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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tarantino plans to leave the cinema: there will be two more film

Famous American film Director Quentin Tarantino, speaking at the Jerusalem international film festival, said that he was going to end his career after filming the tenth film, according to the publication “Variety”.

photo: kinopoisk.ru

Admirers of Tarantino’s eagerly unable to wait for the release of two more films. But the Director tells his audience only “goodbye” and not “goodbye”, “if at 75 I have a story I can tell, the work will continue.”

On the stage of the cinema “Kinoteka” in Jerusalem Tarantino presented his film “pulp fiction.” The Director also talked about his career, style of work and the process of filming.

“I’m the captain of the ship” – describes himself on the set of Tarantino. Actors should just obey orders and give their all to the embodiment of the story to life. In turn, Tarantino understands that between the Director and his subordinates must be full trust and contact: “I’m not yelling from another room “do this…do this.” I talk to them directly, and BAM! Everything is working out.

The most important rule for every person who takes part in the shooting of the film Tarantino – the knowledge of all the dialogues by heart. The film was really good, the Director is trying to catch the moment when the actors turned into characters. They call it “flight”, which can’t go smoothly without knowledge of the replicas. “I pay them to pronounce my dialogues. It’s their job. I love my actors as well as their heroes.”

By the way, on the professional preferences. Favorite Tarantino character, Colonel Landa from “Inglourious Basterds”. According to the Director, during the writing of the script he never imagined that this hero will be a linguistic genius. “He’s probably the only Nazi in the history of cinema, which is owned by the Yiddish,” – says the Director.

Critics have noted the similarity of the scenes Tarantino with films by other authors. “I rarely borrow scenes from other movies. Pulp Fiction” Marcellus walks in front of the machine, which is similar to the car from Psycho. I think this is the only scene I’ve ever taken from another movie,” says Quentin.

Even after leaving the film, Tarantino remains one of the most discussed figures in the history of cinema. But the Director tries not to pay attention to negative comments in the direction of their films. “Not all critics are like that. And it’s one of those things that terribly annoying”.

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