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Monday, March 19, 2018

The inhuman sentence

Mr. President, you certainly hear the cries of “the Horror! The Law Of Spring! The Law Of Spring!” How can you?

No matter call the law, crappy or brilliant, it is important that you shout about “the law of Spring”. Well, this is nonsense.

Go out (in their language) that Spring and someone else is there writing some crap, and this crap you dutifully signed. Nonsense, sick fantasies.

After all, the opposite! The top commanded, and Spring and PR made it into the Duma. And it is for you think this is a case immediately accepted in all readings. For you, the Federation Council immediately adopted…

Well, not the Pound also managed the office “Horns and hooves”, he was so mean for his case.

No, Mr. President, this is, of course, your law — the Law of Putin, and not Spring.

And the law “Dima Yakovlev” (which some call cannibalistic) is what does the law say and some Nikonov? Yes, they do nothing (in the sense of real power).

All your laws have a common sign: your law arises suddenly, taking him swiftly without even reading it. And if you don’t want — fast withdraws and change it; you cleared the deputies from the Chimera of conscience. (Don’t want to bore you with anecdotal examples of the period, when your the State Duma of Russia led by your friend Gryzlov, but he is a very illustrative case. He was Minister of the interior; eight years (2003 through 2011) was the Chairman of the Russian Parliament; was considered the leader of the party in power; and now is still considered to be… And what mark he left in history? No. Except that he tried to introduce scientific quack with the price exceeding the gold reserves of the country).

* * *

In Russia the President is responsible for everything! Forgot? But this, Mr. President, your own words. You said it in 2000, the first time took office.

Everything that happens is somehow glued to you. Not by chance, as the protector of children, Astakhov said, “How was your swim?”, people remembered the expression “it sank”…

…Remember, had posters “Putin’s Plan”? No one knew what it meant, but no one doubted that this “something” is entirely your.

Even “Plato”, revolt truckers — your. And not to waste time listing everything else, this is your government, your Prime Minister.

Historical justice — so she looks, the way of the world. Peter’s reforms, the Stalinist repressions, the Nikolaev railway, the age of Catherine the great, Khrushchev thaw…

The Nikolaev road Petersburg-Moscow — whose project? who is the engineer? — nobody remembers. Stalinist repression — and in fact, Stalin did not shoot anybody nor on the Kolyma, nor in the cellars of the Lubyanka, and Hitler, no one was shot (the carrot was eaten), and all his executioners almost forgotten. (It happened to me, Mr. President, to hold archival document: typewritten list of dozens of names and the fields in red pencil the resolution and signed: “to judge and to condemn to death. I. St.” He thus killed not only them, but also the court. What was the judges conduct the process when the sentence is already pronounced I. St.)

There is a famous piece: the verdict of history. Politicians are powerless to change it. I wrote about this, it is firmly believed the best minds of Russia: Derzhavin, Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky… And who objected to them? Spring, iron ore, Zhirinovsky, Mizulina (however, you know her without our tip) — all will be forgotten quickly. Don’t believe? But who now remembers the all-powerful Burbulis, powerful Shumeyko, skokova, Poltoranina — their names, o Lord, thou knowest. Who not only went on us with flashing lights and security: whether they are alive physically — don’t know not interesting, but politically they are dead. And today will disappear before you fall to the ground.

…What sentence will remain in history? So what was a clever and successful Boris Godunov, a popularly elected Tsar of All Russia, but reveal the great tragedy, and there:

Boris, Boris! all before you tremble…
And if you don’t go from the judgment of the worldly,
How will not escape God’s judgment.

Perhaps you consolation I will tell: it supposedly says the impostor. No, it says the monk Grisha, still not thinking about the throne. And even if I thought… He did not say “will not leave me,” he said, “from God’s judgment”. He says (and thinks), not for his violent head. Stunning and nearly destroyed Russia adventure has not yet come to him. He says (and thinks) about record and Pimen the chronicler of an obscure monk, a crippled old man. Here is the full text of the fragment:

Boris, Boris! all before you tremble…
Meanwhile the hermit in a dark cell
Here you denunciation terrible writes:
And if you don’t go from the judgment of the worldly,
How will not escape God’s judgment.

From the point of view of the king and courtiers — denunciation. From the point of view of the court’s history — testimony and the verdict. What’s Grishka! It is thought Pushkin — the verdict of history.

* * * *

There are people, Mr. President, that all the bad things attributed to you. Unfair. The road to you was bad. But you do not fixed. And could — for seventeen years; money was the sea!

Just the road Ministry said: 90% of roads of Russia is in terrible condition (while 90% of citizens — for you). At the same time, your old friend, the leader of the party “Fair Russia” has proposed to change the Constitution. See, not expensive to fix, and the Basic law.

MIRONOV. I think we need to change the 13th article of the Constitution and remove the wording that Russia is not allowed any state and compulsory ideology. I make the offer, including the state Duma of the seventh convocation to think about it.

How much it will cost and how it will look in ideology, composed by order of the Kremlin for budget money? Genius will not hire, as an effective charlatan would inevitably come up with vulgarity.

When I think that Mironov for many years was a member and even Chairman of the Federation Council… Does he not read the Constitution to end? There is article 135, which prohibits the Duma and the Federation Council to change the first 64 articles, including, of course, and 13th.

If I am not mistaken, this Mironov at the time invite you to become President for life, perpetual, type of Turkmenbashi. Your true friend always wants to please you and to distinguish yourself among the crowd wanting to please you. Sometimes their actions cause to doubt: maybe the main characteristic of the era, not theft, and stupidity; but it’s so random, vague thoughts…

* * *

…If the verdict of history written by men, it is, of course, would contain the bright side of personality and extenuating circumstances. With some reservations, there definitely would have hit the Sochi Olympics and maybe the world Cup. But still have to survive, and preferably without Meldonium.

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