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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Doubt became a trend at the Moscow Biennale for young art

In the NCCA opened an exhibition of the strategic project of the V Moscow international Biennale for young art “a Time reasonable doubt”. The project is so attractive to skeptics the name is managed by Italian researchers – Silvia Franceschini and Valeria Mancinelli.

If previously some believed that doubt uncultured, now they can be sure that this should be done. Contemporary artists from Sweden, Kuwait, UK, Peru, Turkey, believe that doubt is the main component that unites their work, positioning it as a method of artistic research.

The exhibition looks strictly and minimalistic. For example, a selfie and pictures on the background of such video and photographs will fit not in every Instagram. In the center of the hall is a series of landscape photogravure “front Line” of Mikhail Tolmachev, living in Germany. The work uses photos of Russian and Ukrainian agencies, connecting the front line in the Donbass. A little further on, on the tables, installation will be showcased Daniela Ortiz “We watched a video which was full of xenophobia”, devoted to issues of Eurocentrism, and that is obvious from the title of the work, and xenophobia. This series of drawings illustrates how powerful the impact of broadcasting in the modern media images have on the audience, introducing her in confusion and infecting society with hatred of foreigners and migrants.

In the far corner is a small room installation “the Story of milk and honey Basma of Alsharif that combines film, drawing and photography. In the room only a stool, the darkness and emerge from her line, a story about a failed attempt by a certain author to write a love story, free from political context. But despite the setback, the ending of the story remains vital. Installation, unlike many other works in the exhibition, leaves a light impression, because “the love story was only a pretext for the story about milk and honey.”

Strong emotional experiences of the visitors of the Biennale caused the project Emmanuel Almborg “Talking hands”. The film is about deaf-blind children, found by the artist in the Moscow archives demonstrates how people with such special needs to explore the world and studied at the Zagorsk school, founded by Ewald Ilankovan and Alexander Mescheryakov. The school was able to generate in the minds of the images, the picture of the world and get a College education, using only the hands and analyzing the tactile sensation. They told them everything, becoming the sole method of perception of reality.

All installations and video that reflect problems common to all mankind, flowing through every motif of doubt that leads to long-known truth: the representation of “truth” cannot be objective. This implies all the questions and issues raised on question Time a reasonable doubt”. A reminder can not push the person into a melancholic mood.

— After the exhibition left me depressed, because it’s hard to realize that in the modern world there is still the problem of xenophobia, people can’t hear each other, hang tags, set against each other — says one of the visitors of the Biennale Daria. — You need to remember that we are all human. We are more similar than different from each other. I think we all need to be humane and tolerant. Of course, this naive advice, but it seems to me that the other does not exist. The exhibition is unique because of its horrifying natural, after all, used a lot of documentary materials, and therefore, interpretation was left not so much space. But the artists I want to only Express gratitude since thoughts and ideas, which they have invested in work is really relevant.

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