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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Theresa may promises Britain difficult times

For the first time since Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of great Britain the woman – and again this is representative of conservatives. The interior Minister in the Cabinet of Cameron, Theresa may became the new leader of the tories, and environment will head the government. What can Russia expect from the one that recently was in charge of the Litvinenko case?

The UK experience difficult economic and political times that the country needs a strong leader – such an idea sounded in the first statement Theresa may, the new Chairwoman of the ruling Conservative party. The current Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron has already said that he will resign on Wednesday, July 13. On the same day may take the place of the Prime Minister. While it remains the Minister of the interior in the Cabinet of Cameron.

“A tough critic she is not. Therefore, some common ground could be found”

Woman as Prime Minister will be in the UK for the first time in 26 years. So far the only female Prime Minister was the famous “iron lady” Margaret Thatcher. If Thatcher took the Premiership in 54 years, Mae is a little older than her 59.

Warning subjects of the United Kingdom about the upcoming challenges, Theresa may they encourage, stressing that the UK will succeed because of the withdrawal from the EU. “There is a need to negotiate a better deal for the UK out of the EU and forge for us a new place in the world,” she said. – Brexit Brexit means. And we will succeed on its basis”.

We note that Cameron (who spoke for the preservation of Britain in the EU) shortly after the resignation, said that he had no regrets about holding the historic referendum on 23 June. However, Cameron resigned immediately after news of a Brexit. Then he said that the timing of the exit of Britain from the EU will determine the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Found a woman

Screening of candidates to the leaders of the conservatives passed quickly. At the end of June from nominating refused the second man in the government, Cameron’s Finance Minister George Osborne, and then of fighting has left and the main contender for the Premiership, the former mayor of London Boris Johnson.

As previously noted the newspaper VIEW, the former mayor of London was the most popular politician among voters-conservatives and the main agitator in the ranks of the party for an exit from the EU. A supporter of Brexit Johnson was considered by many as a future Prime Minister, but as a result of a power struggle out of the race. Justice Minister Michael Gove, which is expected support Johnson, suddenly “passed” the charismatic former mayor of London. “I against my will came to the conclusion that he cannot provide the leadership necessary to accomplish the task before us,” said Gove, announcing the intention to field own candidate in the leaders of the conservatives. However, his chances were small.

On Monday, the main competitor of Mey for the post of leader of the conservatives and the Prime Minister – the Deputy Minister of energy Andrea Leeds has announced that it is withdrawing the candidacy in favor of Mei.

It was noted that the future of the Premiership may have already been approved and several Ministers (Minister of defense Michael Fallon announced that may is “the right man to lead the country in these difficult times”), and the press – so the path is clear.

“Support six out of ten Brits”

However, it is not only in the backroom decision of the tories. Judging by the poll conducted by TV channel Sky News, the future Prime Minister Theresa may supported 62% of Britons. “May support six out of ten Britons, while the leader of the opposition, the leader of labour’s Jeremy Corbin – only 18%”, – quotes RIA “news” the message a press-services of the channel.

Perhaps, the first time the new conservative Cabinet will not have problems with the opposition. The position of left labour Corbin as the leader of the leading opposition party, visibly shaken. 28 Jun Corbin felt rendered him a party no-confidence vote as unconstitutional and refused to resign; for his dismissal voted 172 deputies-labour of 216. The labour party, and prior to the referendum were in a state of deep internal split, now is in crisis. After the referendum, two members of the labour party made a proposal to Express no confidence in Corbin.

However, the opinion Theresa may that new elections are not necessary, yet did not meet with universal support. As noted by Sky News, the British society was divided about the opinion about the need to conduct new elections – 47% opposed, 44%.

Against deepening European integration and expanding the rights of gays

Theresa Mary may is a native of the resort town of Eastbourne on the shore of the English channel. The daughter of an Anglican priest, however, studied for some time in Catholic school. A graduate of Oxford, bachelor of arts with specialization in geography. The current head of the interior Ministry people purely civilian – prior to his political career, he worked in the Bank of England and the London municipalities. Since 1997 – member of the house of Commons of the British Parliament.

Headed the Ministry of internal Affairs in 2010, while in 2010-2012 was also Minister for women and equality. At the same time, perhaps it cannot be called a supporter of equal rights in the modern European sense – as a Deputy of the house of Commons may have voted against granting equal rights to sexual minorities. In addition, she opposed further integration of Britain in the EU although, as already mentioned, before the referendum campaigned against Brexit. It is known that the Mae as a Deputy approved the use of British troops in operations in Iraq. This decision, as you know, now caused a scandal after published was a report prepared by an independent Commission under sir John of chilcote.

Theresa may and the Litvinenko case

As Minister of internal Affairs Theresa may could not ignore the case of the death of Alexander Litvinenko. In January of this year, may said that he appealed to NATO and the EU to take measures to prevent the recurrence of murders similar to the murder of Litvinenko. When lawyers representing the widow Litvinenko Marina gave the lawyers representing the British government, a letter with a request to impose sanctions against a number of Russians who are accused in the death of ex-FSB officer Mei promised to meet with Litvinenko’s widow behind closed doors “and give it a close listen”.

As reported by Bi-bi-si, Mei also said that the British foreign Office summoned the Russian Ambassador in connection with the findings of the public inquiry. “She said in a statement that Russia’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation is one manifestation of the Kremlin’s policy of the last time, resorted to such violations of international law, like the illegal annexation of Crimea and the conflict in the East of Ukraine,” – quoted by bi-Bi-si words of the interior Minister.

However, may said that Britain will continue to “discreetly talk” that is necessary for British interests.

Will add that then, in January, Guardian columnist John Crase rebuked Mei that two years earlier, “the interior Minister did everything possible to stop investigation into the death of Russian citizen (Litvinenko)”.

A moderate version of the “iron lady”

Theresa may, the representative of the Pro-European wing of the conservatives, said in comments the newspaper VIEW President of the Center for strategic communications, political scientist Dmitry Abzalov. When conducted divided the Tory debate about whether Britain withdraw from the EU, may have taken positions close to Cameron, but did not play an active role in the campaign against Brexit, said the source.

“She is a moderate politician. On the one hand, she advocated the preservation of the country’s membership in the European Union, on the other hand, formally supported him, holding thus a middle position between Cameron and Boris Johnson – said Abzalov. – This is a position that can unite the backbone of the conservative party, providing quiet passage through the two-year period of withdrawal from the EU”. Theresa may can attract women voters, which is important for the tories – here plays a role archetype of the “iron lady”, formed due to the memory of Margaret Thatcher, one of the most successful premiers of the conservatives for the last time, says Abzalov.

Theresa may was the Minister of internal Affairs, a key representative of the power block, like the source. Therefore, it is perhaps the UK’s position in NATO will be saved.

The leadership of the conservative party made a bid for Mei as a neutral, a moderate player who sums up the Abzalov. “The main challenge now will be from the labour party. Their position also weakened there has been a scandal with Tony Blair,” adds the source.

“The position in relation to Russia is not formulated”

“In terms of foreign policy, may – for maintaining Euro-Atlantic partnership activity in the framework of NATO, orientation to the United States. However, one time circulated rumors that she was in favor of Europe as an independent power, – said Abzalov. – In addition, may have attributed to the moderate supporters of limiting migration, and here its position is also close to the point of view of Cameron”. In any case, may as from a specialist in national security expected by more rational approaches.

“The position in relation to Russia it is not formulated – the Abzalov. – There were several statements about Russia, but the tough critic that she is not. Therefore, some common ground could be found. The more the tories are weakened, and will continue the process of withdrawal of Britain from the EU”.

It is believed that Theresa may, if not welcomed, then at least not actively opposed, “Chinese turn” Cameron – we will remind that after last year’s visit of President XI Jinping in London Britain and China signed deals amounting to 40 billion euros. “From may we can expect that she will lead a multi-vector policy,” says Abzalov. However, he adds, of great importance will be what the Cabinet will collect Theresa may.

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