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Thursday, March 22, 2018

IQ of a person learned to determine by the photos in social networks

An algorithm that allows to approximately determine the level of human intelligence, from the picture he posted on his page in the social network, were presented by the experts from the University of Cambridge. Experts have found that their programme led, on the one hand, to dispel some of the myths in this area, and with another — to find new and unexpected patterns that allowed for a photo in social networks to understand how clever the owner of the page.

photo: morguefile.com

Researchers believe that any person, from time to time use the Internet have been tempted to judge a person by his photos on his page in social network is pondering whether to invite him out on a date, deciding whether or not to offer him a job, or simply trying to assess the intellectual level of the interlocutor, with whom before controversy ensued in the comments to a news article. However, the criteria on which people in this situation are trying to evaluate the picture, are purely subjective. To check whether the photo on the personal page can tell a lot about a person, scientists have developed a special computer program. It was loaded information about 1 122 online users who have completed the IQ tests, and their pictures. In this case the algorithm took into account not only the expression on people’s faces, but their posture, clothing, presence or absence of other people in the photo and the background in General.

After the photos were analyzed, the authors came to some unexpected conclusions. In particular it turned out that, contrary to common stereotypes, a close-up photograph is not in all cases, evidence of a low IQ person, and the presence of his points about high. At the same time, managed to discover a rather unusual pattern: in particular, the photographs of people with a higher level of intelligence, according to scientists, more common green and rarely red, pink or purple.

The researchers also reported that people with high IQ photos posted on his page, often photographed on a simple background, and others not in the picture. Thus, high-quality picture, according to experts, also suggests higher intellectual level master page.

Their conclusions, the experts presented in the online archive of preprints arXiv.org.

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