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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The military will compete for the “Keys of heaven”

The defense Ministry will for the first time hold an international competition of combat crews of air defense — “the Keys of heaven‑2016”. It will involve troops from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China. All-army phase of the competition ended recently, at the Ashuluk firing range. On systems compete with the military, does participation in the contest to improve combat training, and many other “MK” said the chief of air defense troops command troops, air and missile defense Air and space forces, major-General Sergei BABAKOV.

Photo: mil.ru

— Sergey Viktorovich, why is the contest will be selected Ashuluk firing range?

International competition “the Keys of heaven” held at the 185th center for combat training and combat employment of Air and space forces of Russia on the range Ashuluk, there has passed the all-army stage. We like the site the fact that features of its geographical position allows to use the whole range of heights to launch target missiles from 50 meters to 50 kilometers, and the dry continental climate allows to carry out live firing anti-aircraft missile units of troops all year round.

— What systems competed participants of the all-army phase of the competition?

— Commanded force worked on a whole series of anti-aircraft missile complexes, which now are in service. This s‑300 of all modifications, s‑400 combat vehicles “Shell‑C”. This was done to cover the contest the maximum number of personnel. Since the Minister has identified this event as one of the basic in combat training.

Shooting s‑400 was conducted, and long-range missiles?

— Long-range missile at this range makes sense to apply there. In order to determine the best crews, we have enough missiles more light class. I want to emphasize that there is not only the shooting took place. Combat shooting is the climax of the competition. But the competition includes several stages. The conduct of air combat with the simulation of a missile launch. Driving military vehicles on a special surface. Competition starting the calculations — loading-unloading launchers. In addition, as part of the division executed a comprehensive tactical objective — the March compliance with certain regulations. Combat shooting — this is the final part, which for any rocketeer is the most responsible and the most interesting.

— Tell us about the targets used on the range as targets.

In the course of the contest to ensure that the firings of the teams participating in the competition used low -, medium-and high-altitude target with a wide speed range. This missile-target “Kaban”, simulating the flight of ballistic targets, missile targets “Armavir‑75МВУ1, imitating high-speed, small-size means of air attack, such as hypersonic missiles flying at low and extremely low altitudes. To simulate targets flying at medium altitudes, and used an Autonomous missile-target “Snipe” with an altitude of 10 kilometers.

— Where lived the participants of the contest?

— The participants were in stationary camp APL‑500. This is a fully Autonomous system. There is centralized water supply, tents with air conditioning, backup power supplies, modules and staff, a dining room for 150 seats, toilets, showers. There’s even a household module for washing and drying clothes. In General, despite the heat, the guys feel comfortable.

— Tell us about the international stage of the competition.

This year the competition is the conduct of army phase will not end. The calculations that won the all-army stage, will participate in the international stage of the competition held within the international Army games‑2016 which will be held at the Ashuluk firing range in the period from 30 July to 7 August.

On the international stage of the competition, our calculations will have to face off with teams of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and people’s Republic of China. As observers on the international stage of the competition invited the delegation of the Republic of Serbia, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, India and Kingdom of Bahrain.

— As far as race conditions close to real combat situation?

— All the competitions of the competition is as close to real combat situation and covers the full range of tasks arising from the conduct of actual combat. Anti-aircraft missile troops are a rich practice of combat operation in difficult conditions, air and noise conditions on the targets, indicating ballistic and supersonic cruise missiles.

Experience with the use of mixed groups of air defense assets allows you to practically work out the issues of conducting mobile anti-aircraft missile defense with periodic change of position and execution of the firings, to test tactical methods of counter-reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial opponent.

— Does military personnel participating in such contests to boost your combat level?

— Helps very much. According to our regulations, the regiment participated in tactical exercises with combat shooting once in two years. These contests provide the opportunity to perform live fire annually. This is a huge plus, because shooting is the climax of our training, and it is nothing compared to the emotional intensity, the results that are achieved. This, of course, gives a huge experience of combat use. For example, officers and soldiers, which at the time we went on duty at the base of Hamim in the system s‑400 and Pantsir‑S” is just the winners of the contest “the Keys of heaven”. Went the best, and we are confident. We know that they will perform their task, whatever happens. Promptly and without problems.

— Would you like to compete with the military of the NATO countries?

— Of course, for us it would be very interesting. Let them carry their “Patriots”, they are similar in performance to our C‑300, we’ll take you on. We are ready to consider how this part of the contest, to submit. However, while there was expressed such wishes.

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