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Friday, February 16, 2018

The shameful results of the referendum should be sober Abkhazian opposition

A referendum in Abkhazia on the possibility of early presidential elections failed due to incredibly low turnout and is declared invalid. First and foremost, is a blow to the opposition that initiated the plebiscite. At the same time, although there is no “Maidan sentiments” in Abkhazia is not, if the Republic will continue to test the strength, may appear they.

In total, the referendum was attended by 1628 people, which is made up 1.23% of the total number of voters, this result claims to be an exceptional record. According to the CEC, for early elections, spoke to 750 people, against 761, and another 117 ballots declared invalid. But all this, by and large, doesn’t matter. These data can be clearly judged only on the complete irrelevance of the proposed agenda for the Abkhazian society and about the strange representation of the opposition forces in the Republic about themselves and about their capabilities.

“There are some gentle personality, offering to take the Russian money for the stay of a military base, but quickly pulls his own and pushed into the crowd, to be neither seen nor heard wasn’t”

The United opposition was itself the initiator of the referendum about trust to President Raul Khajimba. In contrast to the “people’s Assembly”, which in Abkhazia retain the role of socio-political institution, the referendum is a tool of legal. Not being a law of direct action, he would have forced the Executive power to reckon with its results on moral and ethical grounds. But you have the impression that the initiative group for the referendum (46 at the head Daur Tania) was originally not too believe that the President Khajimba so quickly and easily agree to a referendum on the question of his immediate political future. If Khajimba dismissed the idea of a referendum, the opposition was able to chalk up a moral victory. Benefit in support of the idea of a plebiscite were collected over 20 thousand signatures.

Thus in the integrated opposition gathered in General intelligent people, some with a sense of humor and life experience. They quickly realized that the Abkhazian society is tired of all kinds of elections, turmoil and upheaval in recent years, so tend to give the President Khajimba the opportunity to work another two years. Including, to carry out the expected reforms towards economic recovery and socio-political situation of Abkhazia. In addition, the height of the tourist season, weather conditions, match of the day of the referendum on the city Day in Sukhum – all this and more was working against the opposition. And most importantly – remaining before the “X hours” time they would not be able to conduct an effective campaign.

The President, his administration and supporters all this time didn’t do anything, except occasionally agreed with some of the many demands of the opposition. Those, in turn, at first still tried to be involved in the campaign, requiring increased attention of the media, increasing the broadcasting time on television and the establishment of Supervisory boards. Then came the understanding that this situation is not corrected. The cultural shock was followed by outburst of violence in which protesters almost stormed the building of the interior Ministry of the Republic. This action was definitely considered shameful and so for the unfavorable image of the country and led to the toughening of the confrontation, although to speak of a “revolutionary situation” in Abkhazia is not necessary. No there is no “Maidan” moods – and never did. And all associated fears, thrown in the network, only a product of the unsuccessful trips of journalists and politicians, most of whom do not belong to the number of experts in the region.

The apotheosis of the panic has been a rapid change in the position of those very people that this referendum was originally pushed. The Congress party “amtsakhara” decided to boycott the vote. But the initiative group not only called for a boycott, but suddenly disbanded. Her head Daur Taniya stated that this decision was taken collectively. “We refused the referendum not because we did not want to take part in it, but because that was not created appropriate conditions for the preparation of the referendum”, – he explained.

Where did those 20 thousand people who signed the petition for the referendum, no one confesses. Disciplined obeyed the party and the collective decision to boycott the vote? Or signatures have appeared as a result of the kitchen “playing politics”, is very characteristic of the region, where every gopher is an agronomist, and any anonymous user of social networks knows exactly who to blame and what to do? And so every two years – the elections, the coup. Heat, season, holiday. Mediterranean (in the wide sense of the word) way of behavior and thinking are contagious in practical politics and not necessarily connected with the coast of the warm sea, but it is, coast, is an aggravating factor.

The President’s supporters on the voting also did not go for the obvious uselessness. Even despite the fact that at the last moment Khajimba called all on the referendum still to go. But the issue of early “puregroove” the President is really unnecessary. No matter what short-term goals nor sought local politicians, each of them deep down knows what to give impetus to the development of Abkhazia can only be a period of calm. The government should not live in constant uncertainty.

In Abkhazia, there is internal conflict on the principle “all for all”. Republic too small to be split along political lines. Implacable enemies at rallies and on the Internet it can be wonderful to chat in the home and on the street. But the constant pushing the situation to the explosion still provokes disengagement. Already at the briefing after the publication of the results of the referendum, the President Khajimba said that among the opposition there are people who are categorized as “shake hands” and dialogue with them is impossible.

It is worth noting that in Abkhazia formed and valid constitutional Commission, which should ideally study the redistribution of powers between the President and Parliament. It is clearly understood as the increasing influence of the Parliament, but parallel needs to be changed and the electoral system in it. Paradoxically, some members would not want to continue the work of this Commission, because they are comfortable enough under the majority system, and between the preservation thereof, and increasing the powers they choose the former. As part of the opposition and not involved in legal political activities, for example, in the same Commission, focusing only on street protests.

We must understand that all this flurry of political life does not come into contact with Russian-Abkhaz relations. In the worst case they’re referred to on the principle of “by the way.” For example, there is some gentle of person proposing to take the Russian money for the stay of a military base, but quickly pulls his own. The same goes for “joining Russia”. Such a question in the Republic, and those who attributed such statements, even people respected, then you have time to make excuses. Everything that happens in the Abkhaz political theater, exclusively local production, the script is written only on homegrown texture.

And there is every reason to believe that in Sukhum to cope with the directing. You can refer to Raul Khajimba and opposition-minded politicians, but so, to put it mildly, the amazing results of the referendum should be sober all. It is unknown what results will go through two years to the next election the same Khajimba and go there anyway. The opposition by this time, too, may change. In any case, it will be real, legitimate elections, preserving the continuity of the political process, whatever that means. And it is always better than the infamous 1,25% turnout.

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