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Monday, March 19, 2018

In Mytischi there will be a theatrical festival “Moscow nights”

The main theater of the city Mytishchi — the so-called spectators, the theatre of Comedy and drama “FEST” under the direction of Igor Shapovalov. As in any team, fastova has its achievements, difficulties and joy. That is a theatre with the strange name “FEST”, how is its repertoire, said the head of the team Igor Shapovalov.

A scene from the play “Romeo and Juliet”. Photo: press service of the theater FEST

— As appeared in Mytishchi theatre with an unusual name “FEST”? What does it mean?

The theatre of drama and Comedy “FEST” began as a student theatre at the faculty of electronics and systems engineering forestry University. In 1988, students have a chance to register it as a self-supporting theatre-Studio. But after two years all the staff, for the first time in the history of theatrical education in Russia, he entered on a course to a Professor of the Schepkin school seed Barkan. This course became the Foundation of our theater. The course was voted the best in the decade and the arts Council of the College decided to recruit another one. Of the two courses and formed a collective of the theatre “FEST”. Then the administration of the Mytischi district educational put at the disposal of the team building of the former cinema “Rodina” in the center of the city. Had a reconstruction, and it is not a cinema, and theatre. But the name has retained its original. But now the “FEST” is used as a proper name and written in quotation marks.

— How did the second building?

— At one time in one of the performances came almost all of the state Duma, it took the Governor of Moscow region Boris Gromov. On this performance, it was decided to build the second building of the theater. And the existing building was attached to another building, which houses storage, administrative floor, the literary-musical salon, chamber stage. In fact, the theater was doubled. In this form it exists.

— How is the repertoire?

— 28 theatre performances for an adult audience, 18 — to children. 28 actors in the troupe, six of them — honored artists of Russia. We’re about three hundred performances a year, almost every day. Position ourselves as a family theater. Trying to take in performances by different authors, with the condition that the play was interesting to all generations.

— Do you have a theatre performance — a business card?

— The play — calling card — “Under the sky of Paris” on the operetta by Kalman “the Violet of Montmartre”, which phone turn over for the next two years. June 8, we played five hundredth show.

— What are your plans for the next season?

— September 22 premiere of the play “Kiss of power” directed by Dmitry Skotnikov on the play “the lion in winter”, and in November — “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Rostand in a production of Renata’s Sotiriadi. From 7 to 14 October we are going for the fifth time to hold theatrical festival “Moscow nights”. We boldly call it the Week of the world theatre in Mytishchi, because there are theatres from all over Russia and from abroad. This year, I expect teams from Israel, Spain, and France. Just it will take part in 17 theaters. Probably, our festival is different from the traditional festivals that we’re trying to take it “performances of spectator sympathies” — those that are the most cash and interesting at the same time.

— “FEST” will be shown at the festival?

— The rights of the owners will show the premiere last year of “Romeo and Juliet” and the premiere this year Among the guests in a shirt” by Kharms.

— Do you work with guest Directors?

— Of course. I think we need to give the opportunity to young talented film Directors. Yet, by the way, we are addicted to theatrical skits, constantly participate in all-Russian festival “Merry goat”, several times became its laureates, and once took first place. And our “Suburban nights” in addition to the main program there is and night “cabbage” — “Actor’s club”, where the show hooligan rooms.

— What problems you as the artistic Director has to face?

— A lot of problems, starting with the law on tendering when selecting the performances at the theatre. We can’t the funds that we allocate for the performance, use directly — we are obliged to hold the tender. And the tender to stage wins, who offers the lower price. Not the Director or the artist that we would like, and whoever the money is more profitable. Given that this is an area unlicensed, then absolutely anyone can participate in this tender, irrespective of professionalism. The second problem we have to justify the need of almost every item from the props. Need to apply-study in the Committee on the competition policy and he decides if we can buy or make that is necessary for the performance. The third problem in the area of personnel. Every year we watch young actors graduating from drama College who want to take in the troupe, but get new rates is practically not possible.

— There is no funding?

— Municipal theatres exist solely on funds allocated by the municipality. Of course, they are limited, especially given the fact that the theatre activity in the scope of activities of municipalities are not very fit. The activities of the road Fund, for example, is part of their duty, and the content of theatre companies — not really. There are all the time some difficulties, for example, allocate additional funds for the staging costs of the new posts. Of course, there must be some possibility that the area allocated such funds. Maybe grants for outstanding achievements. It would be nice to have a region was able to support. Our theater is recognized for the third consecutive year the most effective cultural institution in the Moscow region.

— That is, the payback is almost full?

Theatre — sufficiency — the thing is almost unreal. But for every invested ruble from the budget theatre “FEST” earns the highest amount of money from the business. Count on the fact that theatre can exist on self-sufficiency, I think, almost impossible. In those countries where theatres are not supported by budgets, there is a flexible tax legislation, designed to attract sponsorship.

And touring is?

— There are a large number of theater companies in Russia, especially in the periphery. It would be interesting to give the chance to the Moscow teams performances, for example, in the Urals and the Ural — we have. In Soviet times there was a touring program of exchange between the two companies. Now the Ministry of culture allocates funds, but they usually are meant for the elite theatres. And theatres that exist on the periphery, like our nothing, of course, misses. Municipality to give us the means to travel, for example, in Sverdlovsk can not — it will be a misuse. And their funds earned from ticket sales, we barely have enough in the domestic theatrical problems.

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