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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Youth considers connections and money are more important than the law

The Russians do not believe that the law one for all – at least if you trust the data of sociological surveys. Especially the youth believed that people with connections and money can avoid responsibility for the crimes committed. This result can be considered also a public assessment of the recent high-profile cases concerning the children of rich businessmen.

The results obtained by VTSIOM, murderous to assess the level of trust between different sectors of society. Only 1% of respondents believe that there are no cases of evasion of liability for violation of the law.

“There can be a situation when one should ask stricter, others don’t. Before the law all should be equal”

The respondents are convinced that the vast majority of such “deviants” – people who have access to power and money. According to the respondents, are more likely to escape justice rich (so say 38%). About the same number believes that justice successfully dodged officials and members, their children and relatives. Interestingly, only 1% of respondents believe that to avoid punishment turns professional criminals.

Most often, the mass violation of the law believes the youth. The categorical judgments this kind of endure young people aged 18 to 24 years. Head of monitoring and electoral research VTSIOM Stepan Lvov in conversation with the newspaper LOOK, explained this feature of the current young generation. “Young people are simply more susceptible to the stereotypes that circulate in society,” he said. – The older generation has more life experience, have the ability to weigh the pros and cons, so makes more informed judgments.”

Lvov said that the survey was not specifically confined to high-profile cases related to the violation of the accident, the sons of high-ranking businessmen. But, according to him, the respondents ‘ answers of these events, of course, affected. The survey was conducted on 11-12 June, in the midst of the investigation against Ruslan Shamsuarov, the son of the Deputy head of LUKOIL.

We will remind that on may 23 in Moscow on Leninsky Prospekt Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen was moving at high speed, drove into the pedestrian area and the oncoming lane, pointedly ignoring the signals of crews of traffic police. Then the passengers and the driver of the vehicle left her and tried to escape. Thus throughout this voyage the young people who were in the car, were broadcast on the Internet. They were all detained. There were four of them: the owner of the car Ruslan Shamsuarov, driver Abduvahob madzhidov, two passengers – Mara Baghdasaryan and Victor Uskov. Three in the end was sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest for disobedience of a custody order. The girl got 10 days for the same. On the day of polling, June 12, Shamsuarov was just released after serving the punishment. The majority of Russian citizens believe that the offender is punished enough. Almost 82% of Russians, according to VTSIOM, found 15 days is too soft a punishment for Shamsuarov.

A great impression on society has made that against the participants of the accident on Leninsky Prospekt several times in addition to administrative was excited, and immediately shut criminal case. As reported TASS, a criminal investigation was nevertheless begun. Shamsuarov and his friends are charged with violation of part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Threat of use of violence against a representative of authorities”) and article 319 of the criminal code (“Insult of representative of power”).

Half a year earlier, in October 2015, in Moscow was a similar incident with 18-year-old student of MGIMO Thomas by Reviewim. But then the demonstrative ride on sports car in the opposite lane ended in a crash with two cars. Fortunately, no one died. “The diamond boy” as he was called levieva in the press, was fined and left in Israel, of whom is his father, a prominent businessman. Were convicted only guard boys. According to Life, Thomas Leviev was detained until 27 June this year, at Sheremetyevo airport, questioned and released on his own recognizance. By that time, as noticed by the media, he was able to reconcile with those affected. So what prison he is unlikely to face.

The poll and the two resonant cases are forced to think about a broader, perhaps even philosophical problem – the attitude of the society towards violation of the law as such. “Of course, many people believe that the rich and famous is easier to evade responsibility, and sometimes this is indeed the case, – said the newspaper VIEW, state Duma Deputy Vyacheslav Lysakov. But we must remember that when the law leaves people wealthy and powerful, for society is noticeable.

When the same happens to the Everyman, it happens, no one notices, and does not condemn. Of course, I say this not in defense of the rich and influential violators of the law. Just can’t be a situation where one should ask stricter, others don’t. Before the law all should be equal.”

To bring is the equality of all before the law, Lysakov submitted to the state Duma a bill on the equal responsibility of the so-called special subjects (i.e. MPs, judges and other persons enjoying immunity from criminal liability) for violations on the roads.

“These persons, if they are caught for drunk driving, the police can not do anything. He actually needs to let them go. I made a law that gives the police the right to direct the examination of driver car spetsotryada, gives the right to remove him from the office, on the detention of his vehicle, like any other citizen. The immunity, which they have, is not immune from violations of the law, is the protection required for the performance of official duties.” The bill the state Duma will consider in the fall.

Except, as evidenced by the same poll, improve or change legislation, only 9% of Russians believe an effective measure to prevent violations of the law of the powerful. The majority (13%) believes that it is better necessary to take up the fight against corruption in the judiciary and the interior Ministry.

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