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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Medvedev promised pension does not increase

July 11 at a meeting with party activists of “United Russia” the Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Medvedev, speaking about the painful topic of indexation of pensions, called not to put trust in election promises of deputies. “Whoever was in power now, he will not be able to raise salaries and pensions five times, not bankrupting the government and not destroying the budget.”

photo: kremlin.ru

This is not the first resonant statement by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation on the indexation of pensions. Recall that at the end of may 2016 Medvedev’s phrase “no Money but you keep” at the speed of light were scattered across the country. And pensioners would be happy to stay, that would only know how long.

February 1, pensions indexed at 4% in officially recorded the last year’s inflation at 12.9%. Just three weeks later, in early August, the government promises to condicionat payments to pensioners up to this point. But do people expect?

“The words of the Prime Minister’s more like a special psychological technique, demagoguery, – says Evgeny Gontmakher, a Russian economist, Deputy Director of the Institute of world economy and international relations, – as far As I know, no serious candidate of any party has not promised any five-fold increases. Prime, what is called, loads the map, diverting attention from the current 4% indexation”.

Gontmakher expects that any promising prospects pensioners do not count. According to him, such statements Medvedev “preparing the ground” for bad news to those who wait “gain” in August. “Most likely, in February 2017 will dontexist payments to the level of inflation in 2015, but the debt will remain”, – predicts economist.

However, we must not forget that 2017 is an election year and perhaps during the election campaigns for the population in the retirement age are positive aspects. “Likely, pensions will rise more, but not enough for everyone: real incomes are falling and the population ages, more and more pensioners. Changes can, for example, do not touch working pensioners, and this, I believe, just not fair,” says Evgeny Gontmakher.

What to do? Wait for August and to keep going.

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