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Friday, March 23, 2018

Spy scandal: the German secret service listened to colleagues in NATO and the EU

Another spy scandal has faced Germany, the secret services which carried out surveillance of its partners in 2013. In the area of control of the Federal intelligence service BND was more than 3 thousand objects, including the first persons of States and military institutions.

photo: morguefile.com

German news Agency DPA, the disposal of which was a document of the Bundestag Committee for control over the activities of secret services, reported that German intelligence listened to the governments of dozens of countries of the EU and NATO. The Agency also notes that especially intensively monitored information regarding diplomatic institutions.

Recall that after the sensational confessions of former CIA agent Edward Snowden the whole world became aware of the facts of surveillance by American intelligence. This provoked a public outcry and a wave of indignation on the part of partners of the United States, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In 2013, the Agency Der Spiegel cited data showing that the U.S. controlled mobile phones personally Mrs. Merkel since 2002 – before she became Chancellor. In addition, it was reported that the NSA has organized a reconnaissance base in the U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

The German government then was even going to sign with Washington a “Pact of non-police” each other. In October 2013, the Chancellor stated: “the United States and Europe are faced with common challenges. We – the allies. However, such an Alliance can only be built on trust. That’s why I repeat again: spying against friends should not be”.

But now it turns out that amid calls for a “transparent” cooperation, the Germans themselves are not neglected espionage at the highest level. According to preliminary reports, the German intelligence stated: the office of the Prime Minister of Israel, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Austria, the U.S. state Department, as well as some international organizations (OPEC, IMF). In the BND claim that spying was discontinued after a scandal in October 2013, however, the latest data can create significant difficulties in the process of cooperation of Germany with foreign partners, especially given the difficult situation in the EU after the decision of Veikobritanii of withdrawal from the Alliance.

What could be the consequences of this scandal? With this issue of “MK” asked for expert opinion.

– I think no consequences will be, – says the head of the Center for German studies Institute of Europe RAS Vladislav Belov. – Received the traditional disappointment of partners who are 100 percent are implementing the same activities in relation to the other member countries of the European Union or the United States. This is a normal phenomenon in the modern world, intelligence is created to obtain information confirming or refuting certain projections etc etc Is the principle of “trust but verify”. This is not formal notions of partnership, but it is doing everything. Another thing is that Germany consistently as the state exercises control over the activities of their departments who are responsible for specific spheres of activity. You can see when there were decisions prohibiting a particular kind of intelligence. But overall there is nothing surprising.

But not so long ago Angela Merkel said that the US and Europe are allies and espionage against friends – this is unacceptable.

– She’s nothing else to say but could not, and still intelligence. This is the principle of the globalizing world. Yes, it’s illegal, but it will continue. And note that the relations between Germany and the United States deteriorated after scandal in 2013…

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