wednesday two publications – the Financial Times and DW – publish articles, which paint the difficult situation in which you will get after a UK exit from the European Union.

Opponents of Brexit from the UK hope as to delay the process of withdrawal from the Union”

The FT says that European countries (and not only a prosperous Germany, Italy or Sweden, but also Hungary, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria) have experienced a sharp increase in requests for citizenship from people in the UK. Still enjoyed Her Majesty’s strive to guarantee yourself the opportunity to live and work in the territory of the European Union.

For example, the number of Britons applying for the acquisition of German citizenship has increased 10 times. According to the German Embassy, on a daily basis from the subjects of great Britain receives 200-250 of such statements, before the figure was 20-25 queries a day. The Hungarian Consulate received 150 inquiries since the referendum, with the beginning of the year until the vote, there have only been 10 such statements. The number of soiskanie British Swedish nationality made up the numbers 316 in two weeks after a plebiscite. In the same period, the Polish Consulate in London received 350 similar requests in the hundreds of statements over the past year.

Any relief for the British in the European embassies are not going to do. At the German Embassy said that the basis for the preferential terms are the German roots – at least one parent is British-the applicant must be from Germany. Italy, Embassy of which in Britain received about 500 requests, ready to grant citizenship to those who can prove that at least someone from the grandparents was Italian.

Most surprised want to change the British citizenship in the Bulgarian office. “We usually don’t get this kind of request, it’s a new thing for us,” – said the press Secretary of the Embassy of Bulgaria in London.

DW looks at the problem from the other side and cites the European employment portal StepStone, according to which about 600 thousands of British skilled workers now expect the continuation of a career not in Britain, and one of the other EU countries, primarily in Germany. In StepStone note that this will allow at least partially solve the problem of shortage of qualified personnel. Noted, many foreigners also don’t want to work in the UK in connection with PACSICOM. They are concerned about the negative consequences for the economy, the depreciation of the pound sterling and the possibility of restricting the right to freedom of employment in the Kingdom.

Thus, the hysteria surrounding the exit of Britain from the EU continues on both sides of the English channel. It is unlikely to do due to the fact that speeding propaganda machine just can’t stop. Even less likely that we are talking about the hackneyed “revenge” London over the decision to leave the European Union without their society. Most likely, the authors of these texts pursue well-defined goals.

First, the European Union hopes to capitalize on concern investors and to transfer part of the financial flows from London to continental EU countries, primarily to Germany. In view of this, the European media will continue to receive texts about what kind of Armageddon is waiting for Britain without a “United Europe”.

Second, opponents Brekzita from the UK hope as to delay the process of secession from the Union, ideally to abort it. In the end, despite claims that the referendum results are not subject to review, it is always possible to envisage a number of political and legal possibilities in order to make a withdrawal from the EU is purely symbolic and leave the British government, is so integrated into the European Union. This, in particular, is interested and Washington, actively influencing Brussels, including through London.

Third, in “horror stories” about the effects Brekzita interested in Scottish politics, and regularly reminding that Scotland has voted to stay in the European Union. “I respect the decision of people,” – said at a briefing in London, the first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon. And added that he was sympathetic to the statement by the new Prime Minister of the Kingdom Theresa may that “Breaksit is Breksi”. “She has the mandate of the electorate to carry out of EU… But this mandate does not apply to Scotland,” said Sturgeon.

When so many parties are interested in how to scare the British consequences Brekzita, statements and articles on this subject will appear frequently. But in reality, the withdrawal of Britain from the EU will both minuses and pluses. To say with absolute certainty that in the end outweighs, at the moment there is no economist – there are too many unpredictable factors. Therefore, those who live in the UK for relatives and friends should not panic, but those who are waiting for the rapid impoverishment of London due to the departure of highly skilled workers in Bulgaria and Romania, it is premature to succumb to Schadenfreude.

How the new British government will hold Breaksit will be an interesting precedent not only for the EU but for the whole world integration processes are replaced by disintegration in accordance with the progress of time in all parts of the world. And the example of Britain in this case will be useful to all countries who in the future wants to develop its economy without excessive Association with the neighbors.

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