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Sunday, March 18, 2018

ISS camera captured how the Earth’s atmosphere entered a UFO

An unidentified flying object entering the Earth’s atmosphere, fixed camera of the International space station. According to ufologists, these images have attracted the attention not only by the fact of their appearance in outer space UFOs, but the fact that he, judging by the video some time after the advent froze in the air, and this time stream video footage was interrupted.

“UFO” is circled in red. Frame youtube.com

Ufologists claim that, although at first glance the object is reminiscent of a meteor is approaching the planet, in fact he probably has an artificial origin. However, as I continue the self-proclaimed experts, it will not automatically assume that discovered the UFO represents something exciting — perhaps this is the wreckage of one of the satellites, in the past, launched into space and eventually destroyed in earth orbit. Interestingly, one of the most well-known for its non-believable sensations ufologist, Scott Waring, in this case made a very “commonplace” assumption that in the camera lens ISS could get Avtomaticheskaya Chinese space station “Tiangong-1”.

However, other proponents of the theory that the space Agency deliberately hidden from mankind information about alien activity space, continue to draw attention to the fact that the broadcast was interrupted on the most interesting place.” Ufologists insist that this is not the first such case, and equipment that monitors the video transmission, each time deliberately allow a wide audience to see something that is not meant for her eyes. In the us aerospace Agency NASA such accusations either ignore or, if still pay attention to them — rejected. For example, in April of this year, a representative Tabatha Thompson assured that the online broadcast from the ISS cameras is interrupted only in the event of any problems with communication that, indeed, happen from time to time.

About the discovery of unidentified flying objects, which can be ships of the mysterious aliens, ufologists tell very often — for example, about a month ago on the web, they spread information about the docking of the object from a UFO. More interest from the “professionals” of this kind is only Mars, where unusual objects, ranging from animals to signs of alien civilization, find punctually, although almost always these findings most resemble, and, most likely, are the stones of unusual shape.

Note that not only the conspiracy theorists fully admit the existence of the Universe other civilizations, in addition to human — for example, recently NASA astronaut Tom Jones said that such, in his view, it is likely, and recently a similar idea was made by the Agency head Charles Bolden. However, the news about aliens serious experts urged not to believe it, though, because “personal visit” would be for a hypothetical alien civilization is too costly both in time and required effort, and contact with the Earth or its study, if necessary, would be established otherwise.

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