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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Meet Theresa may: what do we know about the following the UK premiere of

In the UK suddenly has a new Prime Minister. Or, rather, not so. That the country will be the new head of the government and that it will be a woman, has been known for a long time. But it was expected that the outcome of the battle of two women for the post of Prime Minister will be announced in September. However, it turned out differently.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Name a political heir to Margaret Thatcher can be called now. It is a long standing Minister of internal Affairs of the country and a very experienced politician Theresa may.

I’m a big fan of British political thrillers. But what happened in the political circles of London in the last few weeks made me once again come to the conclusion that reality can be much more striking and even “fake” than a flight of fancy the most talented workers of the pen. It all began with a political earthquake: unexpected for the local political class in the UK in the referendum voted for secession from the European Union.

Confident in a different outcome of the referendum, Prime Minister David Cameron, of course, immediately announced his resignation from his political reputation was left alone pieces. Everyone expected that the new Prime Minister will be the ex-mayor of London, Boris Johnson — a politician with a fantastic charisma and one of the main agitators for the country’s withdrawal from the EU. But Johnson is betrayed by his closest ally, justice Minister Michael Gove, who claimed many times that he is not fit for the post of Prime Minister. Gove made an unexpected move: that this Johnson because of the defects of his character cannot be the head of the government, and he, Gove, although still does not want power, ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the country.

Amazed by the betrayal of a friend, Johnson refused to fight for the Premiership. However, the Minister of justice this does not help: public opinion has branded him as a “traitor”. The intrigue did not end there: in the Prime Minister’s race has a new favorite, a policy which until that time most of the British public have never heard, — the Deputy Minister of energy Andrea Leeds.

This lady did not possess significant political experience and were several times caught in lies about his record. But she had a very serious chance to become Prime Minister. Andrea Leeds is a very talented speaker, she originally stood for British exit from the EU. In the eyes of party activists of the ruling Conservative party this distinguishes it from the candidate of the party elite Theresa may. The Minister of internal Affairs spoke out against the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. And as a final decision on a new leader the conservatives had to accept what ordinary members of the party, Andrea Leeds was literally a step away from the Premiership.

And then it all changed again. In his first big newspaper interview with the influential media — the newspaper “the times” — Andrea Leeds has made a big mistake: he gave to understand that childlessness Theresa may makes her an unacceptable candidate for the post of Prime Minister. There arose a storm of indignation, and Andrea Leeds left the race for the post of head of the government. It was only one party — the interior Minister Theresa may.

What is known about this future political heir to Margaret Thatcher? This fall she will be 60 years. She headed the interior Ministry since may 2010, according to contemporary British standards is a big achievement. Prior to joining Mei for this position is very prestigious post of Minister of internal Affairs for a number of years was considered in Britain “enchanted.” Five predecessors, Theresa may came to the interior Ministry in the rank of promising politicians, and came out in the status of the disgraced and discredited figures.

But to Theresa may on the threat post anything “sticking”: the interior Ministry she led longer than anyone, starting in 1892. From Theresa may reputation very serious and very strict policy, not prone to grandstanding. Some even calls it frankly boring. But most experts agree that the “fun” in British politics and it was enough.

The country is in a very difficult position. The UK is obliged to withdraw from the European Union. But under what conditions it is done, nobody knows. Before Britain looming prospect of economic crisis, declining living standards, and even decay. Scotland, a large part of the population voted against leaving the EU now is considering a second referendum on independence. In such circumstances, it is better to have in charge of the country albeit boring, but experienced and skillful politician. Theresa may perfectly fit that description.

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