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Monday, February 19, 2018

People sobezyannichali in monkeys using stone tools

People for a very long time surpassed all other living creatures the ability to use tools and is often considered one of its most important differences from the animal world. However, as suggested by experts from the University of Oxford, at least once in history people have adopted a valuable skill in Brazilian Capuchin, to figure out how to use a foreign object to achieve the goal. These monkeys were able to split the cashew nuts with stone tools.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

At the moment scientists know of only about three, in addition to a person types of primates, are able to use stone tools. Is a chimpanzee from West Africa, macaque crabeater from Thailand and Brazilian Capuchin. The latter, according to scientists, possessed the skill before the stone age people who lived in Brazil, reports New Scientist.

The shell of the cashew is toxic, and to remove it with your bare hands is hardly possible. However, the Brazilian Capuchins managed to cope with this problem, breaking the shells with stone tools and get access to edible and delicious “stuffing”. 69 this is evidenced by such instruments, previously discovered during excavations on the territory of the national Park Serra da Capivara. Radiocarbon Dating showed that the oldest of these guns were used in the nineteenth century, more than two centuries before the discovery of America by Columbus. Experts highly doubt that the guns could belong to the people as the place where they were found, no traces of human Parking.

Continuing to study the findings and to compare the available information, experts concluded that the monkeys were able to break the nut shell in order to eat the core, long before modern Brazil were the first people, and so the Capuchins people could learn it.

Thus, according to the researchers, the monkeys, unlike humans, was a very “conservative” — in all likelihood, the method by which they split the nuts, did not undergo any change even after the change of a hundred generations.

Their findings are shared in the journal Current Biology.

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