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Friday, March 23, 2018

Navalny called the “katkaista” the court’s claim to the Kiselev and RTR

Savelovsky district court of Moscow on Tuesday reviewed the merits of the claim of Alexei Navalny to TV company VGTRK, host Dmitry Kiselev and journalist Evgeny Popov because of the movie “the Browder Effect”, an excerpt from which, as the announcement revealed “News of the week”. In the story it was alleged that the activities of the Bulk financed by foreign special services. In the court room, he watched and discussed the film, in the end, the court determined that the claims Bulk refuse.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“This is an absolute lie from the first word to the last, which, moreover, enjoyed in the form of statements,” in the beginning of the meeting Alexey Navalny outlined his attitude to the film “the Browder Effect”. In the lawsuit the opposition asked to recognize the data stated in the story, untrue and discrediting his honor and dignity. He demanded to initiate proceedings on defamation (article 128.1 of the criminal code).

In the film, Evgeny Popov “the Browder Effect” argues that the opposition for the money is the job of the head of Hermitage Capital William Browder, who is an agent of British intelligence. Navalny called the film “agent of Freedom”, allegedly operating under the special operation of the CIA.

The announcement of the film Dmitry Kiselev calls Navalny “a corrupt recidivist”, and correspondence, which RTR was introduced as the correspondence between Browder and Navalny calls “criminal”.

The film is full of oddities. In the texts of memos of the CIA, contained in the report, there are grammatical mistakes: they put the article before the name, skipping the prepositions and write the sentences without subject and predicate. In correspondence Navalny and Browder at least two times mixed up dates. For example, the message Browder in 2008, the Bulk of “answers” from 2006.

The credits report that the staff of VGTRK trying to get a comment from Alexei Navalny in Kiev, but it happens near the office of the “Fund of struggle against corruption” in Moscow.

Later the story was edited. There were only grammatical errors and strange conversation recording Navalny and Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomaryov, who lives abroad due to criminal prosecution in the case of “SKOLKOVO”. Men say that the Fund of struggle against corruption conducted the investigation at the request of Browder. But the voices on the record are not similar to the voices of Navalny and Ponomarev.

At the hearing didn’t come nor died, nor Yevgeny Popov. Representative RTR Elena Zabralova said that Kiselyov only expressed their value judgments and not to besmirch the reputation of Bulk. “The alias Freedom is not defamatory” she said. The phrase “criminal correspondence” is also no blackening, after Navalny was convicted. What Browder allegedly gave the Bulk of the job for the money – the information is not defamatory, because the activity for the reward provided by the civil legislation. To prove the neutrality of the words “corrupt” and “recidivist” woman even went to the dictionary Ozhegova.

The hitch came when representative Kiselyov, said that Navalny did not prove that the information in the film have to do with him.

– So this film is about me or not?, – said Navalny.

Is that who this film is unrelated to the court has not, ‘ replied Zabralova.

What materials were used to create the film? As journalists VGTRK argued that the correspondence belongs Navalny and Browder, and whether it exists at all? Questions about the oddities in the film, the representative of VGTRK left unanswered. Bulk petitioned for the presentation of his correspondence with Browder, but the court turned him down.

The court ruled the claim of the Bulk reject. Later on his website the opposition leader wrote that the court he loved. “The degree of katkaista not lowered. All the best standards,” said Navalny, and added that waiting for the story of Dmitry Kiselyov about “how he triumphantly proved in court all the facts from your film”.

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