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Monday, February 19, 2018

A compromise figure: the expert assessed the prospects for Prime Minister Theresa may

On Tuesday, July 12, Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron last held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. Wednesday his office is supposed to occupy the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs Theresa may, the only rival of which is Andrea Leadsom suddenly abandoned the struggle for the post of leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, stating that Britain no time to lose campaign.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Mei said that it has put forward his candidacy, because the United Kingdom voted at the last referendum for leaving the EU, we need a strong leader who has already demonstrated what he’s capable of. “Brexit brexit means, and we do it successfully” – quotes bi-Bi-si words of the policy. Recall that the Mei engaged in politics for about two decades. Since 2010 she holds the post of Minister for women and equality and with it the post of interior Minister.

The most important task facing the second British female Prime Minister, will be the formation of a new Cabinet. And the important question in this regard – what to do with those who associated the British team of Cameron. So, The Times writes that what is important is the decision about what position to assign the current government of Chancellor George Osborne. David Cameron in a short statement, said: he was delighted that Theresa may will take the post of Prime Minister. According to him, Ledson made the right decision by withdrawing its candidate.

“There is a view that all competitors may, including first and do not put forward, made quite a smart move not to run for office in a time when Britain will have to openly losing negotiations with the EU – says “MK” head of the center for European studies, IMEMO ran Alexei Kuznetsov. – While on the other hand, her candidacy is a compromise, because she, being a eurosceptic, was not a zealous supporter of leaving the EU, was not the ringleader of the campaign. Most likely, Lavrov her big win will not succeed. Cameron ahead of the referendum has received all possible concessions to the EU for the sake of Britain in the EU. Now, when Britain is forced to start negotiations on entering, she can’t get a new one. It is not included in the Schengen area, it was guaranteed, it is not included in the Euro zone, it was guaranteed the preservation of the pound. Now will go to auction, the terms on which Britain will leave the European Union. Still it is superimposed on the attempt to hold a second referendum in Scotland, which, according to forecasts, will lead to the collapse of the United Kingdom”.

According to the analyst, the outcome of the Prime Minister, Cameron is positive if we exclude a referendum on withdrawal from the EU.

“They can be assessed in different ways, if not the finale, which he takes, – has noted in conversation with “MK” Alexey Kuznetsov. If he rages this referendum the country, to discuss what he could do in the economy, it is not very important, although in fact the referendum took place against the background of good economic results in the country. In Britain, unemployment was five percent while that in the EU – more than ten. The growth rate exceeded the EU rate, etc. As we understand it, now if Britain will leave the EU and it will have a really negative economic consequences in the several years ended this fiasco, will be evaluated very ambiguous”.

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