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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In the Arena will present 300 icons of Russian saints

15 July in the main Arena will be open the exhibition “Russian saints”. Collection Of Felix Komarov. 300 icons”. Actually they are a little more — 308, — something acquired while preparing the exhibition. For example, two icons brought from Germany, one from the Far East.

St. Basil Of Ryazan. Photo: press service of the Arena.

Icons Felix Mosquitoes collected for 43 years. In his collection of works of the XVI — early XX centuries, images of the main Orthodox saints — St. Sergius of Radonezh, the child of Prince Dmitry, the Holy fool Basil, and little-known saints, for example, the Siberian wilderness Basilisk, lived in the Siberian forests in the early nineteenth century. He was canonized in 2004.

To get on a similar exhibition held a year ago, people stood in the cold for hours. Felix Komarov explains this interest, because we’ve largely given up on seeking salvation, and Russian icon is what people turn. Many came to the exhibition for 8-10 times. “Acts of the Russian saints is the history of great Russia. These people are not just dedicated to the life of the Church. Their lives became the example, because someone is martyred for his ideals. There are many saints know everything, and there are those who are your human deeds have made small villages. They are just there and known. Some icons you will see in the Arena, have no analogues in the world,” says Felix Komarov.

Among the Russian saints, — not only monks, but people of all social classes: from kings to people walking, that is, in modern parlance, persons without a certain residence. For example, Simon Tramp from the vicinity of Verkhoturye was an ordinary man, mending a coat, and after his death his coffin came to the surface. Icons such people are extremely rare. There are in the collection of the so-called hand-out copies, which were written for the pilgrims. Among them — the face of Euphrosyne of Suzdal. She went to the nuns, as the day before the wedding her fiance died. These unsophisticated icons, according to experts, has preserved the spirit of popular piety.

All in all, the collection of the Komarov — more than a thousand iconographic units. About 200 of them purchased at international auctions and in private collections and thus returned to Russia. He said that many years ago had a premonition that such exhibitions will be in demand: “It is now, I do business and I have opportunity to buy something. And when he began, was an engineer. Had to take money on credit. One of the icons paid the debt for eight years. I hope that this is my passion, I will end their movement on the earth’s surface”.

The restoration of the rarities Mosquitoes trusts only three of the world’s best experts because this is delicate work. Reconstruction of the icon implies the preservation of its sanctity. Icons — how people live, feel the effects of the environment. They should be treated. In normal times, the collection is stored in two warehouses. “I decided to make a temple of the icon, not a Museum,” says Felix Komarov. The icon is not only a part of Orthodoxy, but a work of art, the forerunner of the subsequent trends in painting up to modernism and abstraction. This is a great work of art. To bequeath this collection of family — it’s a big responsibility for them. Do they pull? I care about the fact that my collection became the property of the people. Where should be the icon in a temple or Museum, is an eternal question. What I want to do I will be a small step of reconciliation in this dispute.”

Where did this fascination? “I’m not hurt, does not fall in an extreme situation,” says Komarov. — In the early years came to the neighbor’s yard. He wanted me to show a collection of machines. But I am not impressed. But I saw 6 or 7 icons. The icons are also looking at us. Some exchange has occurred. Behind the wardrobe was the icon meter size. I wondered why it was there. “And where to put it?” replied the masters. But then it was possible for 5 icons to 5 years of imprisonment. It is in these years I have called my collection”.

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