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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sit at home! There is no choice, but you hold on!

Citizens, did you know that in September Russia will elect a new Parliament? Do not be surprised issue. Some citizens do not know that Russia has a Parliament.

But if you personally, dear reader, man is politically aware, and know about elections, and about the Duma and even go to vote — then answer a very simple question. What benefit is brought to you by the State Duma together with the Federation Council? What laws they have adopted have improved your life? We’re asking you because they are not able to remember anything. And if so — then why should we have to help candidates and parties to get into the Duma, where they have a crazy salary, fucking benefits and privileges, including immunity.

photo: Alex geldings

There are countries where people go to the polls for himself, knowing that the deputies will do everything for the benefit of voters. So in Iceland, New Zealand, Switzerland… And why us? For gentlemen with flashing lights?

God forbid, we do not call to boycott the elections. We do not encourage anyone anywhere. We don’t even call on officials to stop taking bribes. We’re not crazy to just shout nonsense words.

However, it should be noted that the power calls for universal voting now would seem not quite sincere (not to say “false”). Was previously called, now there is.

Power plays in silence. Close elections are hardly mentioned on TV and other public media. And if all is well to begin gradually, then all the campaigning and debates will be on summer vacations, barbecues. Again, almost no one will hear nothing.

Of course. If we don’t see the benefits of the Duma, in fact, and she does not see any benefit from our participation in the elections. Our feelings are mutual, we just can’t turn your feelings in the laws, and MPs can.

For example, they do not want that the citizens (all citizens, or at least most) come to the polls. They especially do not want to come loose and liberal.

Times — and in 2006 abolished the threshold turnout. Now even if the vote will come only a quarter, but at least one tenth of voters, the election result will be recognized. Bonded (state employees, soldiers, farmers and citizens of some republics of the North Caucasus) still drive to the polls. Their will always be enough.

Since 1993, Parliament elected in December; from the country have already left, and on new year’s vacation nobody left. All the voters at home, they have nothing to do, even for mushrooms will not go, so they went to the polling station, where music, girls with rhymes and cakes and buns.

Times — and in 2015 (just recently) elections postponed to mid-September. This is velvet season for those who rest in the South, the sea. This is the time to dig in the garden for those who have no money for the autumn season.

Import substitution moved from the TV and into the garden. Products has risen, wages have lowered, and in some places do not pay. The value of the garden grew. And the value of elections? Do not fall?

How many voters go to the polls? — doesn’t matter.

Who and why will come? Politically aware — because of ideological reasons? Or lumpen — 100, and often for nothing, out of fear of the authorities?

photo: Gennady Cherkasov
A session of black magic.

In addition to the four Duma there seems to be two or three human party: some sort of suddenly was born, a kind of- came out of the coma… They do not mess with the acceptance of the ugly laws, as they were not in the Duma. But they almost nobody knows.

We specifically asked people who in the 1990s and early 2000s voted for Yabloko: “you Know that recently there was a Congress of the “Yabloko”? Most do not know, the TV was showing football. And those who know about the Congress, we asked: “I Heard a wonderful speech Shlosberg?” “No. What did he say?” — that is, a person even there is no thought to find in the Internet, read, listen. Many voters “the Apple” lost the habit to vote, turned away from elections and politics. Will it be possible to revive them? Will it be possible to at least inform them that they seem to have had a chance?

We know by heart: chase the hospital nurses, workers Zhekov, teachers will be absentee ballots, carousel… One Ella Pamfilova all holes not shut up. The slit in the ballot box still allows you to stick a pack of a hundred sheets at once, and the trained people don’t miss.

First, the silent treatment, then — in thimbles.

Not only voters, but the election is not really needed. Appointed by the President an emergency Democrat Medvedev did not manage to get even to the middle of his only term, when he suddenly proposed to extend the powers of higher authorities. To increase the presidential term from four to six years, and Deputy to five. He and Putin called it “to develop and promote democracy.”

Democracy before democracy. Turned out very well: to have more democracy, the people ordered to refrain from going to the polls. Such a law is adopted popularly elected Duma. In this, we think, reflects the almost full respect for power to the people, his choice. If intelligent people chose the good of deputies and the President, then let them run as long as possible.

Absolutely full respect for power to the people’s choice — this is where the President is elected for life of Turkmenistan, Tajiki, North Korea; and we have in some heroic areas there are leaders sent by God to the eternal people’s happiness, only it’s still not yet issued any law.

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