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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The results of the “Invasion”: the scandals girls Cord and the debut of the son of Arbenina

Noisy, crowded, rock-n-roll — I spent the weekend at two hundred odd thousand people who visited the main Russian open-air “Invasion”. “Thank you appreciate these musical hooliganism”, – said from the scene Sasha Vasiliev (“spleen”) and thereby set the tone for the entire festival. He many years ago suggested playfully to designate the song “New people” mainly for the sound track of night pleasures in the tents of the festival. And this year the organizers decided that it is time to legalize everything that is happening in the gloom in the camp, and opened at the site of the Registrar. Still, the age of the fest- and he was already 16 years old! it places some responsibility for what is happening.

photo: Elena April

Diana Arbenina celebrated the festival’s birthday and stayed in a very Flirty mood. “Marry Cord? Why not, love is evil!” – pinned “snipers” against journalists at a press conference before the performance. But going on stage “included” the business of sexy lady and brought a crowd of thousands, literally, to ecstasy. And the most touching left at the end of the song “Shut up” was performed by six year old son Artem.

Rock-n-roll title of “our everything”, it seems, will soon move from “DDT” to “Leningrad”. At least during the soulful acoustics of Julius Yulianovich the audience fell into a venerable gloom. No, the “Homeland” and “Whistled” by the people, of course, swung. But without fanaticism. And the main character of the festival, undoubtedly, Sergey Shnurov. Spectacular appearance on the armored car from the lead singer of “Leningrad” came out, although it was even rehearsed. Cord managed to get stuck in traffic right before the night concert, so the time for an additional show.

Songs Cords possess a wonderful property – make everyone who listens to them, let out the inner demon — or rather, Gopnik. The audience tore the shirt was drenched with beer and finding out the answer to the question “Who do you like more from new singers like — light or dark?” led to numerous quarrels. But will look on Monday on the audience — quite decent people, the tie is the perfect host and ask the receptionist to figure out where in Moscow the most delicious vegetarian burgers.

Not found in the list of participants of group “picnic” and Garik Sukachev. Although the “Invasion” they were after all — who is the person who is delegated a relative. Garik, for example, has acted as a cab driver Sergei Galanin — personally delivered it to the fest with all the Luggage (suitcase leader “Earrings” safely forgotten in the yard, that almost gave the guards a heart attack). And on Sunday was the son of Edmund Shklyarskiy Stanislav and his group Incognito. To listen son of the Maestro ran girls from all over the field.

On non-music content. Unprecedented interest among the people called the Registrar’s office. And let there married just three days, but the role of pastor took turns trying on the famous radio host. Unmarried correspondents “MK” decided to legalize the relationship on the field, which on Saturday morning, even got up to an alarm clock and showed up in a wedding tent. But on the approach it became clear that in the next half a day to do it will not work: the line of applicants lined up to tens of meters. Then summed up: “the Invasion” was ringed 576 pairs! Some newlyweds a natural question arises, how then, if anything, to get a divorce? “Quite simply, giggling presenters. – Enough in the morning to put up the tent with the words “Not his wife you give me more!”

Major disappointment — the cancellation of performances aerobatic team “Falcons of Russia”. The traditional and long-awaited air show was not held because the plans intervened weather. Employees of flight centre, where based “Falcons” was not given permission to take off due to low clouds. Upset not only the audience, but also the pilots themselves.

The unofficial symbol of the “Invasion” this year was the reason Sergei Bodrov. Then, there were lots of people with portraits of actor and quotes from “Brother”. Someone made a flag with the face of Danila Bagrov, the question “Where are you, brother?” and tried hard to get it into the fan zone despite the ban. By the way, this was the first year when the organizers decided to abandon the brand features of the festival and announced that the flags in front of the stage is not the place. Explained by the fact that they interfere to record the online broadcast. In the end, the crowd of fans looked lonely — though, probably, and get used to it.

Of the huge number of critics and journalists accredited to the event, you can immediately isolate those three days hanging out exclusively at the Main stage, and then at press conferences tediousness that the festival occupied elderly rockers. Meanwhile, all three days a kilometer from the main stage worked perfect “platform for youngsters” – the stage “Our 2.0”. Young talent played no worse than experienced colleagues, and the sound was sometimes even better than on the main stage.


1200 people applied for medical aid during the festival

800 reasons — medical, 400 — surgical

3 people got burns from Hogweed. But perhaps this figure is much higher, because the festival grounds were literally taken in the ring with this dangerous plant. And many drunken guests that the cow parsnip, nettles — all reckless.

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