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Friday, July 14, 2017

Dear comrades of the Communists

The Communist party submitted to the CEC a list of candidates nominated for the upcoming September elections to the state Duma. According to party leader Gennady Zyuganov, they absorbed a broad mood of the voters.” Apparently, with special respect to the Communist party refer to the “sentiment” of the business: the list of nominees of the Communist party, a significant place is occupied by “money bags come from different kinds of commercial structures. According to some anonymous sources, the lists of the Communist party for the first time are present in such number of representatives/lobbyists of the liquor kings and the hot dog sellers.

The Federal list of the Communist party consists of 392 candidates, 225 candidates for the Duma seats will be run in single-mandate districts. 179 people are on at the same time and on the Federal list, and in the districts. Thus, from the Communist party nominated by 438 people. However, of 225 candidates having the greatest chances to pass in Parliament — are in the top positions of the regional groups — 37 people are businessmen or people from the business, preserving in one way or another control of business assets. According to political analysts, the strategy chosen for the party leadership not from good life: passable places in the lists is awarded to persons providing financial support to the party.

The political views of the sponsors obviously don’t play apparently determinative roles, and in some cases they seem to be absent. For example, Mr blocky, Director General of the Moscow management company “Murmansk trawl fleet”, going number two in the Nizhny Novgorod regional group of the Federal list, the number still a member of the Moscow city Council of supporters “an United Russia”. As they say, nothing personal — just business.

Analysts distinguish two ways to promote red candidates with business background. First, giving them top positions in the “strong” regional group. As typical examples it is possible to spend the same Blockage and Vadim Cumin (state Duma Deputy, ex-Deputy of the Moscow city Duma to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Mediakom”, 2nd place in the Moscow regional group), Alexander Nekrasov (state Duma Deputy, former head of the construction company “Leader”, the first place in the group in the Ivanovo, Kostroma and Yaroslavl areas) and Vadim Grishkova, Director, OOO Sititranssever”, 3rd place in the group in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region).

Second method: introduce the candidate to the enlarged regional group. The use of this technique should allow to hold in the lower house figure, “historically” related to the subject of Federation in which the position of the Communist party is weak, due to the high electoral support of the party in other regions. The application of this strategy is typical for the regions of the North Caucasus Federal district. Is waiting for the mobilization here of the electorate “United Russia” the Communist party has combined all the County entities, with the exception of Dagestan, a regional group with the aim of maximising their chances.

The most expensive in all senses of the fellows nominating here are Anatoly Bitov (state Duma Deputy, former head of the city of Baksan; according to media reports, the family of a parliamentarian belongs to a number of large enterprises in Kabardino-Balkaria), ranked second in the group, and Robert Kochiev (state Duma Deputy, ex-Deputy Director of OOO “Derzhava”, a major manufacturer of alcohol) — fourth place. The same method, it seems, used in the Volga region. First place in the enlarged regional group (Ulyanovsk oblast and Tatarstan) took the state Duma Deputy Yury sinelshchikov. Yury Trutnev, however, has nothing to do with business, but the same can hardly be said about his wife: last year the total income of the couple exceeds 30 million rubles.

“Cringing” before the tight wallets is beneficial for the party budget, but poses serious problems for the image of the organization. Competitors levopatrioticheskih niche has long been accusing the Communist party in that it “degenerates into a bourgeois party”. The main proof of the thesis is the fact that in the lists of deputies from the Communist party more oligarchs and their henchmen.” More unhappy with this strategy and in the party itself. For example, in the Voronezh regional organization of the Communist party happened recently shaped a riot. Party activists Kominternovsky district office of the party (Voronezh) adopted an “address to the Congress of the Communist party and Gennady Zyuganov” with sharp criticism of the leadership of the regional Committee.

The latter is accused that it “has moved away from Leninist-Stalinist ideological principles and stood up for Trotsky-Bukharin, the path of Alliance with the big bourgeoisie”. Manifested this mess, according to the rebels, primarily in the fact that the Voronezh party leaders in exchange for funds placed representatives of the “oligarchy” in high places in the regional part of the candidate list of the Communist party. While the “real Communists were pushed to the periphery of political struggle”.

For reference: in the first place in the list under No. 37 (Belgorod and Voronezh regions) is the Deputy of the state Duma Sergey Gavrilov, which the Complainants called the “protege VTB Bank”. Some connection with the VTB Bank Gavrilova really there: he is a member of the Advisory Board of shareholders of the Bank. “In the electoral list was not a single representative of the working people, workers, peasants, intellectuals, as stated further in the petition. — Disappointment in the policies of the regional leads to irreversible process of withdrawal from the party members and the dissolution of cells, the weakening of the authority of Communists among workers”.

In short, the problem is obvious. Rather, while only aproblem. After all, unhappy, apparently, believe it is wise Zyuganov, the Central Committee is not aware of such desertion regional party bosses. The real trouble is waiting for the party, when the eyes of the naive local activists fully revealed. And they are unlikely to be convinced by the argument that “all parties do this.” However, one electoral plus in the friendship of the Communists with big business still, perhaps, there is. This is a very strong argument against those who say that the Communists came to power, intend to restore the Soviet Union”, that is, to again take everything and divide.

It is possible even that this conformism even attract some new supporters from among those who do not love power, but I was afraid still zyuganovites, seeing them as “scary Stalinists”. It is unlikely, however, the potential profit will exceed the damage: the circle of these restless souls is incomparably narrower than the size of the nuclear electorate of the Communist party.

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