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Friday, October 21, 2016

Regular sex significantly increases the chance of men to live up to 80 years

Experts from Taiwan came to the conclusion that men who have sex weekly have a one and a half times greater chance to live to 80 years than those whose sex life is less active. According to researchers, regular sex can help to reduce the risk of a number of serious health problems, including diseases of the cardiovascular system and diabetes.

photo: pixabay.com

According to reports spread in the media, a weekly sex twice reduces the death of a man from a stroke and approximately one — third- from a heart attack. The probability of death from diabetes among representatives of a strong half of mankind making love regularly were 40 percent lower than the rest.

The findings of the researchers associated with effects on the body “of the male hormone testosterone. For this reason, scientists believe that their laws do not apply to women.

Recently, another group of experts representing the UK, said about the other useful property of the sex according to the researchers, it is, as well as passion and romantic feelings in General, help people get rid of depression. About it, according to the evidence they found changes in certain regions of the limbic system of the brain.

Previously, scientists from the USA found that thoughts about sex, men on average dedicate about five hours a day, that is, think on this subject more than any other, including career, salary, friends, family relations and domestic issues.

However, as evidenced by another study, the man is not always able to understand when it wants to have sex with his companion — in the survey, men are often “underestimated” the level of willingness of women to engage in sexual intercourse when asked to rate her on a scale.

By the way, the authors of other scholarly works published recently, made the assumption that in the foreseeable future, people may stop having sex for procreation — his own offspring in this rather fantastic scenario of humanity of the future will, in some sense, the “order” of the engineers.

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