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Monday, February 19, 2018

Interracial problems overheated American melting pot

On Tuesday, Barack Obama will visit Dallas – a city where there was a mass murder of the white police. Despite the shock of the killings, in different cities of the country for several days of continuing unrest on racial grounds: the black population is protesting against “white racism.” The current escalation will have a big impact on the coming presidential campaign.

At the weekend in several U.S. cities continued excitement of black population, which began last Thursday in the city of Baton Rouge tried to block a Federal highway (the result was detained 160 people), and in St. Paul threw stones at police, bottles, Molotov cocktails (in the end, he was wounded 21, a police officer).

“Racial split is applied to the social and turns into an explosive mixture – the presence of which in an emphasis does not want to see the establishment”

The reason for the current unrest was the appearance of videos with murders of blacks in Minnesota and Louisiana police without any reason shot and killed two people. Such cases are not uncommon in the US, but this time the actions of the police was so inadequate that on Thursday began mass protests of African Americans. All at once I remembered the excitement of two years ago, the center of which was the city of Ferguson – but the first day of demonstrations ended with a completely new plot.

In Dallas during the protests of the unknown from the roof of one of the buildings began to shoot police officers guarding a demonstration, in the end, five people were killed and another six injured. The gunman was a veteran of the U.S. army black Mike Johnson. During negotiations with police, he stated bluntly that the killing of white policemen, he took revenge for the recent killings of African Americans. At the same time with Dallas shooting of armed attacks on the police occurred in Tennessee and Wisconsin but there were no casualties.

Johnson blew through a police robot – and this was the first time in US history, the use of a robot to kill someone, which in itself will be an important topic for inter-discussion. For many years opponents of “big government” and “Washington usurpers” saying that the Federal government will quell the uprising of an armed people with the help of drones and robots, and now they will have additional arguments in favor of their prophecies. Johnson acted alone. The first reports about the presence of his three accomplices, snipers were not confirmed as assumptions about its relationship with DAISH (ISIS*).

It’s not organized terrorism of the Islamist underground, avenging US for their middle East war – a consequence of internal contradictions, first race, in which the American elite is assured as Americans, and the rest of the world. A few days before the beginning of the party congresses, which must be officially nominated for the presidency, Donald trump and Hillary Clinton, the us experienced deja vu of the 60s. Again, the black radical call to kill police, “Black Panthers” (already there, although it is unclear in what capacity, the organization with the prefix “new”).

The explosion of racial issues will become one of the most important topics of the election campaign in the remaining four months of “color” will be in the centre of the election campaign. The presidency of the first color in the White house and so ended on a sad note, interracial. More and more Americans recognized in opinion polls, the deterioration of interethnic relations under Obama. After the shooting in Dallas, the situation reaches a new level, and passions will try to take advantage of both presidential candidates.

Hillary Clinton has called on “ending systematic racism that has become a scourge in our country” and appealed to all Americans, urging them to restore the relationship between communities and the police, overshadowed by recent events. The words of Secretary Clinton that “white Americans need to listen more closely to African-Americans when they talk about visible and invisible barriers,” will be perceived by many white with disapproval. They will see the implicit support of the accusations of “white racism,” which cast white many African-Americans.

Clinton needs the black vote, like all national minorities. They, of course, so mostly vote for Democrats, but in the current unusual campaign of racial and national factors will play a huge role.

On the one hand, Dallas shooting, of course, increase the popularity of the trump among his nuclear electorate, white men from the middle class. After all, trump expressed not only dissatisfaction with the “Washington machine” and the political elite – but the protest of a large part of the white population against large-scale immigration of Hispanics and the constant accusations of white that they don’t like African Americans.

But, on the other hand, the Democrats will attempt to use the racial unrest against trump and at the same time mobilizing the black and Hispanic community to vote for Clinton – a fighter against racism, and scaring the white population that in case of victory trump “will rise colored America.” However, trump still gets more advantages. In terms of racial unrest antitrombina propaganda of the liberal elite of the Democratic party will have the opposite effect: many white voters he is the “last hope”.

The two largest communities of Latin American and the Negro amounted to almost a third of the population (the first about 18 percent, the second – 14), and almost all population projections promise the white is not too bright prospects. And what about the famous melting pot, which many says popular culture and media? It only works for the white descendants of immigrants – whether German, British, Irish, or poles – but does not work neither for Hispanics, but especially for blacks.

The efforts made in the last half century towards African Americans (and before that, some States had open racial segregation) have not led to wonder, did the fact that, in principle, impossible, that is not destroyed is the difference between the races. Melt only the “cream”, a small part of the national communities and the main, the overwhelming majority remains in the same social, political and economic role as before.

Both sides blame each other. But if white make it non-public (because a public statement that blacks are less suited to success in the “society of equal opportunities”, and criminal charges to obtain), then black can talk in the open.

Here is what they wrote on 7 July in the New York Times (the article came out in the afternoon, a few hours before the shooting in Dallas) Michael Eric Dyson, well-known African-American writer and Professor:

“At birth you get a pair of binoculars to observe the life of black from a distance, never coming close to him and not to establish a close relationship. Binoculars is a privilege, a status, which you have regardless of class. In fact, the greatest privilege of the white is that when it stops COP, it’s the result of this match stays alive.

The binocular also tells the stories of bad, biased, hurtful history that blacks are lazy, stupid, insincere, immoral. They can’t help no the best schools, nor the Lord himself. Such confidence is not reflected in contemporary books, it doesn’t go into the classroom. But it is passed informally from one person to another, from one white to the next.

The problem is that you do not want to know anything that is different from your knowledge and understanding of them. The life of blacks, the challenges that we face, sometimes creating is you are not very very worried. You think we have all, as we struggle with your selfish claims that the whole world, all its resources, all its wealth, gifts and graces must first belong to you, and if something will remain, and we can use it – but only if you ask politely and be grateful”

What writes Dyson, American reality. You can consider this Negro look at the situation, can be called “black racism” (and the truth), but in the main it does not change. The two largest minorities, blacks and Hispanic suspect white racism, and a large part of the whites, in turn, believe the colored people of the second grade. Whose guilt is greater? It is clear that, initially, responsible for all white. In the end, it is their ancestors (or rather, of course, a small part of them) first had imported millions of black slaves, and then welcomed millions of Latin American immigrants-guest workers.

But who is more to blame for the current aggravation, in fact, does not matter. More important is that American society is divided. And if the social split between the rich and the ordinary – more like something to mix, the racial split is much more serious. It is imposed on social and turns into an explosive mixture, which in an emphasis does not want to see the establishment. Supranational essentially the elite do not care deeply and white, black – but she cleverly uses the race issue to consolidate his power. Whites can call for repentance before black, black – set to vote for liberal candidates who oppose the “white racists”.

The only problem is that all of these manipulations work in more or less peacetime. In an increasingly concealed and suppressed contradictions begin to act more simple, yet powerful laws. What color will USA be in 20 years? Will they be preserved at all as a single state? Isn’t it time to publicly acknowledge that the melting pot does not work? These issues are not voted on November 8 – but choosing the next President of the United States, many Americans will think about it.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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