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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“Waste paper”: Beijing in advance, reacted to the decision of the court in the Hague

The permanent court of arbitration in the Hague upheld the claim of Philippine authorities and rejected the territorial claims of Beijing on the part of the South China sea. Also the construction of artificial Islands is recognized as harmful for the environment.

“The Peace Palace” — the official residence of the Permanent court of arbitration. Photos wikipedia.org

In 2013, the Philippines has sent to the international court, consisting of 15 points, which said that in the South China sea China is undertaking activities that violate the UN Convention on international law 1982. The study of this problem was carried out from 2015 and only on July 12 was the verdict.

“China has no legal basis to claim historical rights to the resource extraction of the “nine dashed lines” (the area covered by this line include a large part of the South China sea to China)” – is listed in the court’s decision.

This fact has prompted an immediate and somewhat harsh reaction from foreign Ministry of China. According to the position of the foreign Ministry of China, China will never recognize the decision of the International Court. It will not affect the implementation of the country’s interests in the region, as the issues of resolving territorial disputes cannot be resolved by third parties.

In this regard, as reported by Chinese newspaper Renmin Ribao, politician and diplomat, a former member of the state Council of China Dai Bingguo noted that in the new period of the history of China was subjected to humiliation by Western powers, and memories of it still fresh in the memory of the Chinese. That is why the issue of territorial sovereignty, China is going to take the future into their own hands and in any case not to take the option of a third party.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the dialogue between Chinese and American think tanks, even a few days before the verdict of the court of arbitration on the disputed territories in the South China sea, Dai Bingguo, called the decision “unnecessary paper”.

Recall that for several decades China is in dispute with some countries in South-East Asia over the ownership of several Islands in the South China sea, where the discovered reserves of natural resources. Since late 2013, Beijing is conducting active work on the development of these areas, and also creation of artificial Islands.

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